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Strategy vs Tactics

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this week's update!

This week's podcast episode is about strategy vs tactics. I just returned from a 4-day seminar with Dan Kennedy. It's an incredible material and i will be sure to pass along some more lessons to you. This is really a high level marketing stuff! The lesson I turned into a podcast was strategy vs tactics. Well, you see at these seminars, or even when i am speaking or coaching, everyone wants to know about the latest and greatest tactics like how do I run a Facebook ad, carousel, lead form, boost or run as ad. So specific tactics. While I do teach these things, we shouldn't be focused on this first. Instead, we should focus on the strategy. Well, why are we running Facebook ads? To get new clients, or get a bunch of leads that never show up and your staff have to keep calling and they never show? Whats our ideal patient, whats our long term goal? Check out more here...

In case you missed the last episode, I had the pleasure to interview Bond Halbert. If you are not aware, Bond's father is Gary Halbert. He is widely regarded as the greatest copywriter who ever lived. He trained today's great copywriters including Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, and etc. Bond talked about growing up with one of the most famous marketers in the world. He also talked about his current marketing empire, and keeping his Dad's legacy alive. So listen in here...

Finally, I have some exciting news! Our Practice Mastery Course is now finished into a physical product. Not everyone loves downloads! So, we had it printed up on a good old-fashioned CDSS, printed in a binder and the notes professionally printed! They are getting delivered Friday. So two things:

  1. If you already bought the course, many of you did, and you want the physical copy, i am going to upgrade you for FREE. Just email me the receipt and your address cause i may not have it!
  2. If you do not have it yet, I am going to give you a pre-arrival special. If you purchase it here.

We may not even have shipping address on there yet, so email me if not, and if you order before 11/20/18, I am going to throw in my video training on how to run a Patient Appreciation Day. This is an old chiropractic favorite, but I will show you how to plan and put a modern twist on it. This is to show you how we get 25 NP every time we run it. Again, this is the pre-launch special and it will not be available after 11/20.