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Dr. Fedich's Newest Featured Interview: Renegade Business Success Magazine

Dr. James R. Fedich, DC - Renegade Magazine Interview

Well, he’s done it again. Dr. Fedich finds himself as they key featured guest contributor to yet another leading business development publication: The Summer 2017 edition of “Renegade Business Success”. Those following Dr. Fedich know very well his unique marriage of superior chiropractic clinical skills along with resoundingly successful entrepreneurial skills. This latest publication within Renegade Business Success focuses on the latter.

Dr. Fedich, within the article, reflects upon his early years as a skilled clinician but laboring to master the art of business management and development. He discusses freely his “hard-knock” lessons that kept the highly skilled but entrepreneurial-naïve young Dr. Fedich from achieving his overall business objectives. Over the years he’s mastered the entrepreneurial side of the chiropractic service industry and has come to enjoy genuine professional reward in helping other clinicians attain their lofty net-revenue dreams.

This particular article focuses on business development strategies that include external (off-site) events, digital marketing, and traditional marketing initiatives. Click here to enjoy the full article. You can also read a host of other articles and secure numerous insider tips by visiting his website, Dr. James R. Fedich.com.