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Are you lying?

Friday, September 28, 2018

Hey Doc!

So, are you lying? When I talk to my coaching clients over the phone and at seminars, I often hear stories as to what is wrong with their practice and why it isn't successful. Is it the economy? Is it the president or is it the insurance company, etc.? But the first thing I ask from new coaching clients is their most recent 90 days worth of practice statistics. You see, the doctors tell me what they think is wrong with the practice but ultimately, the numbers never lie. The practice statistics will tell me what is actually wrong in their practice. In my solocast, I discussed the fact that numbers never lie!

In my interview episode, I have Dr. Rick Boatwright as my guest. Dr. Rick has been in practice for 30 years. In addition to running a practice for all these years, he is also a certified copywriter. This means he has taken courses and is trained in writing ads, brochures, and other materials. Ultimately, everyone is marketing and selling themselves. Dr. Rick not only does that for his own office, but other offices as well! Listen in as he talks about his amazing career in chiropractic and copywriting! Here is his site.

I hope you are ramping up your practice. This is growth time for your clinic. Summer is when we held down the fort...maybe for some, time off. But now, we are in full swing for practice building season. This time until the holidays is a great time for growth. Time to put the pedal to the medal.

If you want to turbocharge your growth, we have several spots open in our programs. Our online access starts at just $97 a month, check it out here.

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My uncensored opinion on what it takes to be a successful chiropractor

Friday, September 21, 2018

Hey Doc!

This week, I have my solo-cast episode where I talked about what it takes to be a successful chiropractor. Many coaching clients and doctors talked to me about wanting to be successful, but when we talked about working 6 days a week, staying late, going to marketing seminars and putting in the extra effort, the tone changes. Here are my thoughts on what it really takes.

In my interview episode, I talked with Sheri Needham from StoneyBrook. Sheri credits chiropractic for helping her save her life as well as for letting her own Stoneybrook Publishing for many years. This publishing expert has direct marketing for chiropractic practices. She shared her insights on how to get and keep new clients in 2018 to 2019 and beyond. She is actually our representative for my clinic at Stoneybrook, and her email is sheri@stoneybrookpublishing.com. They do all my newsletters, birthday cards, new mover campaigns and much more. If you tell them that we have sent you, you will get a discount.

Finally, I have released a product out from our member's vault. Most of the coaching clients I spoke with want to gain more new patients. Of course, we can help in all areas of practice, but getting more new patients is a big problem for many clinics. So, I put together a course, How to Get 20 extra NP per month in your clinic. This is usually only for members and contains some of my best tactics to increase your NP flow. Click here to check it out. It will be back in the members vault soon!

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Buy before October 1 and get a free 30min strategy call with Dr. J!
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Disturbing Things I do on the Phone

Monday, September 17, 2018

Hey Doc,

I want to tell you about some disturbing things that I do on the phone. I'm on the phone a lot throughout the week. I do my podcast interviews on a recorded phone line once or twice per week. I am also on the phone with my private coaching clients several times per week. In fact, the other day I was doing a teleconference for an hour, then a podcast interview, then private coaching calls. It was three straight hours of me talking on the phone. I never thought I would say this, but I actually got tired of hearing myself talk! I actually had a sore voice for the rest of the day, which probably made my wife happy!

Anyways, so what is the disturbing thing I do on the phone? Do I do my podcast interviews in the nude or something? Or am I drinking whiskey while on my coaching calls? No, neither of those. The disturbing thing I do on the phone is fast forward my client's growth. See, most people think we have to grow slow, and while success does take time, you can hit the fast forward button. How do you do that? By learning from a proven mentor. Not a mentor who practiced for three years or 25 years ago, someone who went through the challenges you are going through, in this decade. In fact, there aren’t too many challenges I haven’t seen building my clinic from scratch to 2 million per year.

So, if you want to fast forward your success, learn from someone who actually is in the trenches today, who has and still does operate a successful practice, Apply for Coaching Today! Click here to see if spots are available.


Dr J

The Safety Net

Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Dr. James Fedich Featured in Chiropractic Economics

I remember not long after enrolling in chiropractic school, and well before graduation, realizing that chiropractors don’t have a safety net. I have come to see now, after 14 years in practice and coaching and speaking to hundreds of chiropractors, that this lack of a back-up plan is one of our biggest challenges.

MDs versus DCs

First of all, doctors have always been an entrepreneurial bunch. That includes MDs, DCs, DOs, and DPMs. Many years ago, you had to open your own practice and most doctors did. But, for most specialists—particularly the MDs—there is always a back-up plan. The most obvious being the relationship between medical doctors and the hospitals. Consider a recent reallife example:

I had a patient in the other day who said her sister, who was an internal medicine doctor with her own practice, had quit practicing. She had found that in dealing with the Affordable Care Act, and all the associated compliance regulations, she couldn’t run her practice anymore. So she quit and got a job at an urgent care center. My first thoughts were that must be terrible. In fact, she only works 10 days a month, is making more now than when she was in private practice and has more time off.

But keep learning

Keeping the above in mind, you can see what’s happened is that MDs and most specialists can focus on learning techniques for delivering better care. They don’t need to learn marketing, business systems, and so forth. They can focus on learning techniques if they want, and many do. And most DCs would like to focus on learning techniques, too.

Here is the problem: If you can’t keep your practice going, what is your safety net? We only have one choice; we have to learn marketing and business strategies.

First, DCs need to commit to having better opportunities for associates. It is nearly impossible to start a clinic right out of school. Most practice coaches don’t even recommend trying it as they have in the past, given the many new challenges and high levels of student debt.

We have to create good associate positions where young doctors can learn and make a good wage. If my associates perform well, they can make six figures without doing any spinal screenings, and we need more jobs like this. And second, you need to learn business, marketing, and systems. If you are going to make it today, you need to learn those things. Look for books, seminars, and coaching opportunities. You should be studying business and marketing 10 times more than technique if you are a practice owner. And if you don’t want to teach yourself, you can pay a coach or consultant who will teach you.

Let me make a bold prediction here: Within 10 years or so, you will see hospital systems and other corporations buying chiropractic clinics. Health care is turning into a control game; namely, who can control the patients—look at all the corporate mergers going on in the health care industry.

The medical docs have figured out that we control a lot of patients, and the hospitals will be next. It won’t be too long before we see hospitals buying chiropractic offices for a fair price and paying DCs a salary to be part of the system.

Not all of us will opt in, but you can see the likelihood of many opting for the safety net. In the meantime, work on finding (and later creating) good associate positions, and if you own a clinic, spend more time on business and marketing than you do on technique.

JAMES R. FEDICH, DC, has a successful practice in northern New Jersey. He is a speaker, consultant, a podcast host and the author of multiple books, including Secrets of a Million Dollar Clinic. He can be contacted at drfedich@ milliondollarclinic.com or through drjamesfedich.com.

Dr. Fedich's Newest Featured Interview: Renegade Business Success Magazine

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Dr. James R. Fedich, DC - Renegade Magazine Interview

Well, he’s done it again. Dr. Fedich finds himself as they key featured guest contributor to yet another leading business development publication: The Summer 2017 edition of “Renegade Business Success”. Those following Dr. Fedich know very well his unique marriage of superior chiropractic clinical skills along with resoundingly successful entrepreneurial skills. This latest publication within Renegade Business Success focuses on the latter.

Dr. Fedich, within the article, reflects upon his early years as a skilled clinician but laboring to master the art of business management and development. He discusses freely his “hard-knock” lessons that kept the highly skilled but entrepreneurial-naïve young Dr. Fedich from achieving his overall business objectives. Over the years he’s mastered the entrepreneurial side of the chiropractic service industry and has come to enjoy genuine professional reward in helping other clinicians attain their lofty net-revenue dreams.

This particular article focuses on business development strategies that include external (off-site) events, digital marketing, and traditional marketing initiatives. Click here to enjoy the full article. You can also read a host of other articles and secure numerous insider tips by visiting his website, Dr. James R. Fedich.com.

Vacation time

Friday, May 26, 2017

Hey Hey hey! its summer time! Time for pools, boats, hammocks and vacation! You should definitely take a vacation, everyone needs a break. And those of us with kids, we kinda have to take them during summertime, when the kids are off. Plus there are lots of fun things to do in the summer, beach, boats, cruises, Disney, all that fun stuff.

I have always like the long weekend every 90 days, and the week off once or twice a year. The long weekends are great to recharge your batteries. If you are new in practice, don’t have associate, etc, you should probably only be taking the long weekends every 90 days. Just take off a friday, or a thursday and friday, every 90 days, recharge. Once you are more established, you should be taking a week off, at least once a year, maybe twice!

What do you do taking your week vacation? A lot of docs will shut down the practice for a week. I highly do not recommend doing that! They say one week closed in the practice will take you 12 weeks to recover from. So, that is 3 months! That is just to get back to where you were, not grow. If you are trying to grow your practice into a million dollar practice, a three month set back is pretty huge. That is a quarter of the year!

Don’t do it!

So, what to do? Well, like i said earlier, if you are newer in practice, take long weekends, not weeks off. Take off just a friday. Between the long weekends, and holidays, you can push through that for a few years, trust me, i did it!

If you want to take the week, but don’t have associate coverage, hire a locum tenens. Cover doc. You should be able to make money on the time off, but even if you break even, or loose a little, it is worth it. You wont loose that week, which will cost you 3 months, you will capture any emergencies, and your patients will know you are there for them. I remember first doing this, i would not take a salary for the week, and pay this doc, then pay for vacation. I was loosing out big time in the beginning. But you know what, some of those emergency patients are still at the clinic. It pays off in the long run.

So, plan your vacation time a year out. Plan your long weekends, and weeks off. If you don’t plan, something will come up. The office can plan around your schedule.

Get a coverage doctor if you don’t have associate coverage. And enjoy the beach!!

Topical Analgesics

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Have you used biofreeze, cryoderm or any of these competitive gels on your patients? I sure have. Why? We are out there promoting and selling someone else’s product. In fact, nothing in the world gets me more upset than the biofreeze story. Biofreeze spread among the health professions quickly. First and mainly on the backs of chiropractors. Then, physical therapist began to use it and sell it as well. As the brand became a household name, based solely on the efforts of health care practitioners, they sold out. GridIron Capital now owns performance health. This is a private equity fund. A bunch of investment bankers. The original owners cashed out, its not sure how much they received, possibly hundreds of millions. They live on an island now i hear. So, you built the brand, they cashed out and made hundreds of millions and live on an island. Now you are handing your money and building the brand for some rich wall street investment bankers, WHY?

To really kick us in the teeth, bio freeze is available at Walmart and CVS

Nice huh?

So we built a brand so owners can sell out and live on an island, and now your promoting for a bunch of bankers?

Why did we do that? Who knows, its not a bad product, but do you see how we built someone else brand? Why not build your own brand? I first got mad at this story, so I switched to a competitor. Cryoderm actually. Which honestly is a better product. But then i realized, i was doing the same thing.

I decided I would build my own brand. Do a private label cream. I called, emailed researched for months. The product is easy to make, there are many labs that can make a decent product. However, everyone i contacted wanted me to order 5000 pieces. Which sounds great, until you do the math and the cost is amazing. However, that is really only a small worry. The big problem is, where do i store this stuff? I did a ton of research, called, emailed a hundred companies to finally find someone that would make small batch custom label product

We actually use this on our patients for treatment, we sell it at the front desk, and also, i have been putting it in the shock and awe package! This is the gift box you send to patients, more on that in other blogs.

This company is busy, but i have a special contact that can get you setup with this private label cream, your logo, your practice info, and you can order one case at a time. Per item, it is less than bio freeze and it has your logo on it!

I cant publish their info on here, but you can email me directly, drfedich@milliondollarclinic.com, and i can set you up with them! thanks for reading!

Internet Marketing Stuff!

Friday, May 05, 2017

Hello there! I have written and spoken about internet marketing for a while now. It still amazes me the stuff i see out there! So many bad websites, unclaimed google maps, no facebook page. Guys and Gals its 2016, get with it! Ok, i have whole courses on this, but i want to hit up a few major points here.

  1. Get a good custom website. Don't use a canned template a hundred other chiros have. If someone googles chiropractor, your town nj and out of ten docs, 4 have the same site, do you think the patient will pick you? NOPE. How does that look for the profession that we all have canned boring sites. Plus, how will you beat them in search if its all same?
  2. Promote you site! SEO and Pay per click and important. Get up there. SEO is a very complicated game. I suggest you get someone who knows what they are doing. And don't try to cheat the system. Eventually someone will catch you. Also, pay per click is still important.
  3. YOUTUBE. youtube is the number two search engine after google, with over 1 billion users. GET A YOUTUBE PAGE. Upload videos. videos of doc explaining conditions and procedures, testimonial videos, and more!
  4. Facebook. Get a business facebook page. Make it look good!Post on it daily. Get likes. Facebook advertising is a whole course, but it works. Targeted video ads are the best bang for your buck in 2016. There is not enough space here for that, but it works.
  5. Google Maps. Get your google maps page looking good, get the hours, website on there, make sure the map is in the right location, make it look nice, upload pictures. Then get reviews. I have other posts on how to do that.

That is basics of your internet profile. Much of this can be done by a competent company for you. If you would like me to make a recommendation, email me, drfedich@milliondollarclinic.com

Newsletter Marketing

Saturday, April 08, 2017

With all the online marketing i do, clients are always surprised how much i like direct mail! I still mail paper postcards all the time, I mail thanksgiving and Christmas cards, and i mail an actual paper newsletter to all my active patients every month! People still like getting mail, and with less direct mail, this stuff works even better! In addition, it keeps you in the loop with your patients!

Do a monthly newsletter, not a regular email newsletter but a real newsletter in paper format, and send them out to your patients monthly. It is expensive and will cost you some money but I am going to highly recommend it.

Newsletter tips: Doing it yourself is great. Make it nice and pretty with a personal touch, talk about you and your staff. Write stories about you, your family, your kids, your staff and other personal stories. Printing is probably going to be expensive, probably over a dollar to print a newsletter. You can do a four page newsletter where it folds into a half-piece paper and mailed that way. We use a company called Stony Bridge Publishing. This is their website: http://www.stoneybrookpublishing.com/. Tell them Dr. James Fedich sent you and you can get a discount. They will waive your set-up fee. My contact is Sheri. Their prices are unbeatable. There are also other companies out there and some that are less health-care specific. If you can’t do this, then do an email newsletter.

Some questions I get asked are: How far back in my contacts list do I need to go? Do I send a newsletter to a patient who has been with me for ten years or longer? I pretty much do that. We send our newsletters to all active patients, well over 3,000 names. They haven’t moved, died, or told us to leave them alone. And they are not patients that we have sent to collections or anything like that. If you want to start small, you can start with 6 months active, one year active, two years active, and so on. Eventually, just send out newsletters to all active patients. The more newsletters you mail, the better you are going to be. Older patients could hand referrals to others based on your newsletters.

Health Fair

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Here is a good idea to help grow your practice! Start a health fair! If you have a good parking lot and space do it right at your clinic. If you don't find a spot! A good idea is to team up with a non-profit in your area, It will give you some credibility, attract vendors, get free advertising and more! So,set out to get a few vendors in beginning. You want someone who works with you, similar patients to you, etc. So, professions that work well together, chiropractor, physical therapy, podiatrist, gyms, yoga studio, essential oils, vitamins, nutrition, counselors, fitness groups, mom group, etc! Use your imagination. Once you get the ball rolling on this it is easy! I charge the vendors a small fee, this goes to non-profit. If you make it free, you will get people who aren’t serious. I charged 50 dollars our first year.

Pick a good day for the event, its going to have to be during the weekend. We do it on a Sunday 1-4. Kids have soccer and sports on a Saturday, Sunday am is church and family, try to squeeze it in after that. Of course local changes make a big difference.

Other things to consider, have some food, people can pay for food, get some music, pay someone to play guitar, etc, and maybe something for the kids, we have found a bounce house always works well!

Get a table for the vendors. Now, most will have a table, and if you cant get any, just have them bring them.

Now spread the word!! We sent postcards to all our patients, we did a radio campaign for three weeks, posters all over town, and a few email blasts. Start lower budget and move up!

The day of the event, get everyone setup an hour early, then start getting patients! You want to be doing some sort of screening and making appointments, not just handing out flyers. Also, make sure to network with the other vendors!

Why do all this work yourself? Your in charge of the event, your in charge of who can come, you gain credibility and networking! Give it a shot!

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