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Free Stuff

I just got back from a nice family vacation in Turks and Caicos. I'll save that story for another time. But, I did get to finish one book in between putting on my kid's sunscreen, changing diapers, and being woken up four times a night!

I read Stuart Wilde's, The Trick to Money is Having Some. I am not sure where I heard about it, but if I ever read or hear about a book, I just automatically buy it. I have a huge library. Anyway, I found lots of lessons in the book, but one major item that struck me, which I think is applicable for Chiropractic doctors, is about giving away stuff for free.

He makes a metaphysical argument against giving stuff away. It's a bad vibe, bad energy type of deal. It's a practical argument, and I agreed. I immediately thought about my fellow chiropractors. We are the worst at this! "Hey Suzy, don't worry about your co-pay today," or, "Hey, that cervical pillow is on me." I occasional do that in my clinic and guess what?  It's gonna stop!

So, I recommend you to do the same, unless you are AOC or Bernie Sanders. You can't be continually giving stuff away, plus they give away other people's stuff, which is not their own! So, stop giving patients free stuff! Charge them! It helps them too!

I studied years ago with doctors who measured patients' satisfaction. What did they find? The higher the satisfaction, the patient paid them more! Yes, the more they pay, the happier!

So, starting today! No more free stuff!

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