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Hey Doc!

Welcome to this week's update! I have two great podcast episodes for you this week!

In my solocast, I talked about "practice". Not being in practice, but how much practice, or time does it take. Practice management seminars are filled with gurus, many of whom hardly ever practiced, talking about how clients see 300 visits a week, in only 4 months into practice. In the real world, this hardly ever happens. Success takes time, persistence and concentrated effort, here are my thoughts.

In this episode, we have Dr. Stephan Smith. Dr. Smith practiced in California for over 30 years running a very successful multiple-associate practice there. He then went on to join Gibson management, with Chuck Gibson, where he subsequently coached and mentored hundreds of chiropractors over his distinguished career. He also has a unique story as he has had chronic back problems his whole life, including multiple back surgeries. He shares some special insights into practice, practice growth, and associates. He also shared his experience selling his practice and what life is like being retired. One of the most insightful episodes I have done to date...I learned a ton! Check out Dr Smith here!

I also want to tell you about a new product we just released. We just unveiled our Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course! This 5-part course reveals the secrets of exceeding all your practice goals.

✓ Setting up your marketing calendar
✓ Keeping patients longer
✓ Getting patients to stay, pay, and refer
✓ New Patients 101! Dozens of ways on how we generate 100 NP a month
✓ Day 1 training
✓ Day 2 training
✓ Practice systems: how to get your office to run like a Swiss watch whether you are there or not
✓ Over 4 hours of audio recordings
✓ Module notes included
✓ Real examples from a real successful clinic used today
✓ The best most current ways to grow your practice in 2018-2019

This product has just been assembled and will be available for a limited time only! So, check it out here, before it goes back in to the vault forever!