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The Last Mile

Hey Doc!

Welcome to our weekly update! This week, I have two great podcast episodes for you! I just got back from Turks and Caicos--a beautiful place with beautiful weather. My experience was good, but I had two interesting things kinda happen on the way out of the island. It got me thinking on how we do so much to impress customers on the way in, but what about on the way out? Or after 4 months of treatment? I also talked about how great customer service was able to salvage a bad experience and how it may do the same for you! Check out The Last Mile.

Last episode, I interviewed Shannon Law Grainger from My Big Impact and had a very engaging conversation with her. She has successfully produced live events that generated over a half million dollars in just 4 days. She shared the stage with Chicken Soup For The Soul co-creator, Mark Victor Hansen, Lisa Sasevich and Loral Langemeier from The Secret, just to name a few. She mastered the insider secrets of the speaking industry and knows how to consistently generate 7 figures. While her warm heart is intoxicating and her laugh is infectious, her "Big Impact" is in her uncanny ability to help you monetize your message, increase your visibility, and make the difference you’ve been called to make. Check out my interview with her here: https://www.drjamesfedich.com/drj-podcast/episode-97-interview-with-shannon-grainger-from-big-impact.

If you want real inside information on how to grow your practice from the comfort of your car, home, or anywhere, get my physical product, Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course. It's 5 sessions of the most crucial business elements you must master to grow your practice. We just added two bonus materials we haven't had before. If you order right away, I will send you the course in physical format, but you will also get my special video training on how to run a ladies' night out promo. This promo gets me 20 NP every spring. I am also throwing in my video training of how to run a Patient Appreciation Day. This will help tune up your appreciation day event. See how we get 30 NP twice a year when I run these! These bonuses alone are worth well more than the course is and won't last forever. So check out the link below to jump on this great deal: