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Every Door Direct Mail

This is a great program by the USPS! Aren't you surprised i said that! I am not a fan of the postal service in general, but direct mail is still a way to go, and this is a great program for many doc. Its a great way to canvas your area. Here are the basics of the program.

  1. You select carrier routes. Your not mailing to individual address and names, your mailing a route. These are designated by USPS. There will be several to many routes within a zip code. This way you can select within a zip. This is helpful. Sometimes a zip is too large an area for you practice, or too many names. A zip code can have 30,000 names and you don’t want to spend that kind of money. Also, some areas have a wide zip map, or tall, thus only part of the zip comes near your office.
  2. You select the pre-approved sizes. They are mostly postcard sizes. I personally like the 6 by 9 size. It sticks out because it is bigger then a regular postcard. Some people have had luck getting even bigger sizes. I would start with a 6 by 9.
  3. Get your graphics and due up you postcard! I have had huge success with these, in fact, here is mine, the million dollar ad, i have run this as an EDDM a dozen times! http://www.milliondollarclinic.com/products/
  4. Get a good offer. I have done well with coupons on the bottom, see my example. A Free or low cost consult works well, and then selling another service you have as well. Massage has worked well for me, who doesn’t want a massage!!!
  5. Select routes. You will need to select routes. I would recommend working with a printing company. You will want to draw a radius around your office. Basically, know how many you want to send. I would start with 5000 and go to 10000. Then draw a radius around your office that hits that number. But play with the map, because you may want some areas over others. Any good printer will do this.
  6. Sort and mail. You can sort these into carrier routes if you want. I don’t recommend it. So, the reason its cheaper postage is you tell the office, these go to these 1221 houses, doesn't matter which ones to which house and here are the the 1221 for this route 3000 for this route etc. Your doing their job basically. Some people do this to save money. If your very slow, maybe go for it!
  7. Track your results! Better keep all the cards and track how it goes. I have done this every month and every quarter. People will come in when you first do it, and near the expiration date, better have one. But, some will come in months later! Its a good promotion!