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Thanksgiving card?

Here is something a little different for your marketing! I am definitely not the first one to recommend it, but it works! So, a lot of practices send a Christmas card. A good idea, no doubt. But, think about it for a minute. How many Christmas cards do you get? A hundred? I don’t know about you, but I don’t even see most of them. They come in the mail, my wife hangs them on the wall on some sort of Christmas card holder and I never even see most of them. Maybe she points out one or two who have new kids, or something like that, but I walk right past them every day. At the office we get them from vendors, suppliers, doctors, etc, so I get a lot of them! Now, it is nice to think of your patients during that time of year, but you’re probably getting lost in the shuffle. You're just one of the hundreds of cards out there. Also, we have gotten so sensitive and politically correct around the holidays. A Jewish person certainly doesn’t want a Christmas card, better call it a holiday card, but guess what, Jehovah witness don’t like that either.

So, what to do? WE send thanksgiving cards! Why, well you’re thankful for them being your patient, and no one else is sending them! How many thanks giving cards do you get? Probably none. That is something for your patients to talk about now isn’t it! You can put an offer in there, or not, I can justify either way. Sometimes it’s nice to make contact with your patients without selling them anything. You can buy them and address them yourself, I use storybook publishing, they do the whole thing for me, and they personalize the card which is cool. It will say Dear Jim, Happy Thanksgiving, etc. They do the whole thing; you never even see the cards. Pretty cool. SO, give it a try this year!