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THis is NO Bull...Just plain facts

Hey Doc!

This week's update is no Bull! I have 2 great episodes for you where the truth is revealed and nothing is held back.

In my interview episode, I have Dr. Jerry Kennedy, DC. Dr. Kennedy is a chiropractor and is now the host of the Black Sheep DC. It's a podcast movement popular in Facebook. He is dubbed as the black sheep for his thoughts and procedures, as they go against the conventional thinking of many chiropractors. In one of my most open interviews, he shared what it was like going through a tough stretch in practice, a divorce, and ultimately the closing of his practice. He opens up greatly here, having prevailed and is now helping other doctors grow their practices. Check out this great episode here.

In my solocast, I talk about AGE. I have been thinking of age lately, as my 40th birthday is fast approaching! After I bought a sports car, it was time to think about where I was in life. At the same time, I was reading Bob Spitz's new biography about Ronald Reagan. It's a great book, not political at all, just his life story. Ronald was a divorced, out-of-work actor at 40. He was broke and in despair. At 50, he was re-married and after a semi-successful TV show, he was out of work and broke AGAIN with no prospects. Obviously, Reagan's story has a happy ending, but Ronald didn't become president till age 69. So, when we think we are getting too old, let's reflect on Ronald's life. Remember, he didn't even start politics till his 50's but he is regarded by many as one of the best presidents. So, age is just a number after all! Here we talk about that!

I also want to tell you about a new product we just released. We just unveiled our Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course! This 5-part course reveals the secrets of exceeding all your practice goals.

✓ Setting up your marketing calendar
✓ Keeping patients longer
✓ Getting patients to stay, pay, and refer
✓ New Patients 101! Dozens of ways on how we generate 100 NP a month
✓ Day 1 training
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✓ Practice systems: how to get your office to run like a Swiss watch whether you are there or not
✓ Over 4 hours of audio recordings
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✓ The best most current ways to grow your practice in 2018-2019

This product has just been assembled and will be available for a limited time only! So, check it out here, before it goes back in to the vault forever!