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If your not first your last

If your not first your last! I think Ricky Bobby said it best! While it was a silly movie its a great point. A million people have said it a million other ways, but i think that puts it pretty simply! Many doctors and therapist aim for certain goals, like a million dollars a year or 300 visits a week, or whatever goal. And those are great! And they keep you going, and you bring them up incrementally, good work! However, your number one goal should be to be number one in your marketplace. You want to be first in the market, the first office people think of for physical therapy, chiropractic, pain management, podiatry, whatever your doing! Not only do you want to be number one, you then want to dominate the market. So, if you are seeing 200 patients a week, and go down the street is seeing 175, well, your number one, that is good,but your not dominating. That should be your next goal, you see 400 a week and they see 120, now your dominating. Not that practice building is a zero sum game, everyone can win, but when you win your marketplace, life gets easier!

If you are dominating, you are not competing, your the only office people think of for what you do. YOU OWN IT! Own your marketplace.

Why do you need to own your marketplace?

Several reasons

  1. Its a goal to set above a volume, and to keep you going. Like i said early, if your doing 200 visits a week, and everyone else is below 150, well, your in first, you win, game over. But if your goal is to dominate, then you push push push forward. You will have a bigger goal
  2. It changes the way you do things! We are doing some neighborhood mailings, i don’t neeed to do them, its busy enough, we have marketing that is working, i want to own our marketplace, the whole town is going to get mail from me! I’m the only game in town!
  3. Things get easier, once you dominate your market, you don’t have competition, you dominate everyone and your everywhere! The new patients come and come and come! Its fun!!!