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Are you lying?

Hey Doc!

So, are you lying? When I talk to my coaching clients over the phone and at seminars, I often hear stories as to what is wrong with their practice and why it isn't successful. Is it the economy? Is it the president or is it the insurance company, etc.? But the first thing I ask from new coaching clients is their most recent 90 days worth of practice statistics. You see, the doctors tell me what they think is wrong with the practice but ultimately, the numbers never lie. The practice statistics will tell me what is actually wrong in their practice. In my solocast, I discussed the fact that numbers never lie!

In my interview episode, I have Dr. Rick Boatwright as my guest. Dr. Rick has been in practice for 30 years. In addition to running a practice for all these years, he is also a certified copywriter. This means he has taken courses and is trained in writing ads, brochures, and other materials. Ultimately, everyone is marketing and selling themselves. Dr. Rick not only does that for his own office, but other offices as well! Listen in as he talks about his amazing career in chiropractic and copywriting! Here is his site.

I hope you are ramping up your practice. This is growth time for your clinic. Summer is when we held down the fort...maybe for some, time off. But now, we are in full swing for practice building season. This time until the holidays is a great time for growth. Time to put the pedal to the medal.

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