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Staff Management

How to manage your office staff!

Well, that is not an easy question to answer and each situation is different. TO be honest, most docs need to be their own office manager. Many docs want to give up their staff management as soon as possible and hire an office manager. If you are doing less than 1 million a year gross, you are the office manger. Sorry to tell you, that is the way it goes, that is the deal. You cant afford a great manager and at that size you should be in charge of everything. only one boss. Office manager creates issues. Staff will argue, resent each other. ITs not easy, but guess what, your under a million your the office manager. Sorry!!

Some basic tips

  1. Checklist, checklists, checklists. Get a checklist for each position, they fill it out, and you check it every day, must be on your desk every night.
  2. Weekly staff Meetings. Yep, another thing you don't want to hear, too bad. you have to do them weekly, have a meeting agenda. I will email you a staff meeting agenda for free, email me info@milliondollarclinic.com. You have to do it, weekly.
  3. Bonus system. Your staff must be incentivized to do well, you must have a fun and exciting bonus system in play, yep, you gotta do it. Guess what, all the things with your staff you don't want to do, will make you successful for more tips and trick, follow our blog!