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One of the most old fashioned pieces of marketing is still one of the best. Testimonials! What are you doing to get patient testimonials? Social Proof is still one of the most powerful forces for consumers today. What does that mean? Social Proof? Pretty simple, people will do what they see others doing. Humans naturally want to fit in. They want to be part of the heard. How does this affect your practice? People want to go where others are going, they don’t want to go somewhere no one else is going. How do we capitalize on that? There are techniques with scheduling to make the place appear busier. If your new in practice, and don’t have a lot of flow, don’t schedule a new patient when no one is in the office. They wont feel good about your choice in coming to you. This is one reason i don’t like these new patient blocks. Some office set aside certain hours for new patients. I don’t think its convenient for the patient, but i think it looks bad if they come in and they are the only patient there. WEll, I degrees.

Patient testimonials

  1. Written
  2. Video

Written, have a form handy for testimonials, it will have a few questions on there, to get a good testimonial, and a release to use it in your marketing and we.

Video. Even Better! WE get a ton of video testimonials. http://www.hackettstownfamilyclinic.com/testimonials.htm

Video is better for several reasons.

  1. It is more believable, its easy to fake a written one
  2.  Its multi-use, put it on your website, Facebook page, you-tube channel, then i transcribe it and use it as a written one too, its awesome!

How do you record them? I PHONE! My staff are mostly younger and know how to do this better than i do. Its so easy with modern phones. They will know how to do it.

How do you get them? Incentives! Just like most things in life a good incentive! Give your staff a bonus for each one they get. IF you have the right staff on board, they will get them!