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Staff Management

Thursday, May 14, 2015

How to manage your office staff!

Well, that is not an easy question to answer and each situation is different. TO be honest, most docs need to be their own office manager. Many docs want to give up their staff management as soon as possible and hire an office manager. If you are doing less than 1 million a year gross, you are the office manger. Sorry to tell you, that is the way it goes, that is the deal. You cant afford a great manager and at that size you should be in charge of everything. only one boss. Office manager creates issues. Staff will argue, resent each other. ITs not easy, but guess what, your under a million your the office manager. Sorry!!

Some basic tips

  1. Checklist, checklists, checklists. Get a checklist for each position, they fill it out, and you check it every day, must be on your desk every night.
  2. Weekly staff Meetings. Yep, another thing you don't want to hear, too bad. you have to do them weekly, have a meeting agenda. I will email you a staff meeting agenda for free, email me info@milliondollarclinic.com. You have to do it, weekly.
  3. Bonus system. Your staff must be incentivized to do well, you must have a fun and exciting bonus system in play, yep, you gotta do it. Guess what, all the things with your staff you don't want to do, will make you successful for more tips and trick, follow our blog!

Direct Mail

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Believe it or not, DIRECT MAIL IS NOT DEAD! I still recommend it as a Killer Strategy for Private Practice Owners. In fact, the less other people are mailing, the better your mailings will do. So, be happy other think direct mail is dead. It means less junk in the box and more for you!

Here is the best thing about direct mail, the contact needs to touch it. Yes, they may grab it and throw it out, but they will at least touch it and see it briefly. Half of all emails end up in the spam folder never to be seen by anyone! Plenty of people aren't even on facebook. They never see your message, but if your mailing, they will at least see it and touch it.

Here is what else, direct mail is pretty cheap. Really, you can run a tv ad for 100 bucks for 30 seconds, or get a postcard to sit on someone desk for months for 40 cents. Some new programs, especially EDDM, every door direct mail, make it more affordable than ever to get in front of patients cheaply. You must know what your doing of course, and have a good offer, but you can do very well with direct mail.

Another nice bonus to direct mail, is it has a cumulative affect. Many marketing campaigns are swing and miss, one shot. Direct mail, if one piece didn't work, they did handle it, maybe saw your name, next time they get something from you, maybe they remember and now they call. The more you mail, the better your results.

You should be mailing you existing clients. They should get at least 14 pieces of mail from you a year. I would recommend more.
  1. Monthly newsletter (12)
  2. Bday Card (1)
  3. Postcards for Events (4)
  4.  Holidays (2)
SO right there is 17 contacts, probably a good number for most offices.

Next, new clients

There are a million ways to go about this. You prob don't want to mail the same people monthly you will annoy them. Best is to pick a radius of say 15,000 around you, and hit each house 5000 a month, every three months. You can also do all homes at once, but what happens is you get an overload of patients one month, loose some, next month it is slow. better to have steady consistent flow. EDDM is a good program for this, regular postcard, even letters work. You must have a good offer, headline, testimonials, and more!

Good direct mail is a key to a successful practice

For help setting up a mailing campaign, email us! info@milliondollarclinic.com

Facebook Advertising

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hello there! Well, people often ask me about facebook advertising. Facebook is the shiny new object the last several years, and it definitely plays a role in marketing your million dollar practice. The true answer with facebook is somewhere in between the two extremes on this. No, Facebook alone will not build you a million dollar a year business, no way. You cant buy ads for .0001 cent each and get 10 patients per view and make millions. That is snake oil stuff. But, on the opposite side, is it totally useless, no way. SO, like life, the answer is in the middle.

  1. You must have a facebook fan page, a business, professional, nice looking page. Remember when people started getting websites and they told us, you must have one because someone will look you up after they are referred? Well, that is happening now with facebook. If a patient hears about your office, especially younger millennial types, you need to be there. They will look you up on there, to see how many likes you have, how many reviews, and make sure you are credible, So get a nice page. Companies will do it for you, you can also do it for yourself, and get a young hip staff member to do it.
  2.  Likes, check-in. You must get people to like your page and check in on it. Like is when you click the like button and people then follow your page. Many new users will want to see you have many likes to verify you are really there and good. Don't have 5 likes. Our practice is closing in on 2000 likes. How do you get likes? put a sign up in the office, like us on facebook, and send an email to your database with a link to your page. Also, make sure you location is correct on the fan page map, so they can check in and find you easier.
  3.  Advertising. Facebook advertising is very complicated and there are many methods.
  1. Getting likes, you can promote your page to get more likes, you will pay per like, you can choose your area, age, etc and get likes. It is a more lengthy discussion than i can do here.
  2. Website promotion. You can have ads on facebook that will send users to click to go to your website. These can be effective, they can also be expensive. This works much like google pay per click. Clicks can ad up, and industry experts state many users click on and off your site quickly, which is bad for SEO, and your wallet.
  3. Video Advertising. This is very new as of now. But you can pay to have a video show up in your newsfeed just like an ad, as of now May 2015, it is very inexpensive, i would imagine rates go up quickly.
  4. Promoted post. So, you need to be posting on your page regularly. A few times a week, Unfortunately, not everyone sees your posts anymore. If you have a 1000 fans, you might be lucky if 100 even see your post. Not far? NOPE! but neither is life, if you want all 1000 to see it, you gotta pay, usually 5-10 bucks can get you to reach everyone. I would recommend your important stuff get promoted to make it seen.

There are some basics of facebook advertising for doctors, chiropractors, physical therapist and generally small business. For more help, email me info@milliondollarclinic.com

Practice Statistics

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It is amazing to me that doctors and therapist still don’t track and know their practice statistics. TO me, that is insane! Everything is known by knowing your stats. If you email me your stats, without giving me any information, i can guarantee i can tell you what is wrong with your practice. IN fact, go ahead and do it! Email me your practice stats and i will give you a free five minute analysis, email me info@milliondollarclinic.com and i will give you a free analysis.

You must record your stats daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. You must review them weekly at a staff meeting, set goals, measure your progress and keep up on them. Now, different specialties do have different statistics, so i can’t go into all of them, but i will go over some of the basics

New Patients: the lifeblood of all practices. you must have a good NP flow and keep the numbers up!

Patient visits: Pretty self explanatory, how many patients come into your clinic every day, week month

OVA: Office visit average. This one works for most office, the total dollar amount you collect per patient visits, total collections divided by total patient visits

CVA: case visit average. The amount a new patient is worth in your practice. ALso pretty universal, Total collections divided by new patients

PVA: Patient visit average, works in many settings, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, many other fields, the average number of times a patient comes into your clinic.

Total Production: The amount billed by your clinic, per day, week, month

Collection Percentage: The percentage of collectable billings you collect. So if you bil 100 bucks, and collect 90, your percentage is 90 percent And many many more!!

These ones are key stats for most clinics. Email me for a free stat review, info@milliondollarclinic.com

Internet Marketing

Monday, May 11, 2015

Believe it or not, the year is 2015! would you believe that chiropractors, physical therapist and medical doctors stll don’t have a good website! Its crAZY! The year is 2015, you must have a great website! Doctors tell me that patients are referred in, they don’t need one! Guess what is the first thing any referred patient does? they google you!. You must have a good website! I highly recommend a simply wordpress site for most doctors and therapist. They are simple, clean, affordable, and cheap to build out. You can get one done for a few hundred dollars! Key one, it must be adaptive. What does that mean? It must be mobile friendly, you must be able to see it on your iphone, ipad, and desktop. The same site that changes to fit screen size. More and more search is being done on mobile. you must be mobile friendly. In addition, a new update by google, will punish your site, meaning it wont rank as high, if it is not mobile friendly. You must have a mobile friendly website like 5 years ago! get it done!. If you need help, email me, drfedich@gmail.com

Next, you must promote your site. In this day and age, it has become very hard to promote your own site. A blog is a great thing to have on there, like you are seeing now. That is probably the only step you want to do on your own. SEO, search engine optimization, i.e. google actually finding your site, is a very complex and ever changing game. I cant recommend you spend the time and energy required to keep up. I would still recommend PPC, pay per click ads, to most offices. It is worth spending a buck or so per click to make sure when someone searches physical therapist, your town, state, that you are up near the top. It is a still very good medium, and if you want to dominate your market, i believe you should have a PPC expert working for you.

Other good methods to get web traffic are youtube videos. I have a simple program you can use to help get your staff to get youtube testimonials videos for your page. Easy, affordable.

More advanced methords include facebook advertising for therapist and chiropractors, twittter, backlinks, and more. Most doctors and therapist would do well with a mobile friendly website, a facebook page, some SEO work, and some pay per click work


Patient Reactivation

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Often times in private practice we are always concerned about New patients. New Patients, marketing, advertising, etc, always looking for new clients. While New Patients are the life blood to all practices, there is a hidden gold mine in your file cabinet. Well, hopefully in your EMR software, this is 2015 after all!

If you have been in practice even a few months, you likely have patients that haven’t been in for a while. Maybe you fixed them, maybe you forgot about them, they forgot about you. Maybe they have a new problem they don’t know you can help with. In our practice of chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, pain management, patients come in with a certain health problem. Lets say headaches. You cure the headache, they love you, life is good. However, six months later they have a back ache. Even though you treat backs all day long, they came in for a headache, and in their mind, it doesn’t even compute you can help them! I know, but that is how the brain works.

Long story short, you must keep in contact with your patients. Here are some steps.

  1. Physical Patient Newsletter. Yes, its expensive, but you need to do it. I can teach you more
  2. Email communication. Email is not dead, but it is getting hard to get through, this is why i don’t recommend only an email newsletter. These days if you get 10 percent of people to open an email that is good. So, you cant rely on that.
  3.  Phone Calls: A good old fashion phone recall program is important. You must have yourself or staff do phone calls. you don’t want to over do it, but keeping in contact is huge. I also recommend select use of blast calls. You can call a thousand people in two minutes for a few hundred dollars, or less
  4. Mailing! you must have a paper mail recall program. There are many ways and programs to do this. You can do a big recall mailing once or several times a year, this can work well, if you do i recommend a lumpy mailer. You can also do a regular mailing, we do a monthly mailer to patients who haven’t been in for a year or for 6 months, we make a special offer to get them in. Its not a home run, its a single, but you must add it in to your arsenal.

You must keep in touch with your patients on a regular basis! Its easier to keep in touch with your former patients and get them in, then it is to get new one! Good luck! To learn more about patient reactivation programs, email us at info@milliondollarclinic.com.

How To get New Patients in 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How To get New Patients in 2015Tired of being broke and frustrated? Wondering where your next new patient will come from? Well, the year is 2015 and things have changed in a big way. Physical therapy practices can no long count on the neighborhood primary doctors sending all their therapy cases. Hospitals are buying up medical office and demanding their clients go to their PT clinics.

Chiropractors used to do the spinal screenings. Those are terribly time consuming and frustrating. Also, most of the time they don't work! Plus who wants to be outside doing spinal screenings every weekend on the street corner like a beggar.

Podiatrist, and other professionals are facing the same challenges. Hospitals are taking all the referrals, and the methods that used to work, don't work any more.

Well, all the professionals have to learn, times are different. you must get with the times now, or loose out.

Some of the best new patient generators are

  1. Referrals. You must always be working on referrals. There are a million ways to get referrals. But, most of all you must impress the patient. Getting better does not cause someone to refer, being blown away by the service the facility, the staff, space, etc will. You must impress the patients, new patient welcome gifts, letters, impressive space, free beverages and more!
  2. Internet. Listen the internet is here to stay. If you don't have a good, mobile friendly website, your missing out big time. Its not an option, ok! GET IT DONE! You also must be doing regular legit SEO work, blogging, and doing pay per click. Social media is helpful but not as important.
  3. Reviews: You must get online reviews. There is no two ways about it. I can show you how
  4. Video: Must do it, get patient testimonial videos for youtube and your website. You must, no option, i can show you.
  5. Primary Care Referrals. Or Other doc referrals. This varies greatly by specialty. Some Specialties this is a waste of time, others its a must. But, with the age of hospitals buying up PCP offices, this is tough. There are strategies to do this, but i assure you, it takes some work!
  6. Internal Events. Once your practice is at a sustainable good level of production, many offices are better off spending their time and money on making their patients happy, pay, stay and refer. Don't spend all your time here in the beginning, but once your practice is sustainable, you need to fill your calendar with events to generate referrals.

I could write for days on this, and the ways to get NP are many. As someone once said, i dont know one way to get 100 patients, but i know 100 ways to get one. Maybe not only one per source, but there are many methods, these are the best ones working today! If you need help building your practice, email Dr James R Fedich for more information. Dr Fedich built his practice from scratch in a rural farm town in NJ into a million dollar clinic by the age of 35, learning every hard lesson along the way, for info about consultation, email, drfedich@drjamesfedich.com

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