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TV Giveaway Promotion

Want a simple summer promotion? This one has been around, so i cant take credit for it, but i do it yearly and it still gets great results.

Here is How it works, Go buy a TV. Flat Screen, I usually get a 32 inch tv. You could do bigger 42 inch, but i put it on front desk, so you dont want to take up too much room. When i started doing this promotion, that 32 inch TV costs 1200, now it costs 300! So, its a winner

Buy a decent TV, put it on the front desk with a sign that says! WIN THIS TV!

You can see our picture, but you can do the tickets different ways! Here is what we are doing 1. Ticket per office visit 2. Tickets per referral 3 Tickets for checking in on facebook 5 Tickets for a testimonial

At the end of the period, pick a winner and there you go!

You can change around tickets and values, but something like this works well.

Then pick a winner.

Announce the winner on facebook, maybe youtube, and in your email newsletter as well as your regular one if you can!

This works great in the summer, we usually do it mid july through august, but you can try it any time you like! Let me know how its going, drfedich@milliondollarclinic.com