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July 3, 2015

Friday, July 03, 2015

Are you open today? I bet your not. Our clinic is open 9-1. We are booked solid, literally every slot is full for two providers. I bet we are seeing more patients before one today, then most clinics see in a day. So if your serious about building your practice why aren't you open? I'm the director, im here, clinic and non clinical staff are here as well.

If your not open today, your probably not serious about building your practice. Its great to take time and take family time, I will be doing that the rest of the weekend,and i take time off. We probably have less than 1/3 staff in today, the rest are enjoying, then next holiday we rotate. We will have a good day today, and it sets up next week, as we are in today to make appointments for Monday.

So, if you seriously interested in exploding your practice, why aren't you open today?

Patient Newsletters

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Are you sending patient newsletters? No? You should be. All doctors offices should be sending a physical newsletter to all of their patients. Lets talk more about it.

Email Newsletters:
Go ahead and send it. However, open rates are terrible. If you are getting 20 percent, your doing great. That is one in five. If you don’t know how to craft good emails, you will probably get 10 percent or less. Of those 10-20 percent who open it, many just open it quick, and then delete it or close it quickly without reading. Who knows what percentage actually read it, i would guess less than five. Although email is free, it isn’t. You have to keep an email database, someone needs to enter it, you need to pay the email company (constant contact), and the biggest time suck is writing the email. A decent email with a few pictures and links will take at least an hour to set up. I don’t have anything against emails, we send a lot, just cant be your only newsletter.

Quarterly Newsletters
Some offices will do them quarterly. This is good, better than not doing. But i think for many of you, that is too long apart. They say the more patients get in the mail from you the better. Newsletters are also like ads, if you sending an ad to someone whose back doeskin hurt that month, they don’t care, but the next month if there back is hurting, they may call. So, if your sending the newsletter on the month they aren’t in pain, but next month they are, they may go elsewhere.

Monthly Newsletters
I would recommend you do it monthly. It is more work and more cost, but it will pay off. It depends on your specialty, but for most of us, monthly is best. Like i said before.. The more patients hear from you the better. If they hear from you 5 times a year, versus 10, it will make a difference in your bottom line. Also, like i previously mentioned, if they are hurting that month, they get a newsletter, they will call. Also, if there friend needs someone that week, or month, and they get the newsletter, they will call!.

Pre-fab or Custom
Well, i have tried both. Doing a full custom, unique to you newsletter is best for you. However, almost none of you are going to do it monthly. If you have a full time person who can do this, great. It is time consuming and more expensive. But like i said its the best. If you do custom, put personal stuff in there, about your family, kids, staff, etc.

I use a pre-fab newsletter company. I get to customize the back page, they do the front 3 pages. Its a good compromise, and since they do so many, the printing costs are so inexpensive. I use stony brook publishing. Call and ask for Sheri (800) 736-3632 Ext. 217, and she can tell you what we do. There are other companies in other fields, stony brook does dentist and chiropractors, you cannot beat the price.

Who do you send them to?
Well, it depends on how big your mailing list is, and how long you have been in practice. If your smaller and want to keep the budget down, start with your most active patients, say patients that have been in for the past few months. However, i have found, the more patients you mail the better! WE send 3000 patient newsletters a month, basically our active database. But, start small and go up!

Good luck!!!

UPDATE!!!! 9/11/15
I have spoken to my contacts at Stony Brook Publishing and for my clients and readers of this blog, they will wave the usual setup fee!! Just mention Dr James Fedich sent you and contact Sheri at
Sheri Needham
16772 West Bernardo Drive
San Diego, CA 92127
Phone: (800) 736-3632 Ext. 217
Fax: (858) 673-8300

Mention My name and they will wave your setup fee!!!

Office Hours

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

What are you office Hours? Especially in chiropractic we tend to have very strange office hours. Closed on Thursday, 3 hour lunches, crazy stuff. Dentist tend to do some weird hours as well. Here are my thoughts on office hours.

  1. When you are open should be based on what your patients want, not you.
  2. In a new practice, solo doctor, be open less than you think you should be, so you can be out marketing and networking.
  3. IN a more mature practice, over half million, you should be open more and more hours. The more your open, the more convenient you are, the busier you will be.
  4. Be open when others are not. Every other dentist is closed Wednesday, so will i. That is backwards. They are all closed, you be open!!
  5. Once your busier, schedule your personal hours around your life and schedule, but not the clinic hours. For example. We are open for patients M-F 9-7. Perfect, Do i want to work like that? NO! I see patients, m, w, th 9-1, 3-6, t, f, 9-1, Not bad, but i put 11 years in! and have doctors and therapist making me money when i am not there.

Think again about your hours. The other big thing i would say, is don’t worry about changing hours. I remember worrying and stressing. DON'T! Just let the patients know, they will come in. Every time i adjusted clinic hours, we got busier and i got better hours! its a process. But it is kinda backwards of what you may think. IN the begging be open less, as your practice matures and you get help, open more! And think of the hours your patients want, not you or your staff. Don't be afraid to experiment. Many docs have had the same the hours for twenty years. Why? You haven't had the same car that long, or clothes? So, take a look at hours, i bet you can adjust them! Email me for help, drfedich@milliondollarclinic.com, NO charge!

Every Door Direct Mail

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This is a great program by the USPS! Aren't you surprised i said that! I am not a fan of the postal service in general, but direct mail is still a way to go, and this is a great program for many doc. Its a great way to canvas your area. Here are the basics of the program.

  1. You select carrier routes. Your not mailing to individual address and names, your mailing a route. These are designated by USPS. There will be several to many routes within a zip code. This way you can select within a zip. This is helpful. Sometimes a zip is too large an area for you practice, or too many names. A zip code can have 30,000 names and you don’t want to spend that kind of money. Also, some areas have a wide zip map, or tall, thus only part of the zip comes near your office.
  2. You select the pre-approved sizes. They are mostly postcard sizes. I personally like the 6 by 9 size. It sticks out because it is bigger then a regular postcard. Some people have had luck getting even bigger sizes. I would start with a 6 by 9.
  3. Get your graphics and due up you postcard! I have had huge success with these, in fact, here is mine, the million dollar ad, i have run this as an EDDM a dozen times! http://www.milliondollarclinic.com/products/
  4. Get a good offer. I have done well with coupons on the bottom, see my example. A Free or low cost consult works well, and then selling another service you have as well. Massage has worked well for me, who doesn’t want a massage!!!
  5. Select routes. You will need to select routes. I would recommend working with a printing company. You will want to draw a radius around your office. Basically, know how many you want to send. I would start with 5000 and go to 10000. Then draw a radius around your office that hits that number. But play with the map, because you may want some areas over others. Any good printer will do this.
  6. Sort and mail. You can sort these into carrier routes if you want. I don’t recommend it. So, the reason its cheaper postage is you tell the office, these go to these 1221 houses, doesn't matter which ones to which house and here are the the 1221 for this route 3000 for this route etc. Your doing their job basically. Some people do this to save money. If your very slow, maybe go for it!
  7. Track your results! Better keep all the cards and track how it goes. I have done this every month and every quarter. People will come in when you first do it, and near the expiration date, better have one. But, some will come in months later! Its a good promotion!

Facebook Advertising

Monday, June 29, 2015

You Can advertise on Facebook TOO!!!

There is a lot of hype on social media marketing. Some of it is BS, well, a lot of it is BS, but there are some good avenues out there. Books have been written on this topic, so we cannot cover it all in a short post here. But i can give you some basics.

Facebook is the dominant social media player. IT is also the perfect fit for demographics of most doctors offices. yes, its not as hip as twitter or snapchat with 15 year old, but guess what, they don't have health problems, money or insurance. Plus the audience is smaller. For 90 percent of clinics, you only need facebook. If your in a big city, yes maybe twitter, etc. But you need a facebook page!


  1. 1. Get a page. Make a business FAN PAGE! its very easy to do, get one of your staff to do it. Put some nice pics up, your hours, some basic info, your good to go, takes ten minutes. Make sure your location marker is in the right place. People like to check in there on facebook. Meaning they tell their friends they are at your business.
  2. Get Fans. Let your patients know your on there. Most of you have email lists, or you better, email them the link. Always include the link on your emails. Get your friends invited, your staff to invite friends, put a sign up in the office. It will grow.
  3. You can pay for likes. It is called promoting your page. In the begging, it might be worth it, to get the fans up. See if someone is checking out your practice and they see only 10 people like your page, they might not come in. Continuing to pay for likes i don’t love, you will end up spending a buck a like, it can add up, and many will never come in.
  4. Promote posts. Here is the new trick with facebook, if you post something to say 1000 fans, maybe only 80 will see it, they don’t show to everyone, bummer! so once in a while, something important, you must pay to promote it, probably 5 or 10 bucks will get it to your followers. You must do this to keep fans engaged
  5. Promote your website. This is more complicated and i wont get into here. IT works like google adwords, where you can push traffic to your website.
  6. Promote videos. You can do videos like an ad. At this point, its insanely cheap. Like pennies to promote a video. As of July 2015, its a great strategy. You need to have a commercial, testimonial, etc to promote, but its very cheap right now.

Well, i could write a book on this, and by the time i am done it will be outdated! Here is how to get started! Email me and let me know how your doing with it! DrFedich@milliondollarclinic.com


Friday, June 26, 2015

You don’t get what you expect, you get what you inspect. I remember hearing that years ago, its been said by a million people, but its such a great line. Especially as you grow your practice. If you start small, one doctor, a few staff, its easy to an eye on everyone. However as you start growing larger, and hopefully getting some time off outside of the clinic, it becomes more difficult. As your clinic expands, and your hours get longer, you cant be there all the time its open. In fact, that is kinda the opposite point of growing it. As we got larger and added more hours, i had more free time to get out of the clinic.

If you don’t have the right team in place, this will be difficult. But, hopefully you get them, if not do it! Get the right people on the bus. But, even with the best people, they need accountability. Trust me, if they were capable of doing it all themselves with no supervision, they wouldn’t be working for you, they would be doing it on their own!

So, you need accountability systems. There are a lot of methods for this, and you can do a whole seminar on this alone. But one of the quickest easiest tools is to have staff checklists. Everyone on your team has a daily checklist, things that need to be done each day, each week, each month. Also, lines for anything that i need to know today, my win for the day and things like that. Other task should have checklists. IN our office every staff person has one and one or two others. They all need to be done and put in the bin outside my personal office at the end of the day. I don’t stay till closing, so the next morning i can review them.

You can help the staff with the checklist in the beginning, but ultimately, it is there responsibility to update their checklist for new duties and modify it over time. So, get it done! everyone needs a checklist, ASAP!

You don’t get what you expect, you get what you inspect!!

Fourth of July

Thursday, June 25, 2015

What do you do in your clinic for the fourth of July? Nothing?

You should be doing something! So, it depends on what day of the week the fourth is on. This year it is on a Saturday, which is pretty nice.

What are we doing?

We are normally open 9-7 on Fridays. However, since its the third. We will do a half day. We will be open 9-1. The stuff love being to get out a little early.

Then, on the third, we will do a BBQ for anyone coming in for a treatment that day! Since we are doing a morning shift, we will have bagels and breakfast 9-11, then BBQ 11-1. WE have done this several different ways. We have had it catered, we had the staff make the food, and bought pre-made food. Play around see whats fun! For the first time, get pizza! Its easy, fun, and inexpensive.

To promote it, we send a postcard to our active patient database. Usually about 1 year back. Include an offer or other announcement since your sending card anyway. It is always good to show up in your patients mail box. The more times the better. They should be hearing from you 14 times a year or more, but we will save that for another day!

I use vista print for an easy postcard like this, you upload the list, they have per-done designs you plug in and go from there. You cant beat the speed and price. Little tip, sign up for the pro advantage, its for graphics people etc who use it a lot. But if your doing things right, you will be too! We do our postcard mailings with them, as well as posters in office, etc. Its a good program, Vista print pro-advantage.

Anyways, so that is it! fun thing to do for the fourth of July in your clinic!

Best Pizza in Town

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wanna do a fun simple promotion in any clinic? We are actually doing this one in our clinic right now!

Best Pizza in Town

What you need!

Signs in office

Award Plaque

Pick on day a week. We are doing weds afternoon. Its a medium shift, not super duper busy, not slower, right in the middle. During your weekly staff meeting. (You better be having one) pick your favorite 8 pizza places in town

Every Tuesday have a staff get a few pizzas from 2 plates, so just have pizza a go against pizza b, each week. Have plates and little coupon tokens, like the ones you get at deli counter. Make sure to get the pizza place to cut into 16 slices.

Have the patients try one slice of each, and put ticket to side they like.

At the end of 4 weeks, the one with the most tickets wins best pizza in town!!

Make them a nice plaque, saying they won best pizza in town from your office patients

They will hang it up by counter, trust me

Get a picture of them with the plaque, send to paper,


This will cost very little, prob a hundred bucks.

Yo get in the paper

You get your name near the counter at the best pizza place in town

Next year, they will be begging to give you free pizza for it!

Pretty good huh?

See when your practice gets bigger, spend money on patients and internal events, this promo will get people talking about you and prob get you referral.

Successful Doctors

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

There are two types of doctors who succeed in private practice. Only Two major types.

  1.  The Passionate Doctor. This is in every field, but you see it a lot in chiropractic. But it is the doctor who just absolutely loves what he or she is doing, and wants to save the world. You better like what your doing, if you don’t like it, get out. But many of us like what we are doing, but we aren’t ready to save the world. This group of docs is ready to jump in front of a speeding train for what they believe in. This cannot be taught in seminars, books, tapes CD's, you either have that passion or you don’t. Like i said, you better like the field, but the docs who are willing to die for it, go to jail, give it all up, are fewer. If you are, good for you! I really like what i do, but i never had quite the passion like that. I think many docs who don’t have that passion, think they wont be successful, that is not true.
  2. The doc who loves business. Now, doc 1, passionate about the field they are in, will usually not be passionate about the business end. Lots of docs and therapist, don’t like the business end, they end up failing, or working for someone who does. Now, the good news. YOU CAN LEARN TO LOVE THE BUSINESS END! You can read business books, study successful people, go to seminars, learn and grow, and love being in business. There are hundreds of great books, and great stories, and great seminar. Learn to love the business, the marketing, the finance, the management. All this can be learned. Some people really hate the business end. Most can learn to love it, but some will hate it no matter what. This isn’t going to be friendly, but if you don’t have the passion, and you don’t love the business, what are you doing in your field? Get out!!!

So, for most of you, you already know if your the passionate or not. If your not, good news, you can still be successful, learn to love the business end of practice! its fun and will help you more!!

Patient Appreciation Day

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

One of the best internal promotions you can do in your clinic is a patient appreciation day! These have been around forever, especially in a chiropractic office. Other specialist don’t do these as much and i would highly recommend they do! It would work great for physical therapist, acupuncturist, podiatrist and dentist. I do see dentist doing these, but every should!

Here is the run down. DO this twice a year. I have played with every month there is and we have settled on October and April. This can change by your location, demographic, etc. Summer, people are away, September is back to school, people are nuts, November, December, holidays, February march is bad weather north east area. I have tried every month just about, and those two are good in my area. Now in Arizona, you don't have to worry about bad weather in February, and you may kill it.

There are many variations of patient appreciation day. Two main methods are the one week, patient appreciation week, or one day patient appreciation day. I have done both, and i have variations of each. For this post, we will talk about the one day event

Pick a day, probably sat, when you aren't open. If you are normally open Saturday, that is fine, works well. Some people do a long day. I have found that the same number of patients come, so if you do 5 hours, or 2 you get about the same amount. I like lunch time. Playing around 10:30-1 seems to do well.

Prep about 1 month before. Send a postcard to your patient database telling them about event. Order a poster and banner from vista print announcing the event. Put the date on there, don’t be cheap and leave date off.

I also love doing a blast call for this. you upload your patient list, record a call, and call everyone at once. Its great. I use voiceshot, cheap, effective call the week of event

Have fliers you hand out for a month.

You will have free food, people love free food. I have found subs and pizza work best. one or the other or both

Get bottled water, maybe some soda

We offer free chiropractic care for existing patients, free exam for new ones. We don’t do PT, Acu, pain management, etc. Doesn’t work. Those specialties and podiatrist, etc, would do well to just offer free consultations

Get some entertainment. Bouncy houses work good, live music, just a guy playing guitar, magicians are good, beware of clowns, many people are weirdly scared of them!

Well, that is about it, day of get the whole team there. The details depend on your specialty, etc. Giveaways are also good, buy a cheap flat screen and give it away. Your existing patients will come fro free food and many will bring in the friend or family member they have been trying to get in for a while. We have had 30 NP at one of these events, Make sure to follow up with all them and collect the names!

email me for more information! drfedich@milliondollarclinic.com

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