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Thank You NFL!

Hey Doc!

Check out my weekly update.

In my solocast episode this week, I thank the NFL. Can you believe that? Well, I used to be a huge NFL fan. I was a season ticket holder, wore all the clothes, went to all the games...the whole 9 yards. Well, it became less prominent when the kids arrived, but the protests got me to finally stop watching. What did I realize? The NFL was a giant time vampire, sucking away my time every week! What is a time vampire in your life?

In my interview episode, I interviewed Dr. Chad Woolner. Dr Woolner is Dr. Chirofunnels. He is a Clickfunnels expert, and not just because he says so.  He is actually a very close friend and neighbor to Russel Brunson, the founder of Clickfunnels. Here are his amazing marketing secrets.

I also want to tell you about a new product we just released:  the Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course!  This 5-part course reveals the secrets of exceeding all your practice goals and it is jam-packed with value.  Here are the key components:

✓ Setting up your marketing calendar
✓ Keeping patients longer
✓ Getting patients to stay, pay, and refer
✓ New Patients 101! Dozens of ways on how we generate 100 NP a month
✓ Day 1 training
✓ Day 2 training
✓ Practice systems: how to get your office to run like a Swiss watch whether you are there or not
✓ Over 4 hours of audio recordings
✓ Module notes included
✓ Real examples from a real successful clinic used today
✓ The best most current ways to grow your practice in 2018-2019

This product has just been assembled and will be available for a limited time only! So, check it out here before it goes back in to the vault forever!