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Successful Doctors

There are two types of doctors who succeed in private practice. Only Two major types.

  1.  The Passionate Doctor. This is in every field, but you see it a lot in chiropractic. But it is the doctor who just absolutely loves what he or she is doing, and wants to save the world. You better like what your doing, if you don’t like it, get out. But many of us like what we are doing, but we aren’t ready to save the world. This group of docs is ready to jump in front of a speeding train for what they believe in. This cannot be taught in seminars, books, tapes CD's, you either have that passion or you don’t. Like i said, you better like the field, but the docs who are willing to die for it, go to jail, give it all up, are fewer. If you are, good for you! I really like what i do, but i never had quite the passion like that. I think many docs who don’t have that passion, think they wont be successful, that is not true.
  2. The doc who loves business. Now, doc 1, passionate about the field they are in, will usually not be passionate about the business end. Lots of docs and therapist, don’t like the business end, they end up failing, or working for someone who does. Now, the good news. YOU CAN LEARN TO LOVE THE BUSINESS END! You can read business books, study successful people, go to seminars, learn and grow, and love being in business. There are hundreds of great books, and great stories, and great seminar. Learn to love the business, the marketing, the finance, the management. All this can be learned. Some people really hate the business end. Most can learn to love it, but some will hate it no matter what. This isn’t going to be friendly, but if you don’t have the passion, and you don’t love the business, what are you doing in your field? Get out!!!

So, for most of you, you already know if your the passionate or not. If your not, good news, you can still be successful, learn to love the business end of practice! its fun and will help you more!!