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Facebook Advertising

You Can advertise on Facebook TOO!!!

There is a lot of hype on social media marketing. Some of it is BS, well, a lot of it is BS, but there are some good avenues out there. Books have been written on this topic, so we cannot cover it all in a short post here. But i can give you some basics.

Facebook is the dominant social media player. IT is also the perfect fit for demographics of most doctors offices. yes, its not as hip as twitter or snapchat with 15 year old, but guess what, they don't have health problems, money or insurance. Plus the audience is smaller. For 90 percent of clinics, you only need facebook. If your in a big city, yes maybe twitter, etc. But you need a facebook page!


  1. 1. Get a page. Make a business FAN PAGE! its very easy to do, get one of your staff to do it. Put some nice pics up, your hours, some basic info, your good to go, takes ten minutes. Make sure your location marker is in the right place. People like to check in there on facebook. Meaning they tell their friends they are at your business.
  2. Get Fans. Let your patients know your on there. Most of you have email lists, or you better, email them the link. Always include the link on your emails. Get your friends invited, your staff to invite friends, put a sign up in the office. It will grow.
  3. You can pay for likes. It is called promoting your page. In the begging, it might be worth it, to get the fans up. See if someone is checking out your practice and they see only 10 people like your page, they might not come in. Continuing to pay for likes i don’t love, you will end up spending a buck a like, it can add up, and many will never come in.
  4. Promote posts. Here is the new trick with facebook, if you post something to say 1000 fans, maybe only 80 will see it, they don’t show to everyone, bummer! so once in a while, something important, you must pay to promote it, probably 5 or 10 bucks will get it to your followers. You must do this to keep fans engaged
  5. Promote your website. This is more complicated and i wont get into here. IT works like google adwords, where you can push traffic to your website.
  6. Promote videos. You can do videos like an ad. At this point, its insanely cheap. Like pennies to promote a video. As of July 2015, its a great strategy. You need to have a commercial, testimonial, etc to promote, but its very cheap right now.

Well, i could write a book on this, and by the time i am done it will be outdated! Here is how to get started! Email me and let me know how your doing with it! DrFedich@milliondollarclinic.com