Dr. James R. Fedich, DC Chiropractor, Coach, Speaker, & Podcast Host

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EPISODE 79 - Booking Doctor Lunches -- How to do it Right and Boost your Revenue

One of the most cost effective and time-honored ways to market your chiropractic practice is to forge relationships with other medical professionals who will become referral partners. You refer patients to them and they refer patients to you. The typical way chiropractors do this is to hold doctor breakfasts, lunches, or dinners to make the connection and deliver a presentation on what they specialize in. But it's a tortuous path to get this process dialed in because literally EVERYONE is doing it. The best teacher, of course, is the school of hard knocks and Dr J was knocked around quite a bit until he perfected his recipe. Listen in as he discusses his techniques that win great referrals from the best doctors.