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Teachers Appreciation

Teachers are great people, they lead, teach and inspire our children. Also, my wife and family are all teachers, and they usually have good insurance! They really are the best patients for many practices, they are usually very respectful, don’t miss appointments, have coverage, have stress, and are likely a candidate for your service.

So, if this is true, you should work to recruit, or encourage teachers. So, how do you do that? Well, i have tried several ways over the years, and I will touch on some of them here.

Teachers appreciation lunch. This is a pretty good one. Teachers appreciation day is in May, I believe it is May 9th every year. Most schools will celebrate the whole week. We have seen schools make a really big deal about it, and have something special each day, and some totally ignore it! Either way you win, if they aren’t doing anything, and you do, well, your a hero, and if they are already planning a lot of stuff, you get in there.

Here is the problem, schools usually have a lot of gatekeepers and rules. So there are several ways to get to the boss man/ woman. Get a patient to intro it, and intro you. Probably the best way, you should have a patient at each school in your area. Get an intro, go from there. You can also try to contact the boss directly. This can be done, just be patient. You will have to go through a secretary, probably a few other people. Be patient. Smooze.

Go to the PTA. This works great. If the PTA is running the appreciation week, they will be happy to help. A quick online search should turn up info on the PTA president.

So, what do you do next. There are a few options

  1. Buy them lunch. Easy! if its a smaller school, or even larger, buy them all lunch! Just get subs and cut them up small. Then see how much you can get in during lunch. Will they let you do a quick talk? Great, maybe not, maybe bring a massage therapist to do free chair massage and talk you up. Or just drop off lunch with brochures and COUPONS! I actually did that once got a handful of great patients. Don’t be too pushy, but a little bit! You want to come back next year.
  2. Chair massages. Bring, hire a massage therapist, tell them free 5 minute chair massage each staff. They will love it. Give them each a bag of swag from your office, pens, pads, shirts, whatever and some coupons. Make sure the massage therapist talks up your office. If your a chiropractor or physical therapist, make sure the massage therapist finds some problems you can fix!
  3. IN office massage. I have offered a discounted or even free massage in the office, to get them in, if you have a massage therapist.

I have also tried teachers happy hour, invite them for a drink and apps, didn't work! Use your head and think about it, and get the teachers in the door! GOOD LUCK!