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How To get New Patients in 2015

How To get New Patients in 2015Tired of being broke and frustrated? Wondering where your next new patient will come from? Well, the year is 2015 and things have changed in a big way. Physical therapy practices can no long count on the neighborhood primary doctors sending all their therapy cases. Hospitals are buying up medical office and demanding their clients go to their PT clinics.

Chiropractors used to do the spinal screenings. Those are terribly time consuming and frustrating. Also, most of the time they don't work! Plus who wants to be outside doing spinal screenings every weekend on the street corner like a beggar.

Podiatrist, and other professionals are facing the same challenges. Hospitals are taking all the referrals, and the methods that used to work, don't work any more.

Well, all the professionals have to learn, times are different. you must get with the times now, or loose out.

Some of the best new patient generators are

  1. Referrals. You must always be working on referrals. There are a million ways to get referrals. But, most of all you must impress the patient. Getting better does not cause someone to refer, being blown away by the service the facility, the staff, space, etc will. You must impress the patients, new patient welcome gifts, letters, impressive space, free beverages and more!
  2. Internet. Listen the internet is here to stay. If you don't have a good, mobile friendly website, your missing out big time. Its not an option, ok! GET IT DONE! You also must be doing regular legit SEO work, blogging, and doing pay per click. Social media is helpful but not as important.
  3. Reviews: You must get online reviews. There is no two ways about it. I can show you how
  4. Video: Must do it, get patient testimonial videos for youtube and your website. You must, no option, i can show you.
  5. Primary Care Referrals. Or Other doc referrals. This varies greatly by specialty. Some Specialties this is a waste of time, others its a must. But, with the age of hospitals buying up PCP offices, this is tough. There are strategies to do this, but i assure you, it takes some work!
  6. Internal Events. Once your practice is at a sustainable good level of production, many offices are better off spending their time and money on making their patients happy, pay, stay and refer. Don't spend all your time here in the beginning, but once your practice is sustainable, you need to fill your calendar with events to generate referrals.

I could write for days on this, and the ways to get NP are many. As someone once said, i dont know one way to get 100 patients, but i know 100 ways to get one. Maybe not only one per source, but there are many methods, these are the best ones working today! If you need help building your practice, email Dr James R Fedich for more information. Dr Fedich built his practice from scratch in a rural farm town in NJ into a million dollar clinic by the age of 35, learning every hard lesson along the way, for info about consultation, email, drfedich@drjamesfedich.com