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Office Hours

What are you office Hours? Especially in chiropractic we tend to have very strange office hours. Closed on Thursday, 3 hour lunches, crazy stuff. Dentist tend to do some weird hours as well. Here are my thoughts on office hours.

  1. When you are open should be based on what your patients want, not you.
  2. In a new practice, solo doctor, be open less than you think you should be, so you can be out marketing and networking.
  3. IN a more mature practice, over half million, you should be open more and more hours. The more your open, the more convenient you are, the busier you will be.
  4. Be open when others are not. Every other dentist is closed Wednesday, so will i. That is backwards. They are all closed, you be open!!
  5. Once your busier, schedule your personal hours around your life and schedule, but not the clinic hours. For example. We are open for patients M-F 9-7. Perfect, Do i want to work like that? NO! I see patients, m, w, th 9-1, 3-6, t, f, 9-1, Not bad, but i put 11 years in! and have doctors and therapist making me money when i am not there.

Think again about your hours. The other big thing i would say, is don’t worry about changing hours. I remember worrying and stressing. DON'T! Just let the patients know, they will come in. Every time i adjusted clinic hours, we got busier and i got better hours! its a process. But it is kinda backwards of what you may think. IN the begging be open less, as your practice matures and you get help, open more! And think of the hours your patients want, not you or your staff. Don't be afraid to experiment. Many docs have had the same the hours for twenty years. Why? You haven't had the same car that long, or clothes? So, take a look at hours, i bet you can adjust them! Email me for help, drfedich@milliondollarclinic.com, NO charge!