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Hey Doc! How are you? February is almost over (thank goodness) and we shall hopefully enter Springtime soon! I always teach that practice growth has seasons. For most of the country, winter is not a time of growth, it's a time for survival. For your practice, it's about holding it steady as much as possible. We can try for growth, but holding steady is great as well.

Springtime is usually the best time for growth for chiropractic and physical medicine practices. There are many reasons why: no vacations, no bad weather for most of us, people start getting active, and other factors. Well, spring is coming up soon, and it's time to plan now.

Plan a Patient Appreciation Day, and do some more big events. This is the time to put gas on the fire and now. We need to plan for Spring because before you know it, summer takes over, and during the 8 weeks of summer break, it's also very hard to grow. So, let's plan for Spring and put our foot on the gas pedal.

As you know, I cut private coaching in the new year. I am just finishing our Ultimate New Patient Program which was a huge success, and I am starting a mastermind with a friend any day so, I had to limit my time.

One coaching client still wanted access, so I had an idea. I used to offer email coaching and full access to my member's site. I haven't offered this in over 6 months, but I like the guy, so I had my team re-open the link. I'm willing to take few of you this way. You have unlimited email access to me, any questions, comments, and any documents you need, you can email me. You also get access to our member's area where there are dozens of training videos and marketing pieces with tens of thousands of dollars in value.

I'm just gonna let a few docs in, because I am about to start this accelerate mastermind program. I haven't offered this in a while, and I doubt I will again. In fact, you cannot find this on our site, the link had been removed months ago. We will be taking this link down soon....


Dr J