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EPISODE 81 - Age is Just a Number

Dr J has been thinking of age a lot lately, as his 40th birthday is fast approaching! After he bought a sports car, it was time to think about where he was in life. At the same time, he was reading Bob Spitz's new biography about Ronald Reagan. It's a great book, not political at all, just his life story. Ronald was a divorced, out-of-work actor at 40, broke and in despair. At 50, he was remarried and after a semi-successful TV show, found himself out of work and broke again. Really, no prospects at the age of 50. Obviously, Ronald Reagan's story has a happy ending, but he didn't become president till age 69. So, when we think we are getting too old, remember, he didn't even start politics till his 50's and is regarded by many to be one of our best presidents. SO, age is just a number after all! Here, Dr J talks about that and more!