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Hey doc! I am sitting in Austin Texas right now as I write this email. I got invited to attend Dr Jay Morgan's seminar with Jay and Dr Lee Newman. Lee and Jay are both great mentors of mine. We got a chance to golf Austin Country Club, have some fun, and do some learning.

It got me thinking about mentors. I have been blessed in my 15+ year career to have a number of great mentors. I was helped so much by others. In fact, this is why I now do coaching. I have been truly blessed by a great number of mentors in my career. It's so important to have advice from someone who has been where you want to go.

This is why I help.

In the spirit of helping and mentoring, I have opened up an email coaching program. It's the least expensive way to work with me. I'm gonna close this down soon so the time to take advantage of this now. You cannot find this link on our website or anywhere else. It's an exclusive offer just for my subscribers.

Sign up by 3/10 and I will send you my Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course. It's a 5 audio CD program with notebook, physically mailed to your door. It's a $300 value. I'm taking that away soon so check out this fantastic offer now.


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