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Snow Storm is Coming!

Here in the northeast, all anyone is talking about is the snowstorm! Its coming this Saturday, or Friday night, or maybe not at all, maybe Sunday! It’s supposed to be a big one, or its not. Could be 2 feet! Could be 2 inches. Who knows! I am amazed this weathermen get to keep their jobs! If we misdiagnosed our patients half as much as they missed the weather we would be in jail! At least out of business! But they collect 6 figure checks! Must be nice! I am pretty sure the farmers almanac predicts weather as good as these guys with the fancy computers and satellites! It amazes me!

Anyways! What do to do about this weather for you practice! Well, it all depends on many things! The northeast is used to snow, sorta! Many people will still freak out and buy bread, milk, water, etc, like they are being locked in their house for a month! No matter the snow totals here, its always cleared next day! So, what do you do about office hours,

I have found that it is better to stay open unless the storm is terrible. In the northeast, i would put that at maybe 6 inches, or more, I will close. Below that we open, but usually cut down on staff.

Why open?

Well, i have gotten new patients on those days that stay with us for a lifetime, if your back is killing you, everyone is closed, this guy sees you and fixes you in the storm? patient for life, referrals, and more. They make great patients, and it will probably happen once a storm.

Regulars will come in, I always have a group that comes in. Usually the macho guys. They love getting out of the house, proving they can get around and coming in. Its great fun! Enough of them will come in to make it a profitable day for me.

Besides the new patient or two, and the regulars, I find it a great day to catch up. Clean out your desk drawers, straighten up, I usually end up with bags of garbage to take out of my office as things pile up. Its also a good time for staff to catch up on some things and straighten up as well. I also usually spend some time on marketing calendar and various other business activities.

What about if its over 6 inches and you close? Put it on Facebook, email and let people know. Forward the phone to a cell phone of staff if available. I always keep a continuing ed class available at home, so its a good way to get a few credits and then enjoy the snow with the family!