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Fourth of July

What do you do in your clinic for the fourth of July? Nothing?

You should be doing something! So, it depends on what day of the week the fourth is on. This year it is on a Saturday, which is pretty nice.

What are we doing?

We are normally open 9-7 on Fridays. However, since its the third. We will do a half day. We will be open 9-1. The stuff love being to get out a little early.

Then, on the third, we will do a BBQ for anyone coming in for a treatment that day! Since we are doing a morning shift, we will have bagels and breakfast 9-11, then BBQ 11-1. WE have done this several different ways. We have had it catered, we had the staff make the food, and bought pre-made food. Play around see whats fun! For the first time, get pizza! Its easy, fun, and inexpensive.

To promote it, we send a postcard to our active patient database. Usually about 1 year back. Include an offer or other announcement since your sending card anyway. It is always good to show up in your patients mail box. The more times the better. They should be hearing from you 14 times a year or more, but we will save that for another day!

I use vista print for an easy postcard like this, you upload the list, they have per-done designs you plug in and go from there. You cant beat the speed and price. Little tip, sign up for the pro advantage, its for graphics people etc who use it a lot. But if your doing things right, you will be too! We do our postcard mailings with them, as well as posters in office, etc. Its a good program, Vista print pro-advantage.

Anyways, so that is it! fun thing to do for the fourth of July in your clinic!