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*VIP Coaching Option: Here is how we usually do it you fly in, Newark airport is 40 minutes away, one of the largest in the world. Come to the clinic for the am shift, 9-1. See how everything works, talk to staff, docs, patients, see a form you like, take a copy, take pics, all access! Lunch break! Dr. J will take you out to a nice lunch at a nearby restuarant, where you get 2 hours one to one access to him to ask any quesions you want! Unprecedented access! Then come back for the afternoon. 3-6 and see more of the clinic ni action! Peak behind the curtain, and get unprecendednted access to DR J! Bring your stats, bring your questions and get ready for your head to explode with ideas and implement. Then, one year of private platinum coacing with Dr. J, bi-weekly private phone calls! And access to his digital access site. You are resposobile for airfair and accommodations if you want to stay over, Dr. J will supply lunch. These are very limited, and only a few days per year, they will be usually be on a Monday or Wednesday, some availability on Fridays.

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