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EPISODE 4 - The Importance of Maintenance in Body, Mind, & Office Equipment

In this episode, Dr J discusses the Importance of Maintenance in Body, Mind, Spirit, and....Office Equipment! http://www.drjamesfedich.com

Speaker 1:

Hello, and welcome to Dr. J's Path to Success podcast. Dr. James Fedich is a successful practice owner, bestselling author and speaker. Listen in as he shares his secrets to a successful business, and a successful life. So now, here's Dr. J.

James Fedich:

Hello there, welcome to this episode. We are going to talk about maintenance today. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. So what are we going to talk about maintenance for? We're talking about it for a couple of reasons, couple of reasons just came up. I had a coaching client yesterday, talking to me about a maintenance issue in his office. And also, I happened to be at the dentist today, so maintenance is on my mind, that's why we're going to be talking about maintenance today. We're talking about this in a couple of different ways.

Maintenance as far as health so I coach a lot of chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists. We're always talking about maintenance of your health, right? You're coming in regularly for some sort of maintenance care and again, I was at the dentist today. Dentists done this better than all of us combined so just about most people are going to the dentist twice a year for a checkup. Just there for my cleaning and check-up. I do not have any problems, anything that need to be done. But we're all just in the system of coming twice per year and basically the American Dental Association teamed up with dentists, went into the schools many years ago and basically promoted the message that we need maintenance care of our teeth and we've all come to accept this.

So the rest of us healthcare professionals certainly learn something from these dentists about maintenance. So most of us are not doing a great job with maintenance care. Even ourselves included. We could probably throw it a lot more in the office, we're actually more [inaudible 00:01:34] focused office so don't promote as much maintenance. But we certainly could promote maintenance a lot more. Most of us are maintaining our health, going to the gym, exercise and eating healthy and we're maintaining our bodies and maintaining our minds. Hopefully you're maintaining your minds with good mental nutrition with things like this podcast. Reading books regularly. Doing things to maintain your mind as well 'cause it's really important.

But I wanna talk to you more about maintenance today is more about your office. So this coaching client today was talking to me about actually muscle stim pads, funny enough. So you're going to chiropractor, physical therapy, go through those little stim pads and I'll flatten your clinic and this stim machines, if you do a lot of that. I know there's straight chiropractors, some people may or may not do a lot of passive modalities but it doesn't matter all that much, but most of you guys listen to us know what a muscle stim machine is, if you don't, it's a little stim pads that go on your back, neck, whatever else. They give you a little electric stim. Feels like electric massage, helps loosen up muscles. It can do more than that but that's the short end of that story.

So anyways, we do a lot of this in the clinic. We probably have six or eight of these machines, there's quite a few of them around. A lot of the patients do get some passive therapy at our clinic, which you can argue good or bad but anyways, we do a lot of that and we have a lot of stim machines. So the stim machines are three or four thousand dollars, depending on what you're doing. They have a little electrical wire that comes out and usually few or four electrode stim pads that go to the patient, and hook up and give them the stim. There's different stim pads that you can use, but we're not gonna get into all that.

Long story short, these machines ... they can break down, have some issues once in a while so talking to this client about maintenance, he's had some issues with the pads and using a different type of pad and all that kind of stuff. But here's what I found with these machines. I've had these machines for years, we're busy, we use them all day, a lot of patients like it. A lot of patients are on them. They always seem to break at the most inopportune time. A wires broken, a stim pads broken, something's down all the time and it's constant. You gotta get the guy out there and it's a couple days, you gotta order a stim pad, you gotta order a wire.

So eventually a few years back I just had enough of this, so a lot of times the wires lead the stim to the pad, they'll last ... depending on how busy you are, a couple years, a year. It depends on what you're doing but I got tired of the wires fraying and breaking and having problems, there's a crack, test the wire, bring the guy out. So every six months we order new wires on all the machines. I throw out all the old wires then we put all new wires in. Last thing you need is somebody getting burned on the stim wires or the machine being down in front of a busy shift so it's on our Google calendar.

We just absolutely replace all the stim wires every six months whether they need it or not, probably nine out of ten of them don't need it, but I'd rather hit that issue up before it's a problem, somebody gets burned or you get backed up on a busy day. We do the same thing with the electrodes, they may last a lot longer. I think we do those quarterly if I'm not mistaken. Weekly we clean 'em and do all the maintenance on them. Then I think quarterly, that's the Google calendar, again there's 40 of those stim pads, we're gonna throw 'em all out and replace 'em all with brand new ones every quarter I believe. Again, probably 20 of those are good and you can test them all and figure that all out but we found same deal. Throw 'em all out, it's not risk burning somebody over or having a backed up office or trying to figure out on your lunch break what's going on with the stim pads. That's' really freed us up.

So that's the kind of maintenance we're talking about. Maintenance in your practice, maintenance in your life. Same thing with your car, you know. We drive right now a Porsche and a Mercedes. Oil change on my Porsche is $1,050 per oil change and people say, what do you spend all that money for? For one, it's only every 10,000 miles on these newer cars so it's only every 10 months, eight months, I don't put a lot of miles on. But the whole car is being maintained and checked by someone who's a professional in checking Porsche's. They know how to check the valves, the stems, all the liquids, all the fluids, make sure everything's working properly and it's peace of mind. I don't wanna be broken down on the side of the road. So instead of getting $100 oil change from the Jiffy Lube who won't work on these cars anyways, that's besides the point. Pay a little more, have it maintained by a professional and I don't get worried driving around. I can drive up, going skiing up at the mountain, I can drive all over to work and not worried about the car breaking down because of maintenance issues.

What I really wanna talk about is preemptive maintenance. Again, its the dentist too, you're in there to make sure you don't get cavities. We don't wait 'til we get a cavity, we do it with our health but let's think about doing it in your life as well. So what are you not maintaining in your life, in your business and your practice or in your personal life? Is maintaining your relationships, maintaining your home. Same goes true with your house. A lot of people wait 'til things break down. Get things maintained and take care of them sometimes little maintenance issues can really be a hassle. Calling somebody to fix something that's broken when something just should've been maintained. So what do you need to maintain properly in your office?

If you are a physical therapist, chiropractor, acupuncture, a lot of people tuning in, think about some of your office equip. What needs to be maintained? Again, I just have a schedule we're throwing those wires out every six months. We're replacing the stim pads every three months whether they need it or not. It's just a maintenance issue, it gives me peace of mind, helps me sleep at night. [inaudible 00:06:02] equipment the same way. Maybe the computers are slowing down every three months, three years you need a new computer. Or you get a guy to come and maintain the computers every couple of months so it's not just always an emergency. So doing proper maintenance and make sure you don't have emergencies with your house, your practice or your life.

Same with your health. People are waiting 'til they have a heart attack to start going to the gym and most of us healthcare providers know that's not a great way to go about life, obviously, but we wanna maintain our health but exercise, gym, etc ... same so what are you doing to maintain yourself? So as you're maintaining your life, there's a lot of things I want you to think about this way.

Shoes, I just get a new pair of shoes every couple months. I don't ... get new pairs of pants. You get new clothes and they wear out. You maintain the things that you have. Makes life a lot easier, lot of stress free. I tell you that stim thing, it makes life a lot less stressful. Not worrying about machine burning someone or having an issue or going down when you last need it. You can never get the workers when you need it. We also actually have the company that does do it and they do an inspection on them every year. They come out and inspect all the machines, certify them and all that jazz as well. So that's another level of maintenance on that. That's just a couple thousand dollar stim machines. We found an ounce of prevention is worth a lot of cure. Get your stuff maintained, get your equipment maintained, your body maintained and your mind maintained.

Good positive mental trition like this podcast, others out there. Read some good books, mine's on Amazon. Secrets of a Million Dollar Practice. The updated version just came out. But how you maintain your health, your body, your mind and your practice. So just think about maintenance for this episode of the podcast.

Speaker 1:

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