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New Year, New Patients

Hey Doc!

Welcome to the weekly update!

In our new podcast episode, we talked about "New Year, New Patients". I find that most practices I have worked with aren't getting enough new patients, and those that have, aren't getting them consistently. The reason that we have grown at least 15% every single year is that we constantly promote the practice to grow it. Here, I talked about how to grow your NP in 2019 and plan your year. In that vein, we are doing a FREE webinar on how to add 20 NP a month to your practice, check it out herehttps://www.add20np.com. It will fill up fast, so please register ASAP.  It's going out to the whole profession and we only have 500 spots on the system.

In episode 91, I interviewed Charles Martin, DDS. Dr Martin was a widely successful dentist running a multi-million dollar practice. He is also a top coach to the dental and other health care professions. I had the chance to meet him at a Dan Kennedy event. I can tell you that I was at the lobby bar with a notepad scribbling notes from him at 10pm, way past my bedtime. One of the smartest guys I have ever met in healthcare. Check it out here.

Hope you have a great holiday! Don't forget to plan for 2019 and get ready for your best year ever. Start off by signing up for my free webinar, "How to Quickly and Easily add 20 NP A Month to your practice without spinal screenings or Facebook lead ads."  Sign up here:  https://www.add20np.com