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What's a customer worth?

Hey Doc!

In this week's episode, I talked about "What is a client's worth?" We are in the middle of our Ultimate New Patient Marketing Machine, 6-week class teaching docs to add 20-40 more new patients a month to their practice. In our first module, we talked about what a new patient is worth. So, we did the math together, total collections per month, divided by new patients. Do your own math now. If you're below 1000, you have a big problem.  The average is 1200-1500 in a typical chiropractic office. Why are we talking about this in a NP course?  Well, if you're only collecting $700 a patient, we can't spend $500 marketing them in. Find out more here.

In my interview episode last week, I interviewed Donna Perillo, DC. Donna has been practicing chiropractic for over 25 years in NJ. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge in practice building, research, and more. She has some great business insights. Check it out here.

If you're ready to grow your practice in 2019, check out my Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course. It has the key elements you need to explode your practice in 2019. It's a 5-CD set and manual actually shipped to you. 

  • Module 1: Setting up a marketing calendar
  • Module 2: More retention, module
  • Module 3: Practice systems, having your practice run like a Swiss watch
  • Module 4: New patients 101
  • Module 5: Day one and day two training, how my associates see my new patients in a $2 million a year practice.

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