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Is This For...?

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hey Doc!

I hope you are starting off the new year well!

This week, I have a solocast titled, "Is this for...?" So, we did a webinar this week on how to add 20 NP a month to your practice. In fact, I never record these because I want to reward people for being on, but we used a new program, and it recorded by accident. I'm gonna leave the recording up a few more days, then delete. Fast forward a few minutes as we were tuning up!

During the webinar, I had a question and answer session and I got asked the same question, multiple times from multiple docs. The question was, "Does this work for decompression? Neuropathy? Weight loss?"...plug in the condition here! It was all the same question. The answer, of course, is "YES," but we need to look at the question. Why do you want decompression patients?  What age? Sex? Insurance? Maybe we are asking the wrong question.  Get my thoughts here.

In my last interview episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing David Marcarian. David is the inventor and founder of Myovision. I have personally used Myovision in my practice for over a decade.  We have two machines now. I think it's the best tool for new patients and retention. He is also a huge supporter of chiropractic. David speaks all over the world, works with top scientists, and also goes to court for chiropractors where Myovision's technology can help win a case. It's a great interview here

Quick reminder:  the Free Webinar on How to Add 20 NP a month to your practice without spinal screenings or Facebook lead ads is available for replay for a very limited time. I will probably take it down on Sunday or Monday, so check it out before I take it down.

Interview with David Marcarian from MyoVision

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Hey Doc!

I hope you had a great New Year! It's a great time to reflect, set goals, and build a bigger and better life and practice! In this week's interview, I spoke with David Macarian. To say Dave is a champion of chiropractic and a smart guy would both be two huge understatements. David is the founder and owner of Myovision. If you are unaware, Myovision is the world leader in sEMG technology, which David pioneered and brought to the chiropractic field. Not only has David founded, invented, and improved Myovision, he has been a defender of chiropractic. He has testified in courts all across the country to defend chiropractic, sEMG, and personal injury for chiropractic. I hope you listen in as this is one of my best interviews!

If you're ready to finally solve the New Patient problem, then I have some very good news….

This coming Tuesday at 1:30 Eastern, I’m going to reveal exactly how you can experience Financial Freedom and more time off, by getting off the practice roller coaster - something that you’ve always dreamed of but probably have never felt was truly possible. It all takes place during a LIVE online training event I’m calling:  How to Quickly and Easily Add 20 NP per month to your practice.

During this one-time only LIVE session, you’ll discover:

  • How to overcome the practice roller coaster...up one month, down the next
  • Secrets to making the marketing of your practice a non-issue forever.
  • The EASY way to make your lack of new patients vanish like a puff of smoke
  • And much, much more besides!

Best of all, I’m making a special exception by providing this ONE TIME ONLY training to you 100% FREE – just go to www.add20NP.com and sign up to reserve your spot immediately!

See you there!

James R. Fedich, DC
Chief New Patient Officer

P.S. IMPORTANT: Bandwidth for this LIVE training event is LIMITED, so don’t risk missing out. Sign up NOW. There is NO OBLIGATION.

DO NOT Delay: Go to www.add20NP.com and Sign Up for this No-Charge Training NOW!

New Year, New Patients

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Hey Doc!

Welcome to the weekly update!

In our new podcast episode, we talked about "New Year, New Patients". I find that most practices I have worked with aren't getting enough new patients, and those that have, aren't getting them consistently. The reason that we have grown at least 15% every single year is that we constantly promote the practice to grow it. Here, I talked about how to grow your NP in 2019 and plan your year. In that vein, we are doing a FREE webinar on how to add 20 NP a month to your practice, check it out herehttps://www.add20np.com. It will fill up fast, so please register ASAP.  It's going out to the whole profession and we only have 500 spots on the system.

In episode 91, I interviewed Charles Martin, DDS. Dr Martin was a widely successful dentist running a multi-million dollar practice. He is also a top coach to the dental and other health care professions. I had the chance to meet him at a Dan Kennedy event. I can tell you that I was at the lobby bar with a notepad scribbling notes from him at 10pm, way past my bedtime. One of the smartest guys I have ever met in healthcare. Check it out here.

Hope you have a great holiday! Don't forget to plan for 2019 and get ready for your best year ever. Start off by signing up for my free webinar, "How to Quickly and Easily add 20 NP A Month to your practice without spinal screenings or Facebook lead ads."  Sign up here:  https://www.add20np.com

Interview with Dr Charles Martin, Dentist, coach

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this weekly update! Everyone is in holiday mode right now, but don't let that stop you from learning and growing your practice!

In this week's interview episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Charles Martin. Dr Martin is a dentist who practiced well over 30 years. In addition to having a very successful dental practice, he is a top-level coach to dentists and other health care professionals. He has been learning marketing, practice management, and business growth for over 30 years. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a Dan Kennedy Seminar. I have been around all the top people in marketing and healthcare, and I can tell you, Charles is a genius. He had me taking notes at 10pm--well past my bedtime--while dispensing his wisdom at the hotel bar. Check it out here.

In the prior solocast, I talked about the Holidays. Now, holidays can be a little bit of a slump. But, if you take your foot totally off the gas and let your practice cruise, you will find it much harder to grow in the spring. It's important not to take it too slow, but also to enjoy the season! Here are my thoughts on that here.

I have a special webinar coming up in the new year. I haven't made it pubic yet, but I want you to be first on the list. We will quickly fill out the spots for the limited bandwidth we have for this, and it will be rolling out nationally in a few weeks. It's a free webinar entitled, "How to quickly and easily add 20 NP a month to your practice, without spinal screenings or Facebook lead ads."  This is nuts-and-bolts material on how to get more NP with an average of 100 per month.  I will unveil many new secrets, so be the first to sign up and tell your friends.

Holiday Time

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Hey Doc!

Welcome to the weekly update!

On my last episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Carlos Redlich. Carlos is one of the top copy writing experts in the world. He works with high-level clients and runs high-level mastermind programs all over the world. He was introduced to me by fellow friend, Chris Widener.  Chris hosts one of the top podcast in the country and was Jim Rohn's mentee.

This week, I did a solocast. In this episode, I talked about "Holiday Times". The Holidays are coming and it is certainly a fun and festive time. However, if we don't plan well in marketing our practice, we may be paying for that for many months in advance. Keep your practice growing through the holidays, check it out here.

Looking to grow your practice in 2019? Check out my Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course. This 5-part course will help you put gasoline on your growth. Check out the five-module system toolkit with audio CDs and workbook here.

Interview with Copywriting Expert, Carlos Redlich

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this week's update! We didn't post an episode last week because everyone was too busy shopping and eating turkey to listen!

This week's release is an interview with Carlos Redlich. Carlos is a top copywriter, writing sales letters for some of the top people in the business. He is a direct response copywriter in the tradition of Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton and most of the greats. He also runs a Mansion Mastermind with some of the top people in the business. Hear what he has to say about advertising, growing your business, and more.

In the last episode, I did my solocast on "Strategy vs Tactics". Too often we want to know how to do the marketing tactic. But we don't understand why and the reason behind it. For example, many 'gurus' are pushing chiropractors on lead ads on Facebook. Ok, so we get a bunch of leads who never show up, you have to call 10 times, and then, they don't want to pay for the services. What is the benefit of this? Let's first figure out our strategy. Do we just want leads who come in once? Or, is our strategy to build long term patients who pay, stay, and refer? Let's find out!

If you are enjoying the podcast and want a more in-depth training to grow your practice, I have printed our Chiropractic Mastery Course. This physical course has 5 modules on audio CD and a workbook to go with it. The modules include setting up a marketing calendar, patient retention, practice systems, new patients 101, and Day 1 and Day 2 training with the actual scripts I used. Check out the course here.

Order from this email and I will throw in my video training on how to properly run a Patient Appreciation Day, this is a $37 value, yours for free if you order this week. We sold a bunch of these for Black Friday, so I only have a dozen or so left to ship, and then we have to make another run, so hurry up!

Strategy vs Tactics

Friday, November 16, 2018

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this week's update!

This week's podcast episode is about strategy vs tactics. I just returned from a 4-day seminar with Dan Kennedy. It's an incredible material and i will be sure to pass along some more lessons to you. This is really a high level marketing stuff! The lesson I turned into a podcast was strategy vs tactics. Well, you see at these seminars, or even when i am speaking or coaching, everyone wants to know about the latest and greatest tactics like how do I run a Facebook ad, carousel, lead form, boost or run as ad. So specific tactics. While I do teach these things, we shouldn't be focused on this first. Instead, we should focus on the strategy. Well, why are we running Facebook ads? To get new clients, or get a bunch of leads that never show up and your staff have to keep calling and they never show? Whats our ideal patient, whats our long term goal? Check out more here...

In case you missed the last episode, I had the pleasure to interview Bond Halbert. If you are not aware, Bond's father is Gary Halbert. He is widely regarded as the greatest copywriter who ever lived. He trained today's great copywriters including Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, and etc. Bond talked about growing up with one of the most famous marketers in the world. He also talked about his current marketing empire, and keeping his Dad's legacy alive. So listen in here...

Finally, I have some exciting news! Our Practice Mastery Course is now finished into a physical product. Not everyone loves downloads! So, we had it printed up on a good old-fashioned CDSS, printed in a binder and the notes professionally printed! They are getting delivered Friday. So two things:

  1. If you already bought the course, many of you did, and you want the physical copy, i am going to upgrade you for FREE. Just email me the receipt and your address cause i may not have it!
  2. If you do not have it yet, I am going to give you a pre-arrival special. If you purchase it here.

We may not even have shipping address on there yet, so email me if not, and if you order before 11/20/18, I am going to throw in my video training on how to run a Patient Appreciation Day. This is an old chiropractic favorite, but I will show you how to plan and put a modern twist on it. This is to show you how we get 25 NP every time we run it. Again, this is the pre-launch special and it will not be available after 11/20.

Marketing Secrets with Bond Halbert, son of the late, great, Gary Halbert

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Hey Doc!

In this special episode, I have the son of the greatest copywriter ever as my guest. In almost all marketing circles, Gary Halbert is considered the greatest copywriter ever. In addition to selling millions of dollars in materials, his newsletter, the Gary Halbert Newsletter, was monumental in the marketing field and is still very popular. He also authored several books, including the Boron Letters with his son Bond Halbert. The world was saddened when we lost Gary but his son Bond continued his father's legacy, becoming a great marketer in his own right.  Here's an amazing interview about growing up with one of the greatest marketers ever, and sharing his own amazing materials. He is a legend and it was truly an honor!

So, a lot of docs ask me how to add some revenue to their clinic. There are a million of ways to do that, and I can show you many of them. Every clinic has its own unique challenges, and I have seen them all! So, for this week only, I'm offering a special call. I am giving away 5 free phone consultations where I will show you how to add $100k or more to your chiropractic or healthcare clinic's bottom line. I only have time for five, so click the link below and fill out the form as soon as you read this. If you are one of the first 5, it's absolutely FREE and available for this limited time only. No sales pitch, no fluff.  Quite simply, I'll show you how to add $100k to your bottom line!


The Safety Net

Friday, November 02, 2018
Dr. James Fedich - The Safety Net
Dr. James Fedich - The Safety Net

Thank You NFL!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Hey Doc!

Check out my weekly update.

In my solocast episode this week, I thank the NFL. Can you believe that? Well, I used to be a huge NFL fan. I was a season ticket holder, wore all the clothes, went to all the games...the whole 9 yards. Well, it became less prominent when the kids arrived, but the protests got me to finally stop watching. What did I realize? The NFL was a giant time vampire, sucking away my time every week! What is a time vampire in your life?

In my interview episode, I interviewed Dr. Chad Woolner. Dr Woolner is Dr. Chirofunnels. He is a Clickfunnels expert, and not just because he says so.  He is actually a very close friend and neighbor to Russel Brunson, the founder of Clickfunnels. Here are his amazing marketing secrets.

I also want to tell you about a new product we just released:  the Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course!  This 5-part course reveals the secrets of exceeding all your practice goals and it is jam-packed with value.  Here are the key components:

✓ Setting up your marketing calendar
✓ Keeping patients longer
✓ Getting patients to stay, pay, and refer
✓ New Patients 101! Dozens of ways on how we generate 100 NP a month
✓ Day 1 training
✓ Day 2 training
✓ Practice systems: how to get your office to run like a Swiss watch whether you are there or not
✓ Over 4 hours of audio recordings
✓ Module notes included
✓ Real examples from a real successful clinic used today
✓ The best most current ways to grow your practice in 2018-2019

This product has just been assembled and will be available for a limited time only! So, check it out here before it goes back in to the vault forever!

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