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Direct Mail

Believe it or not, DIRECT MAIL IS NOT DEAD! I still recommend it as a Killer Strategy for Private Practice Owners. In fact, the less other people are mailing, the better your mailings will do. So, be happy other think direct mail is dead. It means less junk in the box and more for you!

Here is the best thing about direct mail, the contact needs to touch it. Yes, they may grab it and throw it out, but they will at least touch it and see it briefly. Half of all emails end up in the spam folder never to be seen by anyone! Plenty of people aren't even on facebook. They never see your message, but if your mailing, they will at least see it and touch it.

Here is what else, direct mail is pretty cheap. Really, you can run a tv ad for 100 bucks for 30 seconds, or get a postcard to sit on someone desk for months for 40 cents. Some new programs, especially EDDM, every door direct mail, make it more affordable than ever to get in front of patients cheaply. You must know what your doing of course, and have a good offer, but you can do very well with direct mail.

Another nice bonus to direct mail, is it has a cumulative affect. Many marketing campaigns are swing and miss, one shot. Direct mail, if one piece didn't work, they did handle it, maybe saw your name, next time they get something from you, maybe they remember and now they call. The more you mail, the better your results.

You should be mailing you existing clients. They should get at least 14 pieces of mail from you a year. I would recommend more.
  1. Monthly newsletter (12)
  2. Bday Card (1)
  3. Postcards for Events (4)
  4.  Holidays (2)
SO right there is 17 contacts, probably a good number for most offices.

Next, new clients

There are a million ways to go about this. You prob don't want to mail the same people monthly you will annoy them. Best is to pick a radius of say 15,000 around you, and hit each house 5000 a month, every three months. You can also do all homes at once, but what happens is you get an overload of patients one month, loose some, next month it is slow. better to have steady consistent flow. EDDM is a good program for this, regular postcard, even letters work. You must have a good offer, headline, testimonials, and more!

Good direct mail is a key to a successful practice

For help setting up a mailing campaign, email us! info@milliondollarclinic.com