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  • Secrets of A Million Dollar Practice: Proven Tactics to Grow Your Practice

    Price: $25.00

    Sale Price: $25.00

    Are you frustrated and struggling in practice? Just getting by? Not enough month left at the end of the money? Is this really what you signed up for after years of school, struggles starting a practice? To Just make a living? Barely getting by? Wondering how you will pay the bills?

    Well, Dr Fedich has been there, and broke through to the other side. He now consistently runs a million dollar a year plus practice, he takes more time off then he can use and enjoys an amazing lifestyle. While he was happy with how things turned out for him, he continued to see his colleagues struggle daily. You have an advanced degree, a license, and office, you have every reason to succeed. Yet, most don't...

    Why? Many reasons, but mostly because you don't have a game plan! Why not? No one taught you one! Ever been to a a practice management seminar, the information is 25 years old, this isn't going to help you today! The internet should be your number 2 source of New Patients, it didn't even exist 25 years ago!

    Dr Fedich got tired of gurus who haven't practiced in 25 years giving advice. And even though he is successful and busy, he thought it was time to pass his knowledge to others.

    Inside this book

    Practice Statistics: How to keep an track your performance
    Establishing your practice core values
    Patient Retention
    New Patients 101
    MONTHLY Promotion calendar
    with examples!
    Staff Management
    Financial Management
    Investing for Retirement
    Setting and Attaining Goals
    and more!

    This is years of information, thousands of success and failures, boiled into one book! Mastered from someone in the field doing it today, doing it well, and doing it daily. Why Re-invent the wheel? Still the tactics that are working today!

    Secrets of A Million Dollar Practice: Proven Tactics to Grow Your Practice