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What the doctor told me...

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this week's update! In my solocast episode, I gave the nuts and bolts on how to speak to medical doctors and book lunches. This is a real nuts-and-bolts episode on how to grow your practice by working with medical doctors. I'll teach you how to get into the office to give lunch talks and to gain more referrals and gain more business over time. This is all practical information that I usually only reserve for my private coaching clients. I will reveal how we do this with success in our clinic!

In my weekly interview episode, I spoke with Dr Kevin Christie. Dr Christie has built a thriving sports practice. He has tried many marketing approaches over the years, but he finally dialed it in to get a highly successful practice. In addition to his thriving practice, he is also the host and admin of the modern chiropractic marketing show in itunes and podcasts everywhere. He also hosts the popular Facebook group by the same name. He shares a wealth of practical chiropractic marketing knowledge and strategy.

Product of the Week

If you are looking for some help in adding more new patients into your practice, check out my product, How to Add 20 NP a Month to your Practice. Inside this product, we reveal my best tips and tactics in getting new patients for 2018 and 2019. I'll give you actual examples of ads and promotions that we are currently using in our multimillion dollar clinic. I'll walk you through our monthly promotions and special offers! This is available for members in the members vault for no charge! Otherwise, click here to purchase.