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Facebook Advertising

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hello there! Well, people often ask me about facebook advertising. Facebook is the shiny new object the last several years, and it definitely plays a role in marketing your million dollar practice. The true answer with facebook is somewhere in between the two extremes on this. No, Facebook alone will not build you a million dollar a year business, no way. You cant buy ads for .0001 cent each and get 10 patients per view and make millions. That is snake oil stuff. But, on the opposite side, is it totally useless, no way. SO, like life, the answer is in the middle.

  1. You must have a facebook fan page, a business, professional, nice looking page. Remember when people started getting websites and they told us, you must have one because someone will look you up after they are referred? Well, that is happening now with facebook. If a patient hears about your office, especially younger millennial types, you need to be there. They will look you up on there, to see how many likes you have, how many reviews, and make sure you are credible, So get a nice page. Companies will do it for you, you can also do it for yourself, and get a young hip staff member to do it.
  2.  Likes, check-in. You must get people to like your page and check in on it. Like is when you click the like button and people then follow your page. Many new users will want to see you have many likes to verify you are really there and good. Don't have 5 likes. Our practice is closing in on 2000 likes. How do you get likes? put a sign up in the office, like us on facebook, and send an email to your database with a link to your page. Also, make sure you location is correct on the fan page map, so they can check in and find you easier.
  3.  Advertising. Facebook advertising is very complicated and there are many methods.
  1. Getting likes, you can promote your page to get more likes, you will pay per like, you can choose your area, age, etc and get likes. It is a more lengthy discussion than i can do here.
  2. Website promotion. You can have ads on facebook that will send users to click to go to your website. These can be effective, they can also be expensive. This works much like google pay per click. Clicks can ad up, and industry experts state many users click on and off your site quickly, which is bad for SEO, and your wallet.
  3. Video Advertising. This is very new as of now. But you can pay to have a video show up in your newsfeed just like an ad, as of now May 2015, it is very inexpensive, i would imagine rates go up quickly.
  4. Promoted post. So, you need to be posting on your page regularly. A few times a week, Unfortunately, not everyone sees your posts anymore. If you have a 1000 fans, you might be lucky if 100 even see your post. Not far? NOPE! but neither is life, if you want all 1000 to see it, you gotta pay, usually 5-10 bucks can get you to reach everyone. I would recommend your important stuff get promoted to make it seen.

There are some basics of facebook advertising for doctors, chiropractors, physical therapist and generally small business. For more help, email me info@milliondollarclinic.com

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