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Watch Your Gurus

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this week's update!

In my solocast this week, I talked about false gurus. I usually don't speak about this, even though it is rampant in our profession, but I recently had the experience of knowing a very motivated, talented young DC, take over the practice of a deceased chiropractor. The young doc literally did everything the association gurus told them to do and subsequently failed in practice. Here, I talked about the importance of selecting the right mentors:


In my interview episode last week, I had the pleasure of talking to Scott Smith, the CEO of Royal Legal Solutions. Scott and I had a great conversation about protecting yourself, your practice, and your assets. It's one thing to earn and accumulate...it's another to keep it all safe. Check out the interview here:


At the request of a client, I have opened up an email-only coaching program. This has been closed for a while, and I had no intention of doing it again. But since he asked, and my team opened up the link, I'm gonna open it up again for my email subscribers only. You will get unlimited email access to me and my team. Marketing, staff, billing questions, shoot away. Need an ad, materials, ask. And even better, we will give you access to my member's site, usually only available to private clients. You have access to dozens of ads, flyers, documents and hundred hours of video training. Its value is amazing! I have limited space for this program, so check it out here: