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Best Pizza in Town

Wanna do a fun simple promotion in any clinic? We are actually doing this one in our clinic right now!

Best Pizza in Town

What you need!

Signs in office

Award Plaque

Pick on day a week. We are doing weds afternoon. Its a medium shift, not super duper busy, not slower, right in the middle. During your weekly staff meeting. (You better be having one) pick your favorite 8 pizza places in town

Every Tuesday have a staff get a few pizzas from 2 plates, so just have pizza a go against pizza b, each week. Have plates and little coupon tokens, like the ones you get at deli counter. Make sure to get the pizza place to cut into 16 slices.

Have the patients try one slice of each, and put ticket to side they like.

At the end of 4 weeks, the one with the most tickets wins best pizza in town!!

Make them a nice plaque, saying they won best pizza in town from your office patients

They will hang it up by counter, trust me

Get a picture of them with the plaque, send to paper,


This will cost very little, prob a hundred bucks.

Yo get in the paper

You get your name near the counter at the best pizza place in town

Next year, they will be begging to give you free pizza for it!

Pretty good huh?

See when your practice gets bigger, spend money on patients and internal events, this promo will get people talking about you and prob get you referral.