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Trump said it the best, YOUR FIRED! Who knows what Donald Trump is up to now, but have you ever fired a patient?

I guarantee every single one of you reading this have at least one patient you should be firing. Is there that one patient who everyone cringes when they see them on the schedule? The one patient that ruins your day? The patient who asks a million questions, the same questions all the time. The patient who drives the staff crazy. Keeps asking about insurance, complaining about the co-pay, wait times, everything?

How about the patient who is always late? ruining your schedule? How about the male patient who says inappropriate things to you staff? How about the person always paying late? The guy who keeps insurance checks for months? I had a guy tell me to bill his secretary at work for his copay, because he was too important to pay at time of service.

I know you all have a patient like this. Let me tell you, get ride of them now!! DO IT! Fire on patient today, it will make you happier, the staff happier. Why are you letting one person ruin your day, week, month or year? That is crazy. It is your clinic, you must rid it of these types of patients. Its like weeding a garden, if you don’t get rid of the bad weeds, the good plants wont be able to grow! WEED YOUR GARDEN.

Here is how to discharge a patient. I have found its best to sent them a certified dismissal letter. Doing it in the office is only going to cause more problems, a big scene, in front of other patients and drive your staff more crazy! Send them a copy certified and one not certified to their home address. Keep it very professional, short and sweet. I will put a link to ours. Don’t get personal. Also, there are patient abandonment rules. So, you have to watch what you put in there, usually just something saying you will treat for regular care 30 days, emergency for 45 and then call your insurance for another provider. So, do it the right way, but get rid of a patient today!