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Patient Appreciation Day

One of the best internal promotions you can do in your clinic is a patient appreciation day! These have been around forever, especially in a chiropractic office. Other specialist don’t do these as much and i would highly recommend they do! It would work great for physical therapist, acupuncturist, podiatrist and dentist. I do see dentist doing these, but every should!

Here is the run down. DO this twice a year. I have played with every month there is and we have settled on October and April. This can change by your location, demographic, etc. Summer, people are away, September is back to school, people are nuts, November, December, holidays, February march is bad weather north east area. I have tried every month just about, and those two are good in my area. Now in Arizona, you don't have to worry about bad weather in February, and you may kill it.

There are many variations of patient appreciation day. Two main methods are the one week, patient appreciation week, or one day patient appreciation day. I have done both, and i have variations of each. For this post, we will talk about the one day event

Pick a day, probably sat, when you aren't open. If you are normally open Saturday, that is fine, works well. Some people do a long day. I have found that the same number of patients come, so if you do 5 hours, or 2 you get about the same amount. I like lunch time. Playing around 10:30-1 seems to do well.

Prep about 1 month before. Send a postcard to your patient database telling them about event. Order a poster and banner from vista print announcing the event. Put the date on there, don’t be cheap and leave date off.

I also love doing a blast call for this. you upload your patient list, record a call, and call everyone at once. Its great. I use voiceshot, cheap, effective call the week of event

Have fliers you hand out for a month.

You will have free food, people love free food. I have found subs and pizza work best. one or the other or both

Get bottled water, maybe some soda

We offer free chiropractic care for existing patients, free exam for new ones. We don’t do PT, Acu, pain management, etc. Doesn’t work. Those specialties and podiatrist, etc, would do well to just offer free consultations

Get some entertainment. Bouncy houses work good, live music, just a guy playing guitar, magicians are good, beware of clowns, many people are weirdly scared of them!

Well, that is about it, day of get the whole team there. The details depend on your specialty, etc. Giveaways are also good, buy a cheap flat screen and give it away. Your existing patients will come fro free food and many will bring in the friend or family member they have been trying to get in for a while. We have had 30 NP at one of these events, Make sure to follow up with all them and collect the names!

email me for more information! drfedich@milliondollarclinic.com