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Internet Marketing

Believe it or not, the year is 2015! would you believe that chiropractors, physical therapist and medical doctors stll don’t have a good website! Its crAZY! The year is 2015, you must have a great website! Doctors tell me that patients are referred in, they don’t need one! Guess what is the first thing any referred patient does? they google you!. You must have a good website! I highly recommend a simply wordpress site for most doctors and therapist. They are simple, clean, affordable, and cheap to build out. You can get one done for a few hundred dollars! Key one, it must be adaptive. What does that mean? It must be mobile friendly, you must be able to see it on your iphone, ipad, and desktop. The same site that changes to fit screen size. More and more search is being done on mobile. you must be mobile friendly. In addition, a new update by google, will punish your site, meaning it wont rank as high, if it is not mobile friendly. You must have a mobile friendly website like 5 years ago! get it done!. If you need help, email me, drfedich@gmail.com

Next, you must promote your site. In this day and age, it has become very hard to promote your own site. A blog is a great thing to have on there, like you are seeing now. That is probably the only step you want to do on your own. SEO, search engine optimization, i.e. google actually finding your site, is a very complex and ever changing game. I cant recommend you spend the time and energy required to keep up. I would still recommend PPC, pay per click ads, to most offices. It is worth spending a buck or so per click to make sure when someone searches physical therapist, your town, state, that you are up near the top. It is a still very good medium, and if you want to dominate your market, i believe you should have a PPC expert working for you.

Other good methods to get web traffic are youtube videos. I have a simple program you can use to help get your staff to get youtube testimonials videos for your page. Easy, affordable.

More advanced methords include facebook advertising for therapist and chiropractors, twittter, backlinks, and more. Most doctors and therapist would do well with a mobile friendly website, a facebook page, some SEO work, and some pay per click work