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Are you open today? I bet your not. Our clinic is open 9-1. We are booked solid, literally every slot is full for two providers. I bet we are seeing more patients before one today, then most clinics see in a day. So if your serious about building your practice why aren't you open? I'm the director, im here, clinic and non clinical staff are here as well.

If your not open today, your probably not serious about building your practice. Its great to take time and take family time, I will be doing that the rest of the weekend,and i take time off. We probably have less than 1/3 staff in today, the rest are enjoying, then next holiday we rotate. We will have a good day today, and it sets up next week, as we are in today to make appointments for Monday.

So, if you seriously interested in exploding your practice, why aren't you open today?