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E-Mail Marketing

Despite the reports stating otherwise, email marketing is not dead. I have been reading about for years that email is dead, all the best marketing people aren’t using email, social media is king, etc, etc. Guess what these people are back to saying now? Get your email list!! Well, what happened?

Well, people were getting too much email with the advances in constant contact mail chimp, infusion soft, etc. It became cheap and easy to email people. Business emailed way way too much, users stopped opening them. So, business owners said email was dead.

So, they switch to social media, facebook, twitter, others. Until one day Facebook for example, made it so only a small percentage of your followers would see a post, less than would actually see your email. Uh oh! Now, you have no control over your list and if you want 20 percent of your followers to see something you have to pay extra. And what if facebook shuts its doors tom, or says, no more business pages? UH OH!!!

so, the people that told me years ago to stop building an email list, or now saying to build your email list, thank god i didn’t listen the first time!

Why have a good email list?

  1. your in control, your list, your names, choose when to email them
  2. Open rates are better than you think!
  3. Its easy to forward an email to a friend!

So, you can easily get 20 percent to open your emails. Our average is above that for years! you must learn to write a good headline, have an interesting message.

Now, you think 20 percent isn’t that good? Well, your facebook posts aren’t getting 20 percent of your own followers. Do you think 20 percent of the people reading the paper see your ad? I doubt it, its actually pretty good!

Plus, people can go back and re-read it, send to a friend, search for it later, print it out. There are a lot of options!

So, email isn’t dead. Make sure you are capturing the emails of all your new clients. I use constant contact, it is easy to use, cheap, and effective. Mail chimp is also popular, and there are more sophisticated ones as well.

SO, get some email address and make sure to email your clients a few times a month!