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Cash vs. leasing and end-of-year medical equipment purchases

- Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Chiropractic Economics’ Point-Counterpoint is where doctors of chiropractic and health care industry professionals debate the industry’s hottest topics


Leasing allows for replacement, updating

In the medical equipment market, the typical lease term is between 3-5 years. At the end of the initial term, you have the option to purchase, renew, extend, or return the equipment. As a technologically-driven field, leasing medical equipment often proves to be one of the most financially efficient ways to ensure your practice has up-to-date equipment without tying up significant capital.

The capital you conserve can then be allocated to other areas of your practice. Many practice owners utilize a lease to efficiently manage their cash flow.

Compared to traditional financing or a one-time purchase, a lease maximizes the cash flow produced by the asset during the initial term of the lease. Equipment leasing allows for items which may be nearing the end of their operational life to be readily replaced as the normal course of business. A potential downside to leasing medical equipment is that, over a prolonged period, the continued lease payments may exceed the cost of a direct purchase. To mitigate this, make sure to exercise the end-of-term option that best fits your practice’s requirements.

Equipment financing refers to the practice of taking out a loan to pay for equipment over time. By choosing to finance medical equipment purchases, you will eventually own the asset outright. This works well for practice owners with strong credit and for mature technologies, or for assets with a long life expectancy.

Another aspect of financing is the additional interest cost. Debt source and your credit will determine the interest rate, which should be factored into the total cost of ownership.

MARK SANNA, DC, ACRB Level II, FICC, is a member of the Chiropractic Summit and a board member of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. He is the president and CEO of Breakthrough Coaching and can be reached at mybreakthrough.com or 800-723-8423.


Buy with cash, have a savings fund

End-of-year equipment purchase? This is a tough one! I am never a fan of making moves only for tax implications. If you were not going to buy the piece of equipment anytime soon, I don’t recommend buying it just because the year is ending.

However, if you are thinking about buying the new laser, or shock-wave machine, chiropractic table, etc., and are thinking of doing it soon, now is maybe the right time. I am certainly no accountant and I do not play one on TV. But based on the type of corporation you file as, excess profit at the end of the year may be taxed. We should be planning ahead during the year to avoid this, but if it happens, it may be a good time to make some medical equipment purchases. Make sure to consult with your accountant before making moves.

Buying vs. leasing is a tough question and depends on your situation. I am only 40, but kinda old school with this. I have never leased a piece of chiropractic equipment for my office — I like paying for things with cash; I don’t like having a lot of debt or payments and enjoy being debt-free.

That said, Mark Sanna brings up some very good points about cash flow and equipment being outdated. Truly, it depends on your position in practice, years in practice, cash flow and purchase price. But I would rather see a doctor save up money beforehand and pay cash for equipment purchases. Having low debt payments and being in a good position is critical. This is especially important in this day and age with high student loan payments.

If I can, I like to buy with cash and have a separate savings fund for cash medical equipment purchases. I am not a big fan of making moves just to avoid or change tax situations. Although depending on several circumstances, it may be the best time to purchase equipment at the end of the year.

JAMES R. FEDICH, DC, owns a large multidisciplinary practice in Northern New Jersey. He is also the author of “Secrets of A Million Dollar Practice” and host of the popular chiropractic podcast, Dr. J’s Path to Success. To find out more or to contact Dr. J, visit drjamesfedich.com.

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Diversification marketing and base hits over home runs

- Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Dr James Fedich

When it comes to diversification marketing, doing all the ‘little things’ adds up to success

When chiropractors are talking in the hallways at a seminar, or over a beer or glass of wine, they often talk about the big home-run idea, the big marketing idea that will change everything.

Maybe it’s Facebook leads, some trick in marketing, SEO, Google Ads — whatever it is, they are always looking for the next home run. It would be nice if we could have the big home-run marketing thing, but in reality, it just isn’t there.

As Dan Kennedy recently said, “Run from anybody telling you that just one thing, one easy button, one magic formula will work magic in your business or your life. Run!”

Avoid swinging for the fences

It’s wishful thinking to think one big marketing event or medium such as Facebook will get you 80 new patients a month. The truth is, successful practices don’t have one home-run marketing idea or plan; they have lots of base hits through diversification marketing.

The saying has been around for a long time, and it’s true: “There isn’t one way to get you 100 new patients a month, but there are 100 ways to get you one new patient a month.” This is hard work — setting up a marketing calendar, implementing diversification marketing every month, running promotions on Facebook, Google, direct mail, newsletters, etc. Having all these poles in the water is how you get to the new patient numbers that chiropractors really need.

See, they are swinging for the fences all the time, when all we really need to do is keep getting base hits. Hit them every month, in multiple categories, and that is how you build a multimillion-dollar practice. It would be very easy to tell someone, “Hey, run Facebook lead ads that will bring you 40 new patients a month.” That is an easy sell, but the truth is, it’s not the truth. Maybe for a month, or a few months, but consistently? No way. Even if it was true, do you want Facebook’s ever-changing whims to have control of your practice? Google just banned stem cell advertising — what if Facebook decides to ban chiropractic ads?

Practice diversification marketing and don’t depend on one source

So, not only is it untrue that chiropractors can get one big source of new clients, it’s dangerous. It happens in chiropractic and every other industry — especially now with the internet and increased regulations and anti-trust concerns. One day Facebook lead ads are here, the next day they are gone!

The real secret to consistent growth, and new patient generation, is having base hits, having a diversification marketing plan. Multiple hits and just keep going. Run internal and external promotions monthly, follow your marketing plan, and have many poles in the water, so to speak. It’s another analogy often told at seminars: If someone is going fishing, do you want them to have one pole catching a bunch of fish, or lots of poles catching fish with different bait? They would always want more poles, because they don’t know which bait works when, and what if the pole breaks and they only have one pole left? The same applies to diversification marketing.

Oftentimes the medium or even the message can run its course. Many chiropractors rely on one source of new patients for too long and then it runs its course. It’s never good to rely on one source to keep your practice growing.

Diversify your marketing plan

So let’s think differently about your practice. Think of installing evergreen marketing poles. What does that mean? It means they keep working month after month, and year after year. It’s a diversification marketing plan that keeps working, and you keep adding to it, thus growing new patients and the practice monthly. Stop looking for the home-run marketing idea; it’s not out there, but there are hundreds of base-hit ideas. If you add up all these base hits, the practice will continue to grow for years.

Fill in your marketing calendar, add events that work, have a lot of poles in the water, and increase new patients. There are a lot of practice problems, but the first one to solve is new patients. It’s also the key to adding associates, which can grow the practice and allow for freedom.

Stop swinging for the fences, or buying into those ideas, and keep hitting singles.

JAMES R. FEDICH, DC, runs a multimillion-dollar-a-year chiropractic, physical therapy and acupuncture practice in New Jersey. He is the author of two chiropractic practice books, Secrets of a Million Dollar Practice and Secrets of the World’s Top Chiropractors. He also hosts the Dr J’s Path to Success podcast. For more information, visit drjamesfedich.com.

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How to avoid job burnout in practice and retire on your own terms

- Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Follow these tips on how to avoid job burnout to extend your career and take charge of retirement

Burnout is one of if not the largest problems in the American health care system. Chiropractors have only a fraction of the burnout issues that medical doctors have, and yet they are still in peril. The question of how to avoid job burnout and the early exit of many MDs and DCs may end up crippling the health care system.

Poor care and early retirement

If a doctor is tired, stressed or worried about payroll, they will not or cannot give the best patient care available. Burnout also causes early retirement for many doctors, including chiropractors.

This is a huge loss to patients, as there are fewer doctors, less appointments, longer wait times and more. It is even a larger problem to the doctor, as several studies have shown that doctors in general tie a lot of their worth into patient care. Which makes sense, as if someone is a doctor for the right reasons, they are in it to help patients. Generally all specialties have a hard time with retirement as they lose this connection and their sense of worth by not treating patients any longer. This can be a tremendous psychological loss to doctors.

Early retirement can also be devastating financially, as even a year of early retirement can dramatically affect a doctor’s net worth and ability to live a comfortable retirement.

How to avoid job burnout

Especially in a chiropractic practice, time off can dramatically affect patient volume and income. In a solo doctor practice, a one-week vacation can take an estimated 12 weeks to build back up to original volume, and that is a tough pill to swallow.

If you are just starting out and trying to build your practice, take a three-day weekend every 90 days. Try to get out of town, out of the clinic and get a break. This might not sound like much, but it can be amazing.

What we don’t understand about time off and vacation is that anticipation is actually what’s most rewarding about time off. In fact, a 2010 study in the Journal of Applied Research in Quality of Life found that vacationers are actually most happy before the vacation. What does that mean? Our brains are hard-wired for anticipation, so it is naturally looking forward to something. But what makes it most important as a chiropractor is it gives us something to get through the tough days and weeks. If you are having a horrible day at the clinic, just knowing you have this day off in a few weeks or months makes it more tolerable.

So, step one, take a long weekend every 90 days. Get out of town, borrow a friend’s cabin — patients will be happy to lend you a place, or just get a cheap motel.

For the experienced DC

When you have grown the practice a little more, turn those three-day weekends into four-day weekends. So now we are taking eight days off in addition to holidays. Why not a whole week?

As I mentioned earlier, a week off can set the practice back 12 weeks.

This can work until you add associates. Next step would be the four-day weekends and then the whole week off. Once you get multiple associates and have the practice running like a well-oiled machine, you will have more time off than you need.

Plan, then plan some more

There are many more details and ways to take a break. But, the key point to this article is two things:

Schedule in advance — The vacation schedule should be blocked in advance for the whole year. If you don’t schedule it, something will fill in — plus we talked about how the anticipation is the reward for days off.

Make it regular — Ninety days is going to go by very fast, and if you always have something to look forward to, it makes those tough days much more digestible. Of course it would be nice to take a week off every month, but that will severely limit practice growth if a doctor doesn’t have multiple associates. There are many plans for how to avoid job burnout, and this is one way to make sure we are refreshed and able to give our patients the care they deserve. Enjoy and make sure to take some breaks!

JAMES R. FEDICH, DC, owns a large multidisciplinary practice in northern New Jersey. He is also the author of “Secrets of a Million Dollar Practice” and host of a popular chiropractic podcast, Dr. J’s Path to Success. To find out more or to contact Dr. J, visit drjamesfedich.com.

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How to Play to your Strength as a Chiropractor

- Thursday, March 21, 2019

Determine which areas of your practice require less attention, and where you want to really excel

Read any good books lately? I’m reading a good one right now called Uncommon Service by Frances Frei and Anne Morriss.

The book’s main point is that when it comes to customer service, you cannot be great at everything. In fact, to be the best in one category, you need to be the worst at another. A few examples they offer translate well to the chiropractic industry.

What do customers want you to be best at?

One case study was Commerce Bank. They were the first bank to open on weekends. Why did no one else think of that? But the problem is it costs millions to open all those branches all weekend long. So, how did they do it? They purposely offer the worst return rates on CDs and savings accounts. They make a point to literally have the worst rates in every town. That difference allows them to offer the customer service on the weekend that the customers asked for.

Another great example is Walmart. Think of your average Walmart. Is it the nicest store you ever shopped in? Do they have outstanding employees with great service? Definitely not. What do they have? The lowest prices. They save by having scuffed floors, crummy lighting, not-super-informed employees — but they have the best prices.

Hopefully these examples make you ask yourself about your own practice. What do your customers want you to be best at? On the flip side of that, what can you afford to be worst at? Let’s think about it. If your customers want fast office visits, a quick in-and-out, can you be the greatest soft tissue, ART, Graston technique doc in the country? Probably not.

Or, if you want the best waiting room, a real Ritz-Carlton of a chiropractic clinic, five-star service to boot — can you then have the lowest cash fee in town and take Medicaid? Doubtful. What most of us do is we are mediocre at all these things. Not a five-star waiting room, but not a one-star either. Not the greatest technique chiropractor ever, but pretty good. Not the greatest equipment in the universe, but not the worst. What do we end up with: a mediocre practice, and a mediocre business.

What can you be worst at?

Let’s figure out what your customers and you want to be best at, and then what we can be worst at. If you want to have the best office environment with a Starbucks machine in the waiting room (which we have — definitely worth the investment), a beautiful office and friendly staff, can you also afford to give away free adjustments and charge $12 per visit and take HMO and Medicare? Again, doubtful.

So maybe you offer the greatest customer service and are the most expensive in town. That will work. Or maybe you’re the opposite and take all insurance, charge a low cash fee, and your waiting room may be a bit run-down and your staff mediocre, but you are affordable. That works also. Maybe you’re certified in every technique and the best technical chiropractor on the East Coast, which is great. But then you can’t also be the most convenient, taking walk-ins, last-minute emergencies. Maybe patients have to wait two weeks to get in, and you can only see 15 a day.

These are the decisions you must make based on your type of practice, what your patients want, and what you think the market wants. But to be the best at one thing, you may have to be the worst at another. Being mediocre at all things is a sure way to have a mediocre practice, a mediocre life, and never reach the success you deserve.

James R. Fedich, DC, owns a large multidisciplinary practice in Northern New Jersey. He is also the author of Secrets of A Million Dollar Practice and host of the popular chiropractic podcast, Dr. J’s Path to Success. To find out more or to contact Dr. J, visit drjamesfedich.com.

Source: www.chiroeco.com

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Weekly News!

- Thursday, March 21, 2019

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this week's update!

This week, I have a great podcast for you! I had the pleasure of interviewing Gavin Baker. Gavin is the Principal at Baker Labs. Baker Labs is a digital marketing company that specializes in healthcare marketing. They have specific tips, advice, and strategy on how to use digital marketing to grow your practice! Gavin gives some great, real-world tips as we chat about marketing your practice in 2019 and beyond.


In my solocast episode last week, I talked about your top 5 people. Jim Rohn famously said that you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. He even goes so far as to say if you average the income of your top 5 people, you will make very close to that income. Here, I share my thoughts on this, as well as how to purposefully upgrade your top 5. I hope this helps.


I just launched our Ultimate New Patient Marketing Machine and Toolkit. This is a 6-week course, where I will show you and give you actual examples, pieces and an email to help you add 20 NP a month to your practice. This is going to be launched soon, but you can get it as a pre-launch here and save. If you can get JUST ONE MORE NEW PATIENT, the program MORE than pays for it. Check it out:


Dr J

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Top 5 People

- Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this week's update!

This week my solocast is about your Top 5 People. Jim Rohn famously said, "You become the sum of the five people you spend the most time with". He goes into great detail about this in several of his books and speeches. He further expounds that if you take the average income of the five people you spend the most time with, that will be your income. It's important to evaluate your inner circle and see if someone needs to come out. It's also the reason why it's important to work with proven mentors to upgrade this inner circle. Listen here:


Speaking of mentors, I am starting something new with a good friend and fellow coach, Tony Palermo. We are showing you how to use the mastermind principle to grow your practice. Please attend our upcoming Free Webinar to learn more. Click here


Last episode, I interviewed Matt Bertram. Matt is an inbound marketing specialist. We both share our ideas on how doctors can grow their business using the internet and other methods to expand their reach. We reveal the exact methods you can use to grow your practice today. Check it out here:


Dr J

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Top 5

- Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Hey Doc!

I was recently re-reading one of the greatest mentors I have ever had. Jim Rohn is one of my top mentors even though I never met the guy! Anyway, he says you become the average of the top 5 people you spend the most time with. In fact, he says if you average the income of your top 5 people, that will be very close to your income. So, I want you to write down the list of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

There is probably someone who you need to take off this list. Someone who has low ambition or is bringing you down. Let's upgrade that list! That is why mentors and masterminds are so so important. If you hang around 5 people who average $50,000 a year income, you will make $50k a year. If you take one off and add someone who makes $500,000/year, that average goes way up.

I'm doing a free webinar on this. The mastermind principle was Andrew Carnegie's Secret to Success in which Napoleon Hill talks about in Think & Grow Rich. This webinar will reveal this wealth secret. The webinar is absolutely free and I am doing it with a great friend and mentor, Tony Palermo.

Sign up now! We are letting the whole profession in on this webinar.


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Inbound leads

- Thursday, March 07, 2019

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this week's update! For this week, I had the opportunity to interview Matt Bertram. Matt had contacted me about sharing some marketing tips for our audience. I found out that he really knows his stuff on internet marketing and other inbound marketing tactics. Matt shares real world advice about how to get patients in the clinic using the internet.  Check it out here:


In my solocast last week, I talked about being watchful of your "gurus." Most of the chiropractic gurus never had a successful practice and almost none of them are currently in practice. This has been going on for years, but I recently saw a dedicated great young chiropractor go out of business due to listening to the wrong gurus. In just a few short years, a practice that had been successful for over 30 years went out of business. Don't make the same mistake. Listen here:


Speaking of gurus, if you want to get help from someone who has actually built the practice you're looking for, and is currently doing it, I can help. Normally, private coaching with me is $5,000 for a 12-week stint (private coaching:  https://www.drjamesfedich.com/private-coaching-with-dr-j.htm). But because of a request for something less robust, I re-opened my email-only coaching program for a limited time. You get full access to my members vault, all my ads, video trainings, all my courses, and hours of video instruction, along with unlimited email access to me and my team. This will put gasoline on your practice! I'll probably take this offer away again, and it's not available on my website. Check it out here:


Dr J

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- Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Hey doc! I am sitting in Austin Texas right now as I write this email. I got invited to attend Dr Jay Morgan's seminar with Jay and Dr Lee Newman. Lee and Jay are both great mentors of mine. We got a chance to golf Austin Country Club, have some fun, and do some learning.

It got me thinking about mentors. I have been blessed in my 15+ year career to have a number of great mentors. I was helped so much by others. In fact, this is why I now do coaching. I have been truly blessed by a great number of mentors in my career. It's so important to have advice from someone who has been where you want to go.

This is why I help.

In the spirit of helping and mentoring, I have opened up an email coaching program. It's the least expensive way to work with me. I'm gonna close this down soon so the time to take advantage of this now. You cannot find this link on our website or anywhere else. It's an exclusive offer just for my subscribers.

Sign up by 3/10 and I will send you my Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course. It's a 5 audio CD program with notebook, physically mailed to your door. It's a $300 value. I'm taking that away soon so check out this fantastic offer now.


To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:


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5 Strategies To Grow Your Private Practice, with Dr. James R. Fedich

- Friday, March 01, 2019
Dr James Fedich

As a part of my interview series with prominent medical professionals about “How To Grow Your Private Practice” I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr.James R. Fedich.

James R. Fedich, DC. grew up in northwest Mt Olive, NJ. He opened a private practice in March 2004 on a shoe string budget, bought used equipment and boot strapped his way to one of the largest clinics of his type. Now, he helps other doctors with his book, “Secrets of A Million Dollar Practice: Proven Tactics to Grow Your Practice.” Podcast and the 5 CD audio “Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course.”

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell our readers a bit about your ‘backstory”?

Yes, I was actually born in Kobe, Japan, on family business trip. But I spent most of my childhood in New Jersey. I’m am very tall at 6’ 5” so I played a lot of basketball. At age 13 we were driving to upstate NY to a family wedding. A young woman ran a stop sign and slammed right into the side of our car where my Mom and I were seated. We all ended up in the hospital, concussions, bruised ribs, my mom had a collapsed lung. I endured some serious back pain. I spent every day after school laying on the floor because back spasm, and worst of all I couldn’t play basketball! Nothing was helping.

Eventually my mother took me to a chiropractor, and almost immediately I’m back to playing sports after months of agony. I remember telling my parents back then I was going to be a chiropractor and I never changed my mind.

What made you want to start your own practice?

I always say, if I knew then, what I know now, I probably wouldn’t do it. The usually protocol is work for someone else for a few years this allows you to make mistakes and get back up. I graduated in December 2003. I signed my office lease before I even graduated. I was painting the place myself, buying equipment and waiting for my final board scores. So, if I had failed, I would be in big trouble. Luckily, I passed and opened in March 2004, less than 3 months after I graduated and never worked for anyone full time. I was lucky in that I liked the business of healthcare even before I was a practice owner, but honestly, I just jumped in and figured it out later, but I wouldn’t recommend other do that. Managing being a provider and a business owner can often be exhausting.

Can you elaborate on how you manage both roles?

Yes, being a business owner and practitioner can be hard. You have to wear different hats. Many doctors love being a doctor, but don’t like being a manager and owner. First, you must schedule. Most offices have production days, days where you are seeing patients and producing cash. On these days and shifts, you shouldn’t be managing, marketing, etc, you should be seeing patients. Other days are less about production and that is when you do your other activities needed to run the business. So, for example, most offices are busy Monday, after the weekend, etc. Monday is a production day, you don’t have meetings, etc. For us, Tuesday is much slower. So I only see patients 9–12. Then we have an hour-long staff meeting, and then I have time in the afternoon for marketing and business activities. You have to schedule your week plain and simple. As a business owner, how do you know when to stop working IN your business (maybe see a full patient load) and shift to working ON your business?

Great question. This is the key to most business people. I think for health care providers it is even harder because we all went to medicial school because we like to help people. In the beginning, you have to do it all. You have to see all the patients, do all the marketing, etc. As you grow and bring on associates or partners, you will have more time and more demands for management duties. So you slowly adjust your schedule. I now have two full time associates, as well as other providers that can cover for me. So, two days per week, I only see patients half the day to free up time for other business duties. I could continue cutting back patient hours, but I have enough time to get my management duties done, and its hard to give up patient care. Few providers ever totally give up patient care, for one, it’s very profitable for the owner to see patients, and two, we went to school for it, and hopefully love it. I can certainly cut back more hours of treating patients, but I choose not to, I still enjoy it and it is profitable. In the end, it’s your decision, but it’s crucial to block the time to run the business.

From completing your degree to opening a clinic and becoming a business owner, the path was obviously full of many hurdles. How did you build up resilience to rebound from failures? Is there a specific hurdle that sticks out to you?

Yes, there is certainly a lot of failure. I think the difference between successful versus unsuccessful practices, and in life, is the ability to bounce back. Failure is part of the deal — you learn, you grow. My biggest failure was the IRS. Don’t mess with them. I had a mediocre accountant and the practice was growing steadily the first few years. I was on a quarterly payment plan for taxes. However, as the revenue went up each year, the quarterlies didn’t cover my bill. Well, as I was putting all the money back into the business, when I get a bill for 20k, I don’t have it. So, I do a payment plan with IRS and the same thing happens next year. With the interest and fees, I have barely touched the balance. Now, same thing again, I owe another 20k. Once you owe the IRS over 30k, they start getting serious. Long story short, they threatened garnishing, taking property, etc, if the balance wasn’t under 30 in 10 days or so. I scrambled, wrote a check I wasn’t sure would clear. Lesson learned. I don’t do my taxes that way anymore, and I don’t use that accountant.

What are your “5 Things You Need To Know To Grow Your Private Practice” and why?

  1. Get more reviews. Reviews are social currency of today’s society. Today internet reviews are the social credibility. For most of us, Google is king. Yelp and others are important in some markets, but Google reviews are king. They also help with SEO which is an added benefit. So, how do you get more reviews? One, get a short web URL so it can be easily remembered. Second, make it fun with customer giveaways. “Win a flat screen tv this month, just leave us a review and be entered to win this new TV.”
  2. Develop a marketing calendar. Most private practices go on the practice roller coaster. Meaning we run a promo, practice goes up for a month, we get busy treating patients, do no marketing, then in three months, we are right where we started. Not productive. The way to beat this, develop a marketing calendar. Get a large dry erase calendar and plan out your marketing for the year. I strive to have at least 1 large event per month. For example, patient appreciation day, food drive, toy drive, etc.
  3. Master internet marketing: Well, actually you don’t master it, you’re a doctor after all! But you should know some basics and hire a really good team to do it for you. So, you need someone who really knows what they are doing. But you need to know what is the strategy. This is important, too many people want to study tactics, you don’t want tactics, you want strategy. You want good, paying referral quality new patients, not leads. You want people searching for your type of treatment online to find you. The best strategy is good PPC (pay-per-click) on Google to get people looking for what your selling. Don’t forget Facebook either. I would also advise avoiding lead generation companies — they send you leads buut not a lot of actual patients.
  4. Referral Systems: Most doctors when i speak or come to me for coaching tell me they want referrals. They need systems to encourage more referrals and keep a steady flow, but how do we do that? First, patients don’t refer for making them better, that is your job. You don’t get referrals for doing your job, you must impress patients with your customer service. Also, a big fallacy is that long time patients refer. Statistically, newer patients are most likely to refer, especially in there first few visits. So impress them with great training, great service, and my favorite, a welcome gift. We give new clients a goodie bag with our coffee mug and some small trinkets and a welcome letter, talk about a wow factor.
  5. Mail: Yep good old fashioned snail mail. It still works, and now that our mailboxes are less cluttered, it works even better. First, keep in better touch with your patients. Birthday cards, holiday cards, thanksgiving cards, and yes a monthly printed newsletter. We still send a printed newsletter every month, and it helps with retention and referrals. Also, direct mail can be very powerful for getting new clients. I really like the EDDM program from the post office. It allows you to send postcards to residents on a carrier or postal route. This works well for a practice because you can target neighborhoods where your customers live. I recommend an oversize card. Keep in touch with you patients — the more mail a year they get from you, the more referrals you will get.
Dr James Fedich

Many healthcare providers struggle with the idea of “monetization.” How did you overcome that mental block?

Someone told me this a long time ago. If your doors are closed because you didn’t pay your rent, you can’t help anyone. If the practice isn’t profitable, you wont be able to help anyone. If you can’t afford heat in your house and your freezing cold, how much help can you really be to anyone? You must take care of yourself and your practice in order to help others.

What do you do when you feel unfocused or overwhelmed?

Time off. Many doctors get burned out. It’s a serious problem. More doctors are leaving the healthcare field due to burn out than any other reason. But, here is the catch, if you’re a solo owner provider, one week off can take you up to 12 weeks to recoup the business. Yikes. So, what’s the answer? I teach doctors this, in the beginning, take one day off every 90 days. So a long weekend every 90 days. Try to get out of town if you can. You will be surprised how often 90 days comes up. Once your doing that, and the practice is growing, take a four day weekend every 90 days. A four day weekend wont cause a practice slow down like a week will. Do that until your ready to take more time. I’m a huge fan of mentorship throughout one’s career. None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way.

Who has been your biggest mentor? What was the most valuable lesson you learned from them?

Mentors have been extremely valuable to me. I have been very blessed in this regard and it’s the reason I give back through my podcast and book. I was helped so much along the way, now I try to give back. I had a lot of great mentors. Dr James Santiago was a doctor I did my externship with him and he allowed me to work weekends in his clinic and weekdays in mine to get started. I learned from him how to balance excellence in patient care along with a profitable practice. Also, Dr Jay Morgan, he’s a mentor and coach who taught me so much, but mostly how to balance practice with family life and the real importance of each.

What resources did you use (Blogs, webinars, conferences, coaching, etc.) that helped jumpstart you in the beginning of your business?

Everyone needs some coaching. If Tom Brady has five coaches what makes people think they don’t need coaching. I have had coaching from day one in practice. Even today, when I coach other doctors, I have a practice coach, business coach and a coach for my associates. I did many coaching programs, but some books really helped me out: “Influence” by Robert Cialdini, all of Dan Kennedy books and his newsletters and seminars, Jim Collins, Seth Godin, Jim Rohn, all have been a big influence on me.

What’s the worst piece of advice or recommendation you’ve ever received? Can you share a story about that?

I think I have gotten more bad advice than good. I think the worst advice every clinician gets is that if your proficient and good at your field, the business will come. I think that is still the worst thing to tell anyone and we have all heard it. Just being good at your craft does not ensure that you will be successful. In fact, if you study only technical excellence and nothing else, you will surely go out of business and not be able to help anyone. Please recommend one book that’s made the biggest impact on you?

“Leading An Inspired Life” by Jim Rohn is greatest book I ever read. Get a copy, put on your nightstand and read a chapter every night.

Where can our readers follow you on social media?

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DrJamesRFedich

instagram: Drjamesrfedich

Web: www.drjamesfedich.com

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Watch Your Gurus

- Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this week's update!

In my solocast this week, I talked about false gurus. I usually don't speak about this, even though it is rampant in our profession, but I recently had the experience of knowing a very motivated, talented young DC, take over the practice of a deceased chiropractor. The young doc literally did everything the association gurus told them to do and subsequently failed in practice. Here, I talked about the importance of selecting the right mentors:


In my interview episode last week, I had the pleasure of talking to Scott Smith, the CEO of Royal Legal Solutions. Scott and I had a great conversation about protecting yourself, your practice, and your assets. It's one thing to earn and accumulate...it's another to keep it all safe. Check out the interview here:


At the request of a client, I have opened up an email-only coaching program. This has been closed for a while, and I had no intention of doing it again. But since he asked, and my team opened up the link, I'm gonna open it up again for my email subscribers only. You will get unlimited email access to me and my team. Marketing, staff, billing questions, shoot away. Need an ad, materials, ask. And even better, we will give you access to my member's site, usually only available to private clients. You have access to dozens of ads, flyers, documents and hundred hours of video training. Its value is amazing! I have limited space for this program, so check it out here:


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- Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Hey Doc! How are you? February is almost over (thank goodness) and we shall hopefully enter Springtime soon! I always teach that practice growth has seasons. For most of the country, winter is not a time of growth, it's a time for survival. For your practice, it's about holding it steady as much as possible. We can try for growth, but holding steady is great as well.

Springtime is usually the best time for growth for chiropractic and physical medicine practices. There are many reasons why: no vacations, no bad weather for most of us, people start getting active, and other factors. Well, spring is coming up soon, and it's time to plan now.

Plan a Patient Appreciation Day, and do some more big events. This is the time to put gas on the fire and now. We need to plan for Spring because before you know it, summer takes over, and during the 8 weeks of summer break, it's also very hard to grow. So, let's plan for Spring and put our foot on the gas pedal.

As you know, I cut private coaching in the new year. I am just finishing our Ultimate New Patient Program which was a huge success, and I am starting a mastermind with a friend any day so, I had to limit my time.

One coaching client still wanted access, so I had an idea. I used to offer email coaching and full access to my member's site. I haven't offered this in over 6 months, but I like the guy, so I had my team re-open the link. I'm willing to take few of you this way. You have unlimited email access to me, any questions, comments, and any documents you need, you can email me. You also get access to our member's area where there are dozens of training videos and marketing pieces with tens of thousands of dollars in value.

I'm just gonna let a few docs in, because I am about to start this accelerate mastermind program. I haven't offered this in a while, and I doubt I will again. In fact, you cannot find this on our site, the link had been removed months ago. We will be taking this link down soon....


Dr J

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Legal Stuff

- Thursday, February 21, 2019

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this week's podcast update! This week, I have a great interview! I had the pleasure of Interviewing Scott Smith, the CEO of Royal Legal Solutions. Scott is a lawyer and he specializes in protecting the net worth and assets of his clients! We talked a lot about building your business, saving, and more. But, what about once you get there? Or, when you're on your way up. Trust me from experience, you will be targeted. Former employee, car accident, lawsuit, anything can go wrong. Click the link to listen as Scott teaches us how to protect our hard earned assets: http://www.drjamesfedich.com/drj-podcast/episode-99-interview-with-scott-smith-ceo-royal-legal-solutions

In my prior episode, I talked about "the last mile". After a family vacation, we had two very different experiences at the end of the trip. One customer service personnel saved an otherwise bad experience, and another customer service personnel put the nail in the coffin on our thoughts on the other. I tied in some important lessons that you can use in your business. I hope you find it helpful! Click here: https://www.drjamesfedich.com/drj-podcast/episode-98-the-last-mile

I have opened up a few private coaching spots for the year. I am busy with my practice, current projects and more. But my 6-week new patient course just ended and I have a few spots freed up. I probably won't have any for a while. Limited space. You get full access to me, my team, and all my materials. This 12-week program will transform your practice. Check it out here: https://www.drjamesfedich.com/private-coaching-with-dr-j.htm

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Lone Wolf

- Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Hey there! I recently had a few staff issues in my clinic. I'm sure you have been there, and trust me the bigger the clinic gets, the more staff, the more staff issues you have. We will probably talk about some lessons learned either on the podcast or via email, but it reminded me of a few key lessons in business that I wanted to pass along to you.

  1. No one will ever care about your business nearly as much as you. There are strategies to get engagement from staff, bonus plans, etc., but in the end, no one--not your accountant, lawyer, or staff--will ever care about your business as much as you do.
  2. Most people are very selfish. In the end they are only looking out for themselves. Don't forget this when dealing with staff, vendors, etc. They are only looking out for THEIR best interest...not yours and not the business.
  3. Lone Wolf. Ultimately, being a business owner is a lonely job. I have this quote by Hugh Mcleod applied at home and work office: "The price of being a sheep is boredom. The price of being a wolf is loneliness.  Choose one or the other with great care."

Being a business owner can be a lonely job. If you want a partner to help explode your growth in 2019, I have opened up some private coaching spots. I don't do a lot of this anymore. There are only a few spots. You get unprecedented access to me and my full team; PLUS, my library of materials. Everything is included, so apply here: https://www.drjamesfedich.com/private-coaching-with-dr-j.htm

No refunds...

Dr J

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The Last Mile

- Thursday, February 14, 2019

Hey Doc!

Welcome to our weekly update! This week, I have two great podcast episodes for you! I just got back from Turks and Caicos--a beautiful place with beautiful weather. My experience was good, but I had two interesting things kinda happen on the way out of the island. It got me thinking on how we do so much to impress customers on the way in, but what about on the way out? Or after 4 months of treatment? I also talked about how great customer service was able to salvage a bad experience and how it may do the same for you! Check out The Last Mile.

Last episode, I interviewed Shannon Law Grainger from My Big Impact and had a very engaging conversation with her. She has successfully produced live events that generated over a half million dollars in just 4 days. She shared the stage with Chicken Soup For The Soul co-creator, Mark Victor Hansen, Lisa Sasevich and Loral Langemeier from The Secret, just to name a few. She mastered the insider secrets of the speaking industry and knows how to consistently generate 7 figures. While her warm heart is intoxicating and her laugh is infectious, her "Big Impact" is in her uncanny ability to help you monetize your message, increase your visibility, and make the difference you’ve been called to make. Check out my interview with her here: https://www.drjamesfedich.com/drj-podcast/episode-97-interview-with-shannon-grainger-from-big-impact.

If you want real inside information on how to grow your practice from the comfort of your car, home, or anywhere, get my physical product, Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course. It's 5 sessions of the most crucial business elements you must master to grow your practice. We just added two bonus materials we haven't had before. If you order right away, I will send you the course in physical format, but you will also get my special video training on how to run a ladies' night out promo. This promo gets me 20 NP every spring. I am also throwing in my video training of how to run a Patient Appreciation Day. This will help tune up your appreciation day event. See how we get 30 NP twice a year when I run these! These bonuses alone are worth well more than the course is and won't last forever. So check out the link below to jump on this great deal:


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Free Stuff

- Tuesday, February 12, 2019

I just got back from a nice family vacation in Turks and Caicos. I'll save that story for another time. But, I did get to finish one book in between putting on my kid's sunscreen, changing diapers, and being woken up four times a night!

I read Stuart Wilde's, The Trick to Money is Having Some. I am not sure where I heard about it, but if I ever read or hear about a book, I just automatically buy it. I have a huge library. Anyway, I found lots of lessons in the book, but one major item that struck me, which I think is applicable for Chiropractic doctors, is about giving away stuff for free.

He makes a metaphysical argument against giving stuff away. It's a bad vibe, bad energy type of deal. It's a practical argument, and I agreed. I immediately thought about my fellow chiropractors. We are the worst at this! "Hey Suzy, don't worry about your co-pay today," or, "Hey, that cervical pillow is on me." I occasional do that in my clinic and guess what?  It's gonna stop!

So, I recommend you to do the same, unless you are AOC or Bernie Sanders. You can't be continually giving stuff away, plus they give away other people's stuff, which is not their own! So, stop giving patients free stuff! Charge them! It helps them too!

I studied years ago with doctors who measured patients' satisfaction. What did they find? The higher the satisfaction, the patient paid them more! Yes, the more they pay, the happier!

So, starting today! No more free stuff!

Learn how to grow your practice in the seat of your chair with my practice mastery set:



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Dr. Fedich Contributes to Reader’s Digest Story on Shoulder Pain

- Thursday, February 07, 2019
Dr James Fedich, Chiropractic, Hackettstown NJ

Leading publications continue to turn to Dr. Fedich for professional contribution to their stories. Recently, Reader’s Digest turned to Dr. Fedich as a contributor to their published story: “13 Medical Reasons for Your Shoulder Pain”. Dr. Fedich contributes regarding the subject of “Osteoarthritis”, one of the more common causes of shoulder pain. While osteoarthritis is an incurable disease, the good doctor points out the good news is that near (or total) pain relief can often be attained via non-surgical chiropractic treatments such as ultrasound, acupuncture, cold laser, and physical manipulation. The article also discusses some lesser known arthritis-related treatments methods such as stem cell therapy. We think you’ll find the article interesting and informative.

Dr. Fedich covers (in detail) the fascinating and highly effective pain management treatment “cold laser therapy” out on his Hackettstown NJ chiropractic website. We’re certain you’ll enjoy learning more about this increasingly popular treatment!

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Bad Review

- Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Hey doc!

Have you ever gotten a bad review? We haven't had too many problems over the years, but I had two bad situations lately! One bad review came from an employee. We had hired her, she complained all day for 3 days, so I let her go. Then, came in a bad Google review, bad Yelp review, Facebook posts, and more fun.

The other situation was when we had a new patient gift certificate free exam mailer. A patient gave it to another patient. When they came in, the staff told them it's for new patients only. Exactly what was stated in the certificate, and even offered a discount, but not free. Then again, came in another bad Yelp review, social media posts, etc.

So, what did we do? Well, the best strategy is to be proactive. We have over 150, 5-star Google reviews. Essentially, we stock up on reviews, so if a bad one comes in, it looks more like an issue with he reviewer rather than the business.  So, get your 5-star reviews now, before you need them.

The next thing we do is report them. We had our whole team report the Google review. Since it wasn't a customer, it was down in the morning. No harm, no foul.

Now, if it's a legit complaint, unlike my BS ones, you should answer them: "Sorry for the long wait, we strive not to be butt holes, but sometimes it happens," etc.

In the end, the best offense is a good defense.

To learn how to get more Google reviews and to build your practice, check out my 5 CD chiropractic practice mastery course, sent via real mail: https://www.drjamesfedich.com/online-shop/chiropractic-practice-mastery-course-by-dr-j.

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What's a customer worth?

- Thursday, January 24, 2019

Hey Doc!

In this week's episode, I talked about "What is a client's worth?" We are in the middle of our Ultimate New Patient Marketing Machine, 6-week class teaching docs to add 20-40 more new patients a month to their practice. In our first module, we talked about what a new patient is worth. So, we did the math together, total collections per month, divided by new patients. Do your own math now. If you're below 1000, you have a big problem.  The average is 1200-1500 in a typical chiropractic office. Why are we talking about this in a NP course?  Well, if you're only collecting $700 a patient, we can't spend $500 marketing them in. Find out more here.

In my interview episode last week, I interviewed Donna Perillo, DC. Donna has been practicing chiropractic for over 25 years in NJ. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge in practice building, research, and more. She has some great business insights. Check it out here.

If you're ready to grow your practice in 2019, check out my Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course. It has the key elements you need to explode your practice in 2019. It's a 5-CD set and manual actually shipped to you. 

  • Module 1: Setting up a marketing calendar
  • Module 2: More retention, module
  • Module 3: Practice systems, having your practice run like a Swiss watch
  • Module 4: New patients 101
  • Module 5: Day one and day two training, how my associates see my new patients in a $2 million a year practice.

Check it out here: https://www.drjamesfedich.com/online-shop/chiropractic-practice-mastery-course-by-dr-j

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Interview with Dr Donna Perillo, DC

- Thursday, January 17, 2019

Hey Doc!

Welcome to your weekly update! In this podcast episode, I have Dr Donna Perrillo, DC as my guest. Dr Perillo has been a practicing chiropractor in NJ for over 20 years. She also has extensive experience in other areas. She is an author, researcher, and has her own technique method. She shares her secrets of developing a top notch multi-disciplinary practice, lessons learned, and much more! Check it out here.

The last episode I did was a solocast episode. This episode is titled, "Is this for...?"  Strange name, I know, so let me explain.  I did a webinar on how to add 20 NP a month to your practice, and I got a few of the same questions. Is this for neuropathy? Is this for decompression? Is this for...etc. It made me realize these doctors are asking the wrong question. I am currently teaching a 6-week NP course and the first session is all about strategy, offers, and your new patient avatar. Teaching docs to do a Facebook ad, or write a letter is easy, but teaching them how to generate the type of patient they want is hard, and that is what we are doing!

I have a special offer for you! I never give away free stuff, but we need some more podcast reviews! So go ahead and screen shot a review you gave my show on iTunes, or some other podcast channel, email it to me at drfedich@drjamesfedich.com, and I will send you my Patient Appreciation Day Training video! It's a 10-minute training video packed with insider info on how to get more new patients out of your Patient Appreciation Day!

Thanks for listening,

Dr J!

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Is This For...?

- Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hey Doc!

I hope you are starting off the new year well!

This week, I have a solocast titled, "Is this for...?" So, we did a webinar this week on how to add 20 NP a month to your practice. In fact, I never record these because I want to reward people for being on, but we used a new program, and it recorded by accident. I'm gonna leave the recording up a few more days, then delete. Fast forward a few minutes as we were tuning up!

During the webinar, I had a question and answer session and I got asked the same question, multiple times from multiple docs. The question was, "Does this work for decompression? Neuropathy? Weight loss?"...plug in the condition here! It was all the same question. The answer, of course, is "YES," but we need to look at the question. Why do you want decompression patients?  What age? Sex? Insurance? Maybe we are asking the wrong question.  Get my thoughts here.

In my last interview episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing David Marcarian. David is the inventor and founder of Myovision. I have personally used Myovision in my practice for over a decade.  We have two machines now. I think it's the best tool for new patients and retention. He is also a huge supporter of chiropractic. David speaks all over the world, works with top scientists, and also goes to court for chiropractors where Myovision's technology can help win a case. It's a great interview here

Quick reminder:  the Free Webinar on How to Add 20 NP a month to your practice without spinal screenings or Facebook lead ads is available for replay for a very limited time. I will probably take it down on Sunday or Monday, so check it out before I take it down.

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Interview with David Marcarian from MyoVision

- Thursday, January 03, 2019

Hey Doc!

I hope you had a great New Year! It's a great time to reflect, set goals, and build a bigger and better life and practice! In this week's interview, I spoke with David Macarian. To say Dave is a champion of chiropractic and a smart guy would both be two huge understatements. David is the founder and owner of Myovision. If you are unaware, Myovision is the world leader in sEMG technology, which David pioneered and brought to the chiropractic field. Not only has David founded, invented, and improved Myovision, he has been a defender of chiropractic. He has testified in courts all across the country to defend chiropractic, sEMG, and personal injury for chiropractic. I hope you listen in as this is one of my best interviews!

If you're ready to finally solve the New Patient problem, then I have some very good news….

This coming Tuesday at 1:30 Eastern, I’m going to reveal exactly how you can experience Financial Freedom and more time off, by getting off the practice roller coaster - something that you’ve always dreamed of but probably have never felt was truly possible. It all takes place during a LIVE online training event I’m calling:  How to Quickly and Easily Add 20 NP per month to your practice.

During this one-time only LIVE session, you’ll discover:

  • How to overcome the practice roller coaster...up one month, down the next
  • Secrets to making the marketing of your practice a non-issue forever.
  • The EASY way to make your lack of new patients vanish like a puff of smoke
  • And much, much more besides!

Best of all, I’m making a special exception by providing this ONE TIME ONLY training to you 100% FREE – just go to www.add20NP.com and sign up to reserve your spot immediately!

See you there!

James R. Fedich, DC
Chief New Patient Officer

P.S. IMPORTANT: Bandwidth for this LIVE training event is LIMITED, so don’t risk missing out. Sign up NOW. There is NO OBLIGATION.

DO NOT Delay: Go to www.add20NP.com and Sign Up for this No-Charge Training NOW!

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New Year, New Patients

- Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Hey Doc!

Welcome to the weekly update!

In our new podcast episode, we talked about "New Year, New Patients". I find that most practices I have worked with aren't getting enough new patients, and those that have, aren't getting them consistently. The reason that we have grown at least 15% every single year is that we constantly promote the practice to grow it. Here, I talked about how to grow your NP in 2019 and plan your year. In that vein, we are doing a FREE webinar on how to add 20 NP a month to your practice, check it out herehttps://www.add20np.com. It will fill up fast, so please register ASAP.  It's going out to the whole profession and we only have 500 spots on the system.

In episode 91, I interviewed Charles Martin, DDS. Dr Martin was a widely successful dentist running a multi-million dollar practice. He is also a top coach to the dental and other health care professions. I had the chance to meet him at a Dan Kennedy event. I can tell you that I was at the lobby bar with a notepad scribbling notes from him at 10pm, way past my bedtime. One of the smartest guys I have ever met in healthcare. Check it out here.

Hope you have a great holiday! Don't forget to plan for 2019 and get ready for your best year ever. Start off by signing up for my free webinar, "How to Quickly and Easily add 20 NP A Month to your practice without spinal screenings or Facebook lead ads."  Sign up here:  https://www.add20np.com

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Interview with Dr Charles Martin, Dentist, coach

- Thursday, December 13, 2018

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this weekly update! Everyone is in holiday mode right now, but don't let that stop you from learning and growing your practice!

In this week's interview episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Charles Martin. Dr Martin is a dentist who practiced well over 30 years. In addition to having a very successful dental practice, he is a top-level coach to dentists and other health care professionals. He has been learning marketing, practice management, and business growth for over 30 years. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a Dan Kennedy Seminar. I have been around all the top people in marketing and healthcare, and I can tell you, Charles is a genius. He had me taking notes at 10pm--well past my bedtime--while dispensing his wisdom at the hotel bar. Check it out here.

In the prior solocast, I talked about the Holidays. Now, holidays can be a little bit of a slump. But, if you take your foot totally off the gas and let your practice cruise, you will find it much harder to grow in the spring. It's important not to take it too slow, but also to enjoy the season! Here are my thoughts on that here.

I have a special webinar coming up in the new year. I haven't made it pubic yet, but I want you to be first on the list. We will quickly fill out the spots for the limited bandwidth we have for this, and it will be rolling out nationally in a few weeks. It's a free webinar entitled, "How to quickly and easily add 20 NP a month to your practice, without spinal screenings or Facebook lead ads."  This is nuts-and-bolts material on how to get more NP with an average of 100 per month.  I will unveil many new secrets, so be the first to sign up and tell your friends.

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Holiday Time

- Thursday, December 06, 2018

Hey Doc!

Welcome to the weekly update!

On my last episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Carlos Redlich. Carlos is one of the top copy writing experts in the world. He works with high-level clients and runs high-level mastermind programs all over the world. He was introduced to me by fellow friend, Chris Widener.  Chris hosts one of the top podcast in the country and was Jim Rohn's mentee.

This week, I did a solocast. In this episode, I talked about "Holiday Times". The Holidays are coming and it is certainly a fun and festive time. However, if we don't plan well in marketing our practice, we may be paying for that for many months in advance. Keep your practice growing through the holidays, check it out here.

Looking to grow your practice in 2019? Check out my Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course. This 5-part course will help you put gasoline on your growth. Check out the five-module system toolkit with audio CDs and workbook here.

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Interview with Copywriting Expert, Carlos Redlich

- Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this week's update! We didn't post an episode last week because everyone was too busy shopping and eating turkey to listen!

This week's release is an interview with Carlos Redlich. Carlos is a top copywriter, writing sales letters for some of the top people in the business. He is a direct response copywriter in the tradition of Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton and most of the greats. He also runs a Mansion Mastermind with some of the top people in the business. Hear what he has to say about advertising, growing your business, and more.

In the last episode, I did my solocast on "Strategy vs Tactics". Too often we want to know how to do the marketing tactic. But we don't understand why and the reason behind it. For example, many 'gurus' are pushing chiropractors on lead ads on Facebook. Ok, so we get a bunch of leads who never show up, you have to call 10 times, and then, they don't want to pay for the services. What is the benefit of this? Let's first figure out our strategy. Do we just want leads who come in once? Or, is our strategy to build long term patients who pay, stay, and refer? Let's find out!

If you are enjoying the podcast and want a more in-depth training to grow your practice, I have printed our Chiropractic Mastery Course. This physical course has 5 modules on audio CD and a workbook to go with it. The modules include setting up a marketing calendar, patient retention, practice systems, new patients 101, and Day 1 and Day 2 training with the actual scripts I used. Check out the course here.

Order from this email and I will throw in my video training on how to properly run a Patient Appreciation Day, this is a $37 value, yours for free if you order this week. We sold a bunch of these for Black Friday, so I only have a dozen or so left to ship, and then we have to make another run, so hurry up!

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Strategy vs Tactics

- Friday, November 16, 2018

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this week's update!

This week's podcast episode is about strategy vs tactics. I just returned from a 4-day seminar with Dan Kennedy. It's an incredible material and i will be sure to pass along some more lessons to you. This is really a high level marketing stuff! The lesson I turned into a podcast was strategy vs tactics. Well, you see at these seminars, or even when i am speaking or coaching, everyone wants to know about the latest and greatest tactics like how do I run a Facebook ad, carousel, lead form, boost or run as ad. So specific tactics. While I do teach these things, we shouldn't be focused on this first. Instead, we should focus on the strategy. Well, why are we running Facebook ads? To get new clients, or get a bunch of leads that never show up and your staff have to keep calling and they never show? Whats our ideal patient, whats our long term goal? Check out more here...

In case you missed the last episode, I had the pleasure to interview Bond Halbert. If you are not aware, Bond's father is Gary Halbert. He is widely regarded as the greatest copywriter who ever lived. He trained today's great copywriters including Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, and etc. Bond talked about growing up with one of the most famous marketers in the world. He also talked about his current marketing empire, and keeping his Dad's legacy alive. So listen in here...

Finally, I have some exciting news! Our Practice Mastery Course is now finished into a physical product. Not everyone loves downloads! So, we had it printed up on a good old-fashioned CDSS, printed in a binder and the notes professionally printed! They are getting delivered Friday. So two things:

  1. If you already bought the course, many of you did, and you want the physical copy, i am going to upgrade you for FREE. Just email me the receipt and your address cause i may not have it!
  2. If you do not have it yet, I am going to give you a pre-arrival special. If you purchase it here.

We may not even have shipping address on there yet, so email me if not, and if you order before 11/20/18, I am going to throw in my video training on how to run a Patient Appreciation Day. This is an old chiropractic favorite, but I will show you how to plan and put a modern twist on it. This is to show you how we get 25 NP every time we run it. Again, this is the pre-launch special and it will not be available after 11/20.

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Marketing Secrets with Bond Halbert, son of the late, great, Gary Halbert

- Thursday, November 08, 2018

Hey Doc!

In this special episode, I have the son of the greatest copywriter ever as my guest. In almost all marketing circles, Gary Halbert is considered the greatest copywriter ever. In addition to selling millions of dollars in materials, his newsletter, the Gary Halbert Newsletter, was monumental in the marketing field and is still very popular. He also authored several books, including the Boron Letters with his son Bond Halbert. The world was saddened when we lost Gary but his son Bond continued his father's legacy, becoming a great marketer in his own right.  Here's an amazing interview about growing up with one of the greatest marketers ever, and sharing his own amazing materials. He is a legend and it was truly an honor!

So, a lot of docs ask me how to add some revenue to their clinic. There are a million of ways to do that, and I can show you many of them. Every clinic has its own unique challenges, and I have seen them all! So, for this week only, I'm offering a special call. I am giving away 5 free phone consultations where I will show you how to add $100k or more to your chiropractic or healthcare clinic's bottom line. I only have time for five, so click the link below and fill out the form as soon as you read this. If you are one of the first 5, it's absolutely FREE and available for this limited time only. No sales pitch, no fluff.  Quite simply, I'll show you how to add $100k to your bottom line!


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The Safety Net

- Friday, November 02, 2018
Dr. James Fedich - The Safety Net
Dr. James Fedich - The Safety Net
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Thank You NFL!

- Friday, October 26, 2018

Hey Doc!

Check out my weekly update.

In my solocast episode this week, I thank the NFL. Can you believe that? Well, I used to be a huge NFL fan. I was a season ticket holder, wore all the clothes, went to all the games...the whole 9 yards. Well, it became less prominent when the kids arrived, but the protests got me to finally stop watching. What did I realize? The NFL was a giant time vampire, sucking away my time every week! What is a time vampire in your life?

In my interview episode, I interviewed Dr. Chad Woolner. Dr Woolner is Dr. Chirofunnels. He is a Clickfunnels expert, and not just because he says so.  He is actually a very close friend and neighbor to Russel Brunson, the founder of Clickfunnels. Here are his amazing marketing secrets.

I also want to tell you about a new product we just released:  the Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course!  This 5-part course reveals the secrets of exceeding all your practice goals and it is jam-packed with value.  Here are the key components:

✓ Setting up your marketing calendar
✓ Keeping patients longer
✓ Getting patients to stay, pay, and refer
✓ New Patients 101! Dozens of ways on how we generate 100 NP a month
✓ Day 1 training
✓ Day 2 training
✓ Practice systems: how to get your office to run like a Swiss watch whether you are there or not
✓ Over 4 hours of audio recordings
✓ Module notes included
✓ Real examples from a real successful clinic used today
✓ The best most current ways to grow your practice in 2018-2019

This product has just been assembled and will be available for a limited time only! So, check it out here before it goes back in to the vault forever!

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Traits the Best Chiropractors Share

- Friday, October 19, 2018

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this week's update! I have two great podcast episodes for you this week!

In my solocast, I talked about "practice". Not being in practice, but how much practice, or time does it take. Practice management seminars are filled with gurus, many of whom hardly ever practiced, talking about how clients see 300 visits a week, in only 4 months into practice. In the real world, this hardly ever happens. Success takes time, persistence and concentrated effort, here are my thoughts.

In this episode, we have Dr. Stephan Smith. Dr. Smith practiced in California for over 30 years running a very successful multiple-associate practice there. He then went on to join Gibson management, with Chuck Gibson, where he subsequently coached and mentored hundreds of chiropractors over his distinguished career. He also has a unique story as he has had chronic back problems his whole life, including multiple back surgeries. He shares some special insights into practice, practice growth, and associates. He also shared his experience selling his practice and what life is like being retired. One of the most insightful episodes I have done to date...I learned a ton! Check out Dr Smith here!

I also want to tell you about a new product we just released. We just unveiled our Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course! This 5-part course reveals the secrets of exceeding all your practice goals.

✓ Setting up your marketing calendar
✓ Keeping patients longer
✓ Getting patients to stay, pay, and refer
✓ New Patients 101! Dozens of ways on how we generate 100 NP a month
✓ Day 1 training
✓ Day 2 training
✓ Practice systems: how to get your office to run like a Swiss watch whether you are there or not
✓ Over 4 hours of audio recordings
✓ Module notes included
✓ Real examples from a real successful clinic used today
✓ The best most current ways to grow your practice in 2018-2019

This product has just been assembled and will be available for a limited time only! So, check it out here, before it goes back in to the vault forever!

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THis is NO Bull...Just plain facts

- Friday, October 12, 2018

Hey Doc!

This week's update is no Bull! I have 2 great episodes for you where the truth is revealed and nothing is held back.

In my interview episode, I have Dr. Jerry Kennedy, DC. Dr. Kennedy is a chiropractor and is now the host of the Black Sheep DC. It's a podcast movement popular in Facebook. He is dubbed as the black sheep for his thoughts and procedures, as they go against the conventional thinking of many chiropractors. In one of my most open interviews, he shared what it was like going through a tough stretch in practice, a divorce, and ultimately the closing of his practice. He opens up greatly here, having prevailed and is now helping other doctors grow their practices. Check out this great episode here.

In my solocast, I talk about AGE. I have been thinking of age lately, as my 40th birthday is fast approaching! After I bought a sports car, it was time to think about where I was in life. At the same time, I was reading Bob Spitz's new biography about Ronald Reagan. It's a great book, not political at all, just his life story. Ronald was a divorced, out-of-work actor at 40. He was broke and in despair. At 50, he was re-married and after a semi-successful TV show, he was out of work and broke AGAIN with no prospects. Obviously, Reagan's story has a happy ending, but Ronald didn't become president till age 69. So, when we think we are getting too old, let's reflect on Ronald's life. Remember, he didn't even start politics till his 50's but he is regarded by many as one of the best presidents. So, age is just a number after all! Here we talk about that!

I also want to tell you about a new product we just released. We just unveiled our Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course! This 5-part course reveals the secrets of exceeding all your practice goals.

✓ Setting up your marketing calendar
✓ Keeping patients longer
✓ Getting patients to stay, pay, and refer
✓ New Patients 101! Dozens of ways on how we generate 100 NP a month
✓ Day 1 training
✓ Day 2 training
✓ Practice systems: how to get your office to run like a Swiss watch whether you are there or not
✓ Over 4 hours of audio recordings
✓ Module notes included
✓ Real examples from a real successful clinic used today
✓ The best most current ways to grow your practice in 2018-2019

This product has just been assembled and will be available for a limited time only! So, check it out here, before it goes back in to the vault forever!

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What the doctor told me...

- Friday, October 05, 2018

Hey Doc!

Welcome to this week's update! In my solocast episode, I gave the nuts and bolts on how to speak to medical doctors and book lunches. This is a real nuts-and-bolts episode on how to grow your practice by working with medical doctors. I'll teach you how to get into the office to give lunch talks and to gain more referrals and gain more business over time. This is all practical information that I usually only reserve for my private coaching clients. I will reveal how we do this with success in our clinic!

In my weekly interview episode, I spoke with Dr Kevin Christie. Dr Christie has built a thriving sports practice. He has tried many marketing approaches over the years, but he finally dialed it in to get a highly successful practice. In addition to his thriving practice, he is also the host and admin of the modern chiropractic marketing show in itunes and podcasts everywhere. He also hosts the popular Facebook group by the same name. He shares a wealth of practical chiropractic marketing knowledge and strategy.

Product of the Week

If you are looking for some help in adding more new patients into your practice, check out my product, How to Add 20 NP a Month to your Practice. Inside this product, we reveal my best tips and tactics in getting new patients for 2018 and 2019. I'll give you actual examples of ads and promotions that we are currently using in our multimillion dollar clinic. I'll walk you through our monthly promotions and special offers! This is available for members in the members vault for no charge! Otherwise, click here to purchase.

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Are you lying?

- Friday, September 28, 2018

Hey Doc!

So, are you lying? When I talk to my coaching clients over the phone and at seminars, I often hear stories as to what is wrong with their practice and why it isn't successful. Is it the economy? Is it the president or is it the insurance company, etc.? But the first thing I ask from new coaching clients is their most recent 90 days worth of practice statistics. You see, the doctors tell me what they think is wrong with the practice but ultimately, the numbers never lie. The practice statistics will tell me what is actually wrong in their practice. In my solocast, I discussed the fact that numbers never lie!

In my interview episode, I have Dr. Rick Boatwright as my guest. Dr. Rick has been in practice for 30 years. In addition to running a practice for all these years, he is also a certified copywriter. This means he has taken courses and is trained in writing ads, brochures, and other materials. Ultimately, everyone is marketing and selling themselves. Dr. Rick not only does that for his own office, but other offices as well! Listen in as he talks about his amazing career in chiropractic and copywriting! Here is his site.

I hope you are ramping up your practice. This is growth time for your clinic. Summer is when we held down the fort...maybe for some, time off. But now, we are in full swing for practice building season. This time until the holidays is a great time for growth. Time to put the pedal to the medal.

If you want to turbocharge your growth, we have several spots open in our programs. Our online access starts at just $97 a month, check it out here.

Buy before October 1 and get a free 30-min strategy call with Dr. J!
Normal value is $300!

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My uncensored opinion on what it takes to be a successful chiropractor

- Friday, September 21, 2018

Hey Doc!

This week, I have my solo-cast episode where I talked about what it takes to be a successful chiropractor. Many coaching clients and doctors talked to me about wanting to be successful, but when we talked about working 6 days a week, staying late, going to marketing seminars and putting in the extra effort, the tone changes. Here are my thoughts on what it really takes.

In my interview episode, I talked with Sheri Needham from StoneyBrook. Sheri credits chiropractic for helping her save her life as well as for letting her own Stoneybrook Publishing for many years. This publishing expert has direct marketing for chiropractic practices. She shared her insights on how to get and keep new clients in 2018 to 2019 and beyond. She is actually our representative for my clinic at Stoneybrook, and her email is sheri@stoneybrookpublishing.com. They do all my newsletters, birthday cards, new mover campaigns and much more. If you tell them that we have sent you, you will get a discount.

Finally, I have released a product out from our member's vault. Most of the coaching clients I spoke with want to gain more new patients. Of course, we can help in all areas of practice, but getting more new patients is a big problem for many clinics. So, I put together a course, How to Get 20 extra NP per month in your clinic. This is usually only for members and contains some of my best tactics to increase your NP flow. Click here to check it out. It will be back in the members vault soon!

Special Early Release Email Subscriber Bonus:
Buy before October 1 and get a free 30min strategy call with Dr. J!
Normal value is $300!

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Disturbing Things I do on the Phone

- Monday, September 17, 2018

Hey Doc,

I want to tell you about some disturbing things that I do on the phone. I'm on the phone a lot throughout the week. I do my podcast interviews on a recorded phone line once or twice per week. I am also on the phone with my private coaching clients several times per week. In fact, the other day I was doing a teleconference for an hour, then a podcast interview, then private coaching calls. It was three straight hours of me talking on the phone. I never thought I would say this, but I actually got tired of hearing myself talk! I actually had a sore voice for the rest of the day, which probably made my wife happy!

Anyways, so what is the disturbing thing I do on the phone? Do I do my podcast interviews in the nude or something? Or am I drinking whiskey while on my coaching calls? No, neither of those. The disturbing thing I do on the phone is fast forward my client's growth. See, most people think we have to grow slow, and while success does take time, you can hit the fast forward button. How do you do that? By learning from a proven mentor. Not a mentor who practiced for three years or 25 years ago, someone who went through the challenges you are going through, in this decade. In fact, there aren’t too many challenges I haven’t seen building my clinic from scratch to 2 million per year.

So, if you want to fast forward your success, learn from someone who actually is in the trenches today, who has and still does operate a successful practice, Apply for Coaching Today! Click here to see if spots are available.


Dr J

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The Safety Net

- Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Dr. James Fedich Featured in Chiropractic Economics

I remember not long after enrolling in chiropractic school, and well before graduation, realizing that chiropractors don’t have a safety net. I have come to see now, after 14 years in practice and coaching and speaking to hundreds of chiropractors, that this lack of a back-up plan is one of our biggest challenges.

MDs versus DCs

First of all, doctors have always been an entrepreneurial bunch. That includes MDs, DCs, DOs, and DPMs. Many years ago, you had to open your own practice and most doctors did. But, for most specialists—particularly the MDs—there is always a back-up plan. The most obvious being the relationship between medical doctors and the hospitals. Consider a recent reallife example:

I had a patient in the other day who said her sister, who was an internal medicine doctor with her own practice, had quit practicing. She had found that in dealing with the Affordable Care Act, and all the associated compliance regulations, she couldn’t run her practice anymore. So she quit and got a job at an urgent care center. My first thoughts were that must be terrible. In fact, she only works 10 days a month, is making more now than when she was in private practice and has more time off.

But keep learning

Keeping the above in mind, you can see what’s happened is that MDs and most specialists can focus on learning techniques for delivering better care. They don’t need to learn marketing, business systems, and so forth. They can focus on learning techniques if they want, and many do. And most DCs would like to focus on learning techniques, too.

Here is the problem: If you can’t keep your practice going, what is your safety net? We only have one choice; we have to learn marketing and business strategies.

First, DCs need to commit to having better opportunities for associates. It is nearly impossible to start a clinic right out of school. Most practice coaches don’t even recommend trying it as they have in the past, given the many new challenges and high levels of student debt.

We have to create good associate positions where young doctors can learn and make a good wage. If my associates perform well, they can make six figures without doing any spinal screenings, and we need more jobs like this. And second, you need to learn business, marketing, and systems. If you are going to make it today, you need to learn those things. Look for books, seminars, and coaching opportunities. You should be studying business and marketing 10 times more than technique if you are a practice owner. And if you don’t want to teach yourself, you can pay a coach or consultant who will teach you.

Let me make a bold prediction here: Within 10 years or so, you will see hospital systems and other corporations buying chiropractic clinics. Health care is turning into a control game; namely, who can control the patients—look at all the corporate mergers going on in the health care industry.

The medical docs have figured out that we control a lot of patients, and the hospitals will be next. It won’t be too long before we see hospitals buying chiropractic offices for a fair price and paying DCs a salary to be part of the system.

Not all of us will opt in, but you can see the likelihood of many opting for the safety net. In the meantime, work on finding (and later creating) good associate positions, and if you own a clinic, spend more time on business and marketing than you do on technique.

JAMES R. FEDICH, DC, has a successful practice in northern New Jersey. He is a speaker, consultant, a podcast host and the author of multiple books, including Secrets of a Million Dollar Clinic. He can be contacted at drfedich@ milliondollarclinic.com or through drjamesfedich.com.

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Dr. Fedich's Newest Featured Interview: Renegade Business Success Magazine

- Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Dr. James R. Fedich, DC - Renegade Magazine Interview

Well, he’s done it again. Dr. Fedich finds himself as they key featured guest contributor to yet another leading business development publication: The Summer 2017 edition of “Renegade Business Success”. Those following Dr. Fedich know very well his unique marriage of superior chiropractic clinical skills along with resoundingly successful entrepreneurial skills. This latest publication within Renegade Business Success focuses on the latter.

Dr. Fedich, within the article, reflects upon his early years as a skilled clinician but laboring to master the art of business management and development. He discusses freely his “hard-knock” lessons that kept the highly skilled but entrepreneurial-naïve young Dr. Fedich from achieving his overall business objectives. Over the years he’s mastered the entrepreneurial side of the chiropractic service industry and has come to enjoy genuine professional reward in helping other clinicians attain their lofty net-revenue dreams.

This particular article focuses on business development strategies that include external (off-site) events, digital marketing, and traditional marketing initiatives. Click here to enjoy the full article. You can also read a host of other articles and secure numerous insider tips by visiting his website, Dr. James R. Fedich.com.

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Vacation time

- Friday, May 26, 2017

Hey Hey hey! its summer time! Time for pools, boats, hammocks and vacation! You should definitely take a vacation, everyone needs a break. And those of us with kids, we kinda have to take them during summertime, when the kids are off. Plus there are lots of fun things to do in the summer, beach, boats, cruises, Disney, all that fun stuff.

I have always like the long weekend every 90 days, and the week off once or twice a year. The long weekends are great to recharge your batteries. If you are new in practice, don’t have associate, etc, you should probably only be taking the long weekends every 90 days. Just take off a friday, or a thursday and friday, every 90 days, recharge. Once you are more established, you should be taking a week off, at least once a year, maybe twice!

What do you do taking your week vacation? A lot of docs will shut down the practice for a week. I highly do not recommend doing that! They say one week closed in the practice will take you 12 weeks to recover from. So, that is 3 months! That is just to get back to where you were, not grow. If you are trying to grow your practice into a million dollar practice, a three month set back is pretty huge. That is a quarter of the year!

Don’t do it!

So, what to do? Well, like i said earlier, if you are newer in practice, take long weekends, not weeks off. Take off just a friday. Between the long weekends, and holidays, you can push through that for a few years, trust me, i did it!

If you want to take the week, but don’t have associate coverage, hire a locum tenens. Cover doc. You should be able to make money on the time off, but even if you break even, or loose a little, it is worth it. You wont loose that week, which will cost you 3 months, you will capture any emergencies, and your patients will know you are there for them. I remember first doing this, i would not take a salary for the week, and pay this doc, then pay for vacation. I was loosing out big time in the beginning. But you know what, some of those emergency patients are still at the clinic. It pays off in the long run.

So, plan your vacation time a year out. Plan your long weekends, and weeks off. If you don’t plan, something will come up. The office can plan around your schedule.

Get a coverage doctor if you don’t have associate coverage. And enjoy the beach!!

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Topical Analgesics

- Saturday, May 13, 2017

Have you used biofreeze, cryoderm or any of these competitive gels on your patients? I sure have. Why? We are out there promoting and selling someone else’s product. In fact, nothing in the world gets me more upset than the biofreeze story. Biofreeze spread among the health professions quickly. First and mainly on the backs of chiropractors. Then, physical therapist began to use it and sell it as well. As the brand became a household name, based solely on the efforts of health care practitioners, they sold out. GridIron Capital now owns performance health. This is a private equity fund. A bunch of investment bankers. The original owners cashed out, its not sure how much they received, possibly hundreds of millions. They live on an island now i hear. So, you built the brand, they cashed out and made hundreds of millions and live on an island. Now you are handing your money and building the brand for some rich wall street investment bankers, WHY?

To really kick us in the teeth, bio freeze is available at Walmart and CVS

Nice huh?

So we built a brand so owners can sell out and live on an island, and now your promoting for a bunch of bankers?

Why did we do that? Who knows, its not a bad product, but do you see how we built someone else brand? Why not build your own brand? I first got mad at this story, so I switched to a competitor. Cryoderm actually. Which honestly is a better product. But then i realized, i was doing the same thing.

I decided I would build my own brand. Do a private label cream. I called, emailed researched for months. The product is easy to make, there are many labs that can make a decent product. However, everyone i contacted wanted me to order 5000 pieces. Which sounds great, until you do the math and the cost is amazing. However, that is really only a small worry. The big problem is, where do i store this stuff? I did a ton of research, called, emailed a hundred companies to finally find someone that would make small batch custom label product

We actually use this on our patients for treatment, we sell it at the front desk, and also, i have been putting it in the shock and awe package! This is the gift box you send to patients, more on that in other blogs.

This company is busy, but i have a special contact that can get you setup with this private label cream, your logo, your practice info, and you can order one case at a time. Per item, it is less than bio freeze and it has your logo on it!

I cant publish their info on here, but you can email me directly, drfedich@milliondollarclinic.com, and i can set you up with them! thanks for reading!

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Internet Marketing Stuff!

- Friday, May 05, 2017

Hello there! I have written and spoken about internet marketing for a while now. It still amazes me the stuff i see out there! So many bad websites, unclaimed google maps, no facebook page. Guys and Gals its 2016, get with it! Ok, i have whole courses on this, but i want to hit up a few major points here.

  1. Get a good custom website. Don't use a canned template a hundred other chiros have. If someone googles chiropractor, your town nj and out of ten docs, 4 have the same site, do you think the patient will pick you? NOPE. How does that look for the profession that we all have canned boring sites. Plus, how will you beat them in search if its all same?
  2. Promote you site! SEO and Pay per click and important. Get up there. SEO is a very complicated game. I suggest you get someone who knows what they are doing. And don't try to cheat the system. Eventually someone will catch you. Also, pay per click is still important.
  3. YOUTUBE. youtube is the number two search engine after google, with over 1 billion users. GET A YOUTUBE PAGE. Upload videos. videos of doc explaining conditions and procedures, testimonial videos, and more!
  4. Facebook. Get a business facebook page. Make it look good!Post on it daily. Get likes. Facebook advertising is a whole course, but it works. Targeted video ads are the best bang for your buck in 2016. There is not enough space here for that, but it works.
  5. Google Maps. Get your google maps page looking good, get the hours, website on there, make sure the map is in the right location, make it look nice, upload pictures. Then get reviews. I have other posts on how to do that.

That is basics of your internet profile. Much of this can be done by a competent company for you. If you would like me to make a recommendation, email me, drfedich@milliondollarclinic.com

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Newsletter Marketing

- Saturday, April 08, 2017

With all the online marketing i do, clients are always surprised how much i like direct mail! I still mail paper postcards all the time, I mail thanksgiving and Christmas cards, and i mail an actual paper newsletter to all my active patients every month! People still like getting mail, and with less direct mail, this stuff works even better! In addition, it keeps you in the loop with your patients!

Do a monthly newsletter, not a regular email newsletter but a real newsletter in paper format, and send them out to your patients monthly. It is expensive and will cost you some money but I am going to highly recommend it.

Newsletter tips: Doing it yourself is great. Make it nice and pretty with a personal touch, talk about you and your staff. Write stories about you, your family, your kids, your staff and other personal stories. Printing is probably going to be expensive, probably over a dollar to print a newsletter. You can do a four page newsletter where it folds into a half-piece paper and mailed that way. We use a company called Stony Bridge Publishing. This is their website: http://www.stoneybrookpublishing.com/. Tell them Dr. James Fedich sent you and you can get a discount. They will waive your set-up fee. My contact is Sheri. Their prices are unbeatable. There are also other companies out there and some that are less health-care specific. If you can’t do this, then do an email newsletter.

Some questions I get asked are: How far back in my contacts list do I need to go? Do I send a newsletter to a patient who has been with me for ten years or longer? I pretty much do that. We send our newsletters to all active patients, well over 3,000 names. They haven’t moved, died, or told us to leave them alone. And they are not patients that we have sent to collections or anything like that. If you want to start small, you can start with 6 months active, one year active, two years active, and so on. Eventually, just send out newsletters to all active patients. The more newsletters you mail, the better you are going to be. Older patients could hand referrals to others based on your newsletters.

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Health Fair

- Thursday, March 09, 2017

Here is a good idea to help grow your practice! Start a health fair! If you have a good parking lot and space do it right at your clinic. If you don't find a spot! A good idea is to team up with a non-profit in your area, It will give you some credibility, attract vendors, get free advertising and more! So,set out to get a few vendors in beginning. You want someone who works with you, similar patients to you, etc. So, professions that work well together, chiropractor, physical therapy, podiatrist, gyms, yoga studio, essential oils, vitamins, nutrition, counselors, fitness groups, mom group, etc! Use your imagination. Once you get the ball rolling on this it is easy! I charge the vendors a small fee, this goes to non-profit. If you make it free, you will get people who aren’t serious. I charged 50 dollars our first year.

Pick a good day for the event, its going to have to be during the weekend. We do it on a Sunday 1-4. Kids have soccer and sports on a Saturday, Sunday am is church and family, try to squeeze it in after that. Of course local changes make a big difference.

Other things to consider, have some food, people can pay for food, get some music, pay someone to play guitar, etc, and maybe something for the kids, we have found a bounce house always works well!

Get a table for the vendors. Now, most will have a table, and if you cant get any, just have them bring them.

Now spread the word!! We sent postcards to all our patients, we did a radio campaign for three weeks, posters all over town, and a few email blasts. Start lower budget and move up!

The day of the event, get everyone setup an hour early, then start getting patients! You want to be doing some sort of screening and making appointments, not just handing out flyers. Also, make sure to network with the other vendors!

Why do all this work yourself? Your in charge of the event, your in charge of who can come, you gain credibility and networking! Give it a shot!

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- Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Referrals should be the lifeblood of any practice. In fact i can probably tell exactly what is going on in your practice by the number of referrals you are getting. Less than 10 a month, you got big problems. 10-20, doing ok, over 20, your doing it right! Pretty easy. that is the number per month by the way! So, if your not getting over 20 a month, lets do things to improve! Most of getting referrals is taking good care of the patient in the office. Now, that doesn’t mean making them feel better or giving them great care, in fact, that has little to do with getting referrals. People expect you to be good clinically, it is not surprising, you should be helping people, that is your job! That is the biggest thing i can tell docs about referrals, you will not get them for being good clinically, i can promise that! You must exceed expectations to get referrals! How do you do that?

All the little stuff in the office. Too much to go over here. But, friendly staff, well dressed, nice office, smells nice, looks neat and clean, updated furniture, painted in last 5 years, etc. All that adds up!

Best tip to increase referrals? Paint the office! if its been more than five years, paint the office, referrals will go up. Keep the office neat and clean. Get the carpets steamed at least once a year. Trust me, this little stuff adds up! If you paint the walls and steam the carpets, your referrals will go up! Another easy in office idea is to mix up the decor. Patients get bored looking at the same thing over and over again. Move the furniture around, change the pictures around, mix things up!

Ok, you must wow the patients to get referrals. How? Here are some ideas, New patient welcome box! all new patients get a welcome box mailed to their house. Monthly newsletters, birthday cards! Send your patients birthday cards, there are companies that will do that. We use storybook publishing for both newsletter and bday cards! Tell them i sent you for a discount! Go to http://www.stoneybrookpublishing.com/, ask for Sheri, she waves the setup fee for all my clients. Tell her Dr Fedich sent you for a special deal and free setup!

Here is the big one that will bring them in! Send them a shock and awe package. When a new patient comes into our clinic, we immediately mail them out a priority mail box with some goodies in it! Its a small box that we stuff with goodies and a welcome letter. What do you put in there? Make it relevant to you. We include a customized ice pack, one of the bags to bring to grocery store with our logo on it, few samples, and some small things. Get some customized stuff with your logo on it. We have also gone to oriental trading and bought some inexpensive stuff there to put in. This one will really impress the patients. WE have a stack already made up, and when the patient comes in, you personalize it and send it off!

Oldie but goodies! Patient treatment calls. Call all the patients after the first treatment. Old but effective. How are you feeling, better same or worse. Record how they are feeling and talk to them about their care. This goes a long way. Think how impressive, the patient gets a call from the doctor after the treatment, then the next day gets a box in the mail from you? This will inspire referrals. Most referrals come in the beginning of the patient coming in, so, impress in the beginning!

Referral thank you! Sent something for the referral. Now, many states have laws about how much you can gift patients, as well as federal laws with medicare and medicaid. Look up your laws. But if you cant send a small gift, send a handwritten card, probably even better.

What else? Internal events. We do events in our office all the time, wine tasting, pet adoption, appreciation days, etc. Give your patients something to talk about

Ask them for referrals!

Give them tools for referrals, free consult cards, emails, etc!


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Pet Adoption Drive

- Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Here is a nice little promotion we do in the office. Pet Food and Pet adoption drive!

Here is how it works, pick a week, any week. We do it in august because not much else is going on around then. During the week, any new patient who brings in a minimum size of dog food, gets a free exam, consultation and report of findings. Then on Saturday, any existing patient can receive a free treatment for a bag of food. We are doing during the week, new clients only for free exams, and the Saturday, which we are normally closed, we are opened 11-1, free food, free chiropractic for anyone who donates food, and we are having a local shelter bring pets for adoption. So, that is the promo! There are other ways to do it, you can do both new and regular on the weekday, or during the sat. We are doing the special Saturday to have the regular patients come in a separate day, and also not to have the animals upset the other people in our plaza!

You can also just do during the week for the pet food drive, and dont do adoption, either way.

How do you promote it?

Patient newsletter

Signs in office


Press release

That is about it!

its a good little summer promo, try it out, give me a shout! drfedich@milliondollarclinic.com

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Ugly Sweater

- Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hey There! Hope you are ending your year in a big way! Don’t totally throw in the towel during the holiday season. I speak to doctors all the time who take off for two weeks for the holiday, then they wonder why they are slow in January and February. Its definitely important to take time to spend with your family, just dont shut down the practice! Get some coverage, split time with associates, keep pretty normal hours. You may slow down a little bit, but you wont have so much to recover!

I actually enjoy working around the holidays! We decorate the outside of the office, the inside of the office, and have lots of fun! Patients bring cookies, presents, all sorts of stuff during the weeks of the holidays! Not great for your waistline, but its fun!

We also do some fun holiday events, this year we are doing an ugly sweater day! see our facebook page here.


We have also done cookie contest to see which patient made the best cookie, holiday parties, and all sorts of stuff to make it fun! Its also a good time to catch up on projects and set up the new year. We use some downtime to catch up, straighten up, and get ready our promotions for the next year! SO, enjoy the holidays.!!!

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Online Appointments

- Friday, December 09, 2016

DO you allow your patients to make appointments online? How about paperwork online?

Well, you should! Make it happen. There is not a lot to write about this, but i will give you some basics

  1. Have your new patient intake paperwork online. You can have the paperwork as a PDF on your website. This will save the patient and you time, as they can fill it out online ahead of time. I know there may be specific paperwork based on their specific conditions, etc. You can have multiple forms on the site, or just your basic intake. That is what we do, just have the basic intake needed for all patients on there, and then you can have condition specific paperwork done in office. I think it is too confusing to have all that info on the website.
  2. Let patients make appointments online. I would recommend two sections, new patient appointments, and regular patient appointments. You don’t want to have your schedule all messed up! If your site is built using wordpress, there are very easy plugins that will do that. I had used a wordpress plugin on my prior site. But now, i have a custom site and the appointment part was custom made. Long story short, this is a job for your website team! Hopefully that isn’t You! I can refer you to several companies. Make sure you limit the appointment slots available, maybe only one or two, and don’t let people make online appointments in your busiest slots. Most of the programs will email your front desk staff. Pretty simple


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Back to School

- Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Well, it is August 31st here, and in the northeast, that means back to school! many of you are already back to school in the south and west. But here in the northeast, its back to school week! So, what does that have to do with your practice? Well, one thing, it usually messes everything up for a few weeks. For most of us! Now, i know dentists get slammed before back to school. All the college kids want their teeth looking good before school, and all the parents want to get it done before the hustle and bustle of school begins. Also, hair dressers get very busy, and of course back to school shopping takes off like crazy! Targets and walmarts and staples are busy. So, what does this mean for you in private practice? Well, for most of us, it means a couple of off weeks to be honest. Parents are going crazy getting ready, starting the school routine. They will usually miss appointments, wont come in for two weeks etc. Also, we see our teachers don’t come in, but once this two weeks is up, they start flocking back to the clinic!

Why am I bringing all this up for a million dollar practice? Well, simply it will mess you up for two weeks. Don’t fret about it, don’t stress, and I would say don’t try to change it. Some holidays and seasons we can market people in, etc, but For me, back to school you cant beat. Parents are just too busy, and they are going to miss some appointments. I'm telling you these two weeks have to have the highest missed appointment rates for most docs. What do you do?

  1. Don’t schedule major promotions during this time, no one will come!
  2. Do something for teachers. They are usually the best patients for most of us. They pay, stay, refer, and usually have good insurance. There are several teachers promotions you can do
  3. Get ready! Cause usually right after this, if your keeping in touch with your patients via newsletter, etc, they will come rushing in. Vacations are over, Holidays are far down the road, there is not much distraction until thanksgiving. This gives you a few months of growth.
  4. Fine tune your procedures, make sure all the little things are going very well! Fine tune your scripts and procedures

That is about it! This one you cant fight, you may be a little off for two weeks, but go enjoy labor day, and get ready, cause after that it is time to grow! There are growing seasons in a practice. Its hard to go up in august when everyone is away, or December when people are consumer with holidays, but after September and spring are the times to grow the clinic!

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Summer Slow Down?

- Friday, July 22, 2016

A lot of doctors complain of a summer slow down. They just slow down July and august, everyone is on vacation. I hear the same thing around the holidays. Well, June was just our best month ever, and we just had our best week every in July. So, i don’t believe it! well, what happens?

Do people go away in the summer more? Of course they do, i am not going to argue that. However most people do not go away longer than a week. Only in really wealthy areas where people have summer homes do you see that. That is not a problem for most of us. If you practice in one of those few areas, I suppose you would just have to prepare for the slow down, cut back staff, store cash and take some time off. I cant imagine there are all that many areas like that.

So, what happens for the rest of us.

Few things. Usually the doctors and therapist want to take a lot of vacation time. This is the main reason for the slow down. If your not treating people for two weeks or more, it will take 10 weeks to recover the lost volume for volume business like chiropractic and physical therapy. SO, you think your only taking two weeks all summer, but it will take the rest of the summer to recoup. Now, this depends on your practice size, etc. The bigger the practice and more coverage you have the less of a setback. But if your still the major treating person, this is the ratio about 1 week vacation 6 weeks to get numbers up 2 weeks 12 weeks to get them back! So, what do i want you to do, never take vacation? Of course not.

Small vacations are great, a long weekend every 90 days is good, take a Friday, or Thursday and Friday every 90 days. Do that all year. I would highly recommend it. Then take your week. Just plan when you take it, and realize what is going to happen to the practice.

What else can you do about summer slow down?

Make sure you continue to run promotions. I do the TV promo during the summer which works well

Stagger staff vacations so you don’t loose too much momentum

I am not a fan of shutting down the whole clinic for a week or two for summer break.

Make sure you have coverage. If your a solo doc or therapist, hire a fill in per diem. You want to continue treatment and be available for emergency.

Don’t get the summer head, where you want to leave early every night and BBQ. You have to keep your head into the practice!


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Thanksgiving card?

- Sunday, July 17, 2016

Here is something a little different for your marketing! I am definitely not the first one to recommend it, but it works! So, a lot of practices send a Christmas card. A good idea, no doubt. But, think about it for a minute. How many Christmas cards do you get? A hundred? I don’t know about you, but I don’t even see most of them. They come in the mail, my wife hangs them on the wall on some sort of Christmas card holder and I never even see most of them. Maybe she points out one or two who have new kids, or something like that, but I walk right past them every day. At the office we get them from vendors, suppliers, doctors, etc, so I get a lot of them! Now, it is nice to think of your patients during that time of year, but you’re probably getting lost in the shuffle. You're just one of the hundreds of cards out there. Also, we have gotten so sensitive and politically correct around the holidays. A Jewish person certainly doesn’t want a Christmas card, better call it a holiday card, but guess what, Jehovah witness don’t like that either.

So, what to do? WE send thanksgiving cards! Why, well you’re thankful for them being your patient, and no one else is sending them! How many thanks giving cards do you get? Probably none. That is something for your patients to talk about now isn’t it! You can put an offer in there, or not, I can justify either way. Sometimes it’s nice to make contact with your patients without selling them anything. You can buy them and address them yourself, I use storybook publishing, they do the whole thing for me, and they personalize the card which is cool. It will say Dear Jim, Happy Thanksgiving, etc. They do the whole thing; you never even see the cards. Pretty cool. SO, give it a try this year!



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Teachers Appreciation

- Saturday, July 16, 2016

Teachers are great people, they lead, teach and inspire our children. Also, my wife and family are all teachers, and they usually have good insurance! They really are the best patients for many practices, they are usually very respectful, don’t miss appointments, have coverage, have stress, and are likely a candidate for your service.

So, if this is true, you should work to recruit, or encourage teachers. So, how do you do that? Well, i have tried several ways over the years, and I will touch on some of them here.

Teachers appreciation lunch. This is a pretty good one. Teachers appreciation day is in May, I believe it is May 9th every year. Most schools will celebrate the whole week. We have seen schools make a really big deal about it, and have something special each day, and some totally ignore it! Either way you win, if they aren’t doing anything, and you do, well, your a hero, and if they are already planning a lot of stuff, you get in there.

Here is the problem, schools usually have a lot of gatekeepers and rules. So there are several ways to get to the boss man/ woman. Get a patient to intro it, and intro you. Probably the best way, you should have a patient at each school in your area. Get an intro, go from there. You can also try to contact the boss directly. This can be done, just be patient. You will have to go through a secretary, probably a few other people. Be patient. Smooze.

Go to the PTA. This works great. If the PTA is running the appreciation week, they will be happy to help. A quick online search should turn up info on the PTA president.

So, what do you do next. There are a few options

  1. Buy them lunch. Easy! if its a smaller school, or even larger, buy them all lunch! Just get subs and cut them up small. Then see how much you can get in during lunch. Will they let you do a quick talk? Great, maybe not, maybe bring a massage therapist to do free chair massage and talk you up. Or just drop off lunch with brochures and COUPONS! I actually did that once got a handful of great patients. Don’t be too pushy, but a little bit! You want to come back next year.
  2. Chair massages. Bring, hire a massage therapist, tell them free 5 minute chair massage each staff. They will love it. Give them each a bag of swag from your office, pens, pads, shirts, whatever and some coupons. Make sure the massage therapist talks up your office. If your a chiropractor or physical therapist, make sure the massage therapist finds some problems you can fix!
  3. IN office massage. I have offered a discounted or even free massage in the office, to get them in, if you have a massage therapist.

I have also tried teachers happy hour, invite them for a drink and apps, didn't work! Use your head and think about it, and get the teachers in the door! GOOD LUCK!

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E-Mail Marketing

- Friday, July 15, 2016

Despite the reports stating otherwise, email marketing is not dead. I have been reading about for years that email is dead, all the best marketing people aren’t using email, social media is king, etc, etc. Guess what these people are back to saying now? Get your email list!! Well, what happened?

Well, people were getting too much email with the advances in constant contact mail chimp, infusion soft, etc. It became cheap and easy to email people. Business emailed way way too much, users stopped opening them. So, business owners said email was dead.

So, they switch to social media, facebook, twitter, others. Until one day Facebook for example, made it so only a small percentage of your followers would see a post, less than would actually see your email. Uh oh! Now, you have no control over your list and if you want 20 percent of your followers to see something you have to pay extra. And what if facebook shuts its doors tom, or says, no more business pages? UH OH!!!

so, the people that told me years ago to stop building an email list, or now saying to build your email list, thank god i didn’t listen the first time!

Why have a good email list?

  1. your in control, your list, your names, choose when to email them
  2. Open rates are better than you think!
  3. Its easy to forward an email to a friend!

So, you can easily get 20 percent to open your emails. Our average is above that for years! you must learn to write a good headline, have an interesting message.

Now, you think 20 percent isn’t that good? Well, your facebook posts aren’t getting 20 percent of your own followers. Do you think 20 percent of the people reading the paper see your ad? I doubt it, its actually pretty good!

Plus, people can go back and re-read it, send to a friend, search for it later, print it out. There are a lot of options!

So, email isn’t dead. Make sure you are capturing the emails of all your new clients. I use constant contact, it is easy to use, cheap, and effective. Mail chimp is also popular, and there are more sophisticated ones as well.

SO, get some email address and make sure to email your clients a few times a month!

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If your not first your last

- Thursday, July 14, 2016

If your not first your last! I think Ricky Bobby said it best! While it was a silly movie its a great point. A million people have said it a million other ways, but i think that puts it pretty simply! Many doctors and therapist aim for certain goals, like a million dollars a year or 300 visits a week, or whatever goal. And those are great! And they keep you going, and you bring them up incrementally, good work! However, your number one goal should be to be number one in your marketplace. You want to be first in the market, the first office people think of for physical therapy, chiropractic, pain management, podiatry, whatever your doing! Not only do you want to be number one, you then want to dominate the market. So, if you are seeing 200 patients a week, and go down the street is seeing 175, well, your number one, that is good,but your not dominating. That should be your next goal, you see 400 a week and they see 120, now your dominating. Not that practice building is a zero sum game, everyone can win, but when you win your marketplace, life gets easier!

If you are dominating, you are not competing, your the only office people think of for what you do. YOU OWN IT! Own your marketplace.

Why do you need to own your marketplace?

Several reasons

  1. Its a goal to set above a volume, and to keep you going. Like i said early, if your doing 200 visits a week, and everyone else is below 150, well, your in first, you win, game over. But if your goal is to dominate, then you push push push forward. You will have a bigger goal
  2. It changes the way you do things! We are doing some neighborhood mailings, i don’t neeed to do them, its busy enough, we have marketing that is working, i want to own our marketplace, the whole town is going to get mail from me! I’m the only game in town!
  3. Things get easier, once you dominate your market, you don’t have competition, you dominate everyone and your everywhere! The new patients come and come and come! Its fun!!!

Blast Calls

- Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blast calls are a often under looked method at building your practice! Most doctors and therapist aren't using blast calls at all, and when they do, they aren’t doing it right!

So, what is a blast call? Its when you send a pre-recorded message to a large list of names and numbers. With the advent of new technology, you can call thousands of patients at the same time! It’s really amazing. Now, you don't just want to call them for no reason, and they are some rules with this.

  1. You cannot call anyone, they are rules to this, and you must check with your state. Usually if they have been in your office within a set time period, say a year or two, that is consent to be contacted by you via mail and phone. But, your state may vary. Definitely do not call strangers, or buy lists or anything like that. With the do not call list, this is serious trouble!
  2. Don’t call them too much, i would say between 1-4 times a year. If you call them 2, 3 times a year, they think its neat, fun, interesting, etc. Start doing it once a month, they will get mad.

So, what do you call them for? I call them for our patient appreciation day twice a year. I would definitely recommend that. You call them a few days before to remind them of the patient appreciation day.

You can do recall calls, just upload a list of patients that hasn't been in for a while.

You can call them for other events your doing, doctor with a heart, food drives, etc. I usually recommend doing them for the twice yearly patient appreciation day, maybe one other event.

So, when you are promoting say a patient appreciation day, send postcards maybe a month before, and do the call maybe on a Tuesday for the Saturday event.

Some words of wisdom,

People call back, they don’t listen to message, they just call back. Why they do this? I have no idea. So, when you schedule the call, make sure your staff can handle all the call backs, we try to do it a slower time in office so staff can manage phones. They wont all call but a bunch will.

Types of calls

  1. For the answering machine
  2. For live answer
  3. Both

I send only one message for both, and we try to have it go to answering machine, you can have two messages one if someone answers, one if no one does. I just do one!

What do you say in the message? For the events, i keep it easy, Hi Its megan for docs office, i was just calling to remind you about our patient appreciation day this sat, 11-1, free food, free care, and live music, come on down!

This seems to be the best method in our office.

You can get really fancy with this and do impersonations, hire voice actors, and more. Which i don’t do, my staff do a great job!

There are a lot of sites out there that do this, we use voiceshot, it isnt fancy, but its easy, cheap and works!


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TV Giveaway Promotion

- Sunday, July 10, 2016

Want a simple summer promotion? This one has been around, so i cant take credit for it, but i do it yearly and it still gets great results.

Here is How it works, Go buy a TV. Flat Screen, I usually get a 32 inch tv. You could do bigger 42 inch, but i put it on front desk, so you dont want to take up too much room. When i started doing this promotion, that 32 inch TV costs 1200, now it costs 300! So, its a winner

Buy a decent TV, put it on the front desk with a sign that says! WIN THIS TV!

You can see our picture, but you can do the tickets different ways! Here is what we are doing 1. Ticket per office visit 2. Tickets per referral 3 Tickets for checking in on facebook 5 Tickets for a testimonial

At the end of the period, pick a winner and there you go!

You can change around tickets and values, but something like this works well.

Then pick a winner.

Announce the winner on facebook, maybe youtube, and in your email newsletter as well as your regular one if you can!

This works great in the summer, we usually do it mid july through august, but you can try it any time you like! Let me know how its going, drfedich@milliondollarclinic.com

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- Saturday, July 09, 2016

One of the most old fashioned pieces of marketing is still one of the best. Testimonials! What are you doing to get patient testimonials? Social Proof is still one of the most powerful forces for consumers today. What does that mean? Social Proof? Pretty simple, people will do what they see others doing. Humans naturally want to fit in. They want to be part of the heard. How does this affect your practice? People want to go where others are going, they don’t want to go somewhere no one else is going. How do we capitalize on that? There are techniques with scheduling to make the place appear busier. If your new in practice, and don’t have a lot of flow, don’t schedule a new patient when no one is in the office. They wont feel good about your choice in coming to you. This is one reason i don’t like these new patient blocks. Some office set aside certain hours for new patients. I don’t think its convenient for the patient, but i think it looks bad if they come in and they are the only patient there. WEll, I degrees.

Patient testimonials

  1. Written
  2. Video

Written, have a form handy for testimonials, it will have a few questions on there, to get a good testimonial, and a release to use it in your marketing and we.

Video. Even Better! WE get a ton of video testimonials. http://www.hackettstownfamilyclinic.com/testimonials.htm

Video is better for several reasons.

  1. It is more believable, its easy to fake a written one
  2.  Its multi-use, put it on your website, Facebook page, you-tube channel, then i transcribe it and use it as a written one too, its awesome!

How do you record them? I PHONE! My staff are mostly younger and know how to do this better than i do. Its so easy with modern phones. They will know how to do it.

How do you get them? Incentives! Just like most things in life a good incentive! Give your staff a bonus for each one they get. IF you have the right staff on board, they will get them!


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Patient Recall

- Friday, July 08, 2016

Hey there! As clinic owners we are often obsessed with getting new patients. However if you have been in practice over a year, reactivating existing patients, or prior patients will probably be a lot more profitable. They already know you, they know where your office is, they know what you do, they just maybe forgot about you. Or another reason.

Top Reasons Patients Leave Your Office
  1. They feel better. This is number one, chiropractors, physical therapist, dentists, acupuncture, pain management, all of us, once the patient feels better they don’t come in. Now, we can argue if this is right or not, most of us would agree maintenance and checkups are an important part of your lifestyle, however, patients forget, feel better, get busy.
  2. You did something. Did you bill them, did you annoy them? Maybe someone was rude. Who knows. If it wasn’t too severe, if the patient knows you care, they will come back.
  3. THEY ARE EMBARRASSED! This is probably the number one reason. They are embarrassed. What about? Could be several things. They feel bad they didn’t follow your treatment plan, they feel bad about insurance not paying your full bill, they feel bad about missing appointments, they feel bad about not doing maintenance care, who knows. If they know you still care, they will come back.
Top Methods to Get Patients Back Into Your Office
  1. Keep in touch. Send a monthly newsletter, birthday cards, postcards, xmas letters, Thanksgiving card, etc. The more times a year a patient hears form you, the more likely they will come back.
  2. Recall Letters. There are many ways to do this. We are doing a monthly recall letter. So, they haven’t come into the clinic for one year this month, they get a one year recall letter. WE are also doing a 6 month. You can also do a blast recall letter. I have done this, and you can do a combination of the two. Send a letter to all patients who haven’t been in for a year, send a few hundred at once. Good Idea!
  3. Recall Calls. You can do this several ways. Get your staff a good script, email me if you want one, drfedich@milliondollarclinic.com. They can make random calls daily, you can make it a yearly blast, or even better, do recall follow up calls to all the patients you sent the letters to! We do the monthly letters, then follow up with a call several days letter. 4. Recall Postcards. Same Idea as a letter, but go to vista print, upload the list of recalls, send a postcard with a discount, you will get response and its cheap, easy. Probably the fastest, cheapest way to get patients back in the office ASAP!

So, don't forget about your prior patients! There are dollars in that file cabinet!

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Pareto Principle

- Thursday, July 07, 2016

Have you ever heard of the Pareto principle? I hope you have. The other more common name is the 80/20 rule. It basically state that 20 percent control 80 percent and vice versa. It was first observed in Italy as 20 percent of the people owned 80 percent of the land. It has been used ever since to describe everything. IT has come to light again recently as the economic changes we have faced over the past few years. The 1 per centers talk is really an extension of the Pareto Principle.

How does this affect your practice. Well, you will find this principle holds true for you in your life and in your practice. I bet about 20 percent of your patients provide 80 percent of your income. Its the patients with good insurance, come in regular, refer, buy from you, etc. I bet 20 percent of the patients cause 80 percent of your headaches. There is not much getting away from this rule. It is life! So, what can you.
  1. Understand the principle. This is how life works
  2. Use it to your advantage. Which 20 percent are your best patients? For us, teachers are a big chunk of that, they are great patients, they pay, stay refer, and they have great insurance. SO, why not go out and get more. Recruit the people you like, hold events for them, offer them specials, etc. Recruit more.
  3. Don’t fight it. Many will say get rid of the 20 percent that cause your headaches. Yes, get rid of some, but some will be replaced by new people with the same headaches, why? That is how the principle works. You will never have 100 percent great patients who pay stay refer.

Its a way to put perspective in your life and practice. One big thing is to think what activities you do that produce the most results. What is the 20 percent you do, that produces 80 percent of your results? Treating patients? Doing the marketing? Find what it is, do more of it, and less of what isn’t helping you out.

Do some more research on the Pareto Principle, and see how you can apply it to your life and practice!...Read More

Snow Storm is Coming!

- Thursday, January 21, 2016

Here in the northeast, all anyone is talking about is the snowstorm! Its coming this Saturday, or Friday night, or maybe not at all, maybe Sunday! It’s supposed to be a big one, or its not. Could be 2 feet! Could be 2 inches. Who knows! I am amazed this weathermen get to keep their jobs! If we misdiagnosed our patients half as much as they missed the weather we would be in jail! At least out of business! But they collect 6 figure checks! Must be nice! I am pretty sure the farmers almanac predicts weather as good as these guys with the fancy computers and satellites! It amazes me!

Anyways! What do to do about this weather for you practice! Well, it all depends on many things! The northeast is used to snow, sorta! Many people will still freak out and buy bread, milk, water, etc, like they are being locked in their house for a month! No matter the snow totals here, its always cleared next day! So, what do you do about office hours,

I have found that it is better to stay open unless the storm is terrible. In the northeast, i would put that at maybe 6 inches, or more, I will close. Below that we open, but usually cut down on staff.

Why open?

Well, i have gotten new patients on those days that stay with us for a lifetime, if your back is killing you, everyone is closed, this guy sees you and fixes you in the storm? patient for life, referrals, and more. They make great patients, and it will probably happen once a storm.

Regulars will come in, I always have a group that comes in. Usually the macho guys. They love getting out of the house, proving they can get around and coming in. Its great fun! Enough of them will come in to make it a profitable day for me.

Besides the new patient or two, and the regulars, I find it a great day to catch up. Clean out your desk drawers, straighten up, I usually end up with bags of garbage to take out of my office as things pile up. Its also a good time for staff to catch up on some things and straighten up as well. I also usually spend some time on marketing calendar and various other business activities.

What about if its over 6 inches and you close? Put it on Facebook, email and let people know. Forward the phone to a cell phone of staff if available. I always keep a continuing ed class available at home, so its a good way to get a few credits and then enjoy the snow with the family!


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- Monday, July 06, 2015

Trump said it the best, YOUR FIRED! Who knows what Donald Trump is up to now, but have you ever fired a patient?

I guarantee every single one of you reading this have at least one patient you should be firing. Is there that one patient who everyone cringes when they see them on the schedule? The one patient that ruins your day? The patient who asks a million questions, the same questions all the time. The patient who drives the staff crazy. Keeps asking about insurance, complaining about the co-pay, wait times, everything?

How about the patient who is always late? ruining your schedule? How about the male patient who says inappropriate things to you staff? How about the person always paying late? The guy who keeps insurance checks for months? I had a guy tell me to bill his secretary at work for his copay, because he was too important to pay at time of service.

I know you all have a patient like this. Let me tell you, get ride of them now!! DO IT! Fire on patient today, it will make you happier, the staff happier. Why are you letting one person ruin your day, week, month or year? That is crazy. It is your clinic, you must rid it of these types of patients. Its like weeding a garden, if you don’t get rid of the bad weeds, the good plants wont be able to grow! WEED YOUR GARDEN.

Here is how to discharge a patient. I have found its best to sent them a certified dismissal letter. Doing it in the office is only going to cause more problems, a big scene, in front of other patients and drive your staff more crazy! Send them a copy certified and one not certified to their home address. Keep it very professional, short and sweet. I will put a link to ours. Don’t get personal. Also, there are patient abandonment rules. So, you have to watch what you put in there, usually just something saying you will treat for regular care 30 days, emergency for 45 and then call your insurance for another provider. So, do it the right way, but get rid of a patient today!

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- Friday, July 03, 2015

Are you open today? I bet your not. Our clinic is open 9-1. We are booked solid, literally every slot is full for two providers. I bet we are seeing more patients before one today, then most clinics see in a day. So if your serious about building your practice why aren't you open? I'm the director, im here, clinic and non clinical staff are here as well.

If your not open today, your probably not serious about building your practice. Its great to take time and take family time, I will be doing that the rest of the weekend,and i take time off. We probably have less than 1/3 staff in today, the rest are enjoying, then next holiday we rotate. We will have a good day today, and it sets up next week, as we are in today to make appointments for Monday.

So, if you seriously interested in exploding your practice, why aren't you open today?

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Patient Newsletters

- Thursday, July 02, 2015

Are you sending patient newsletters? No? You should be. All doctors offices should be sending a physical newsletter to all of their patients. Lets talk more about it.

Email Newsletters:
Go ahead and send it. However, open rates are terrible. If you are getting 20 percent, your doing great. That is one in five. If you don’t know how to craft good emails, you will probably get 10 percent or less. Of those 10-20 percent who open it, many just open it quick, and then delete it or close it quickly without reading. Who knows what percentage actually read it, i would guess less than five. Although email is free, it isn’t. You have to keep an email database, someone needs to enter it, you need to pay the email company (constant contact), and the biggest time suck is writing the email. A decent email with a few pictures and links will take at least an hour to set up. I don’t have anything against emails, we send a lot, just cant be your only newsletter.

Quarterly Newsletters
Some offices will do them quarterly. This is good, better than not doing. But i think for many of you, that is too long apart. They say the more patients get in the mail from you the better. Newsletters are also like ads, if you sending an ad to someone whose back doeskin hurt that month, they don’t care, but the next month if there back is hurting, they may call. So, if your sending the newsletter on the month they aren’t in pain, but next month they are, they may go elsewhere.

Monthly Newsletters
I would recommend you do it monthly. It is more work and more cost, but it will pay off. It depends on your specialty, but for most of us, monthly is best. Like i said before.. The more patients hear from you the better. If they hear from you 5 times a year, versus 10, it will make a difference in your bottom line. Also, like i previously mentioned, if they are hurting that month, they get a newsletter, they will call. Also, if there friend needs someone that week, or month, and they get the newsletter, they will call!.

Pre-fab or Custom
Well, i have tried both. Doing a full custom, unique to you newsletter is best for you. However, almost none of you are going to do it monthly. If you have a full time person who can do this, great. It is time consuming and more expensive. But like i said its the best. If you do custom, put personal stuff in there, about your family, kids, staff, etc.

I use a pre-fab newsletter company. I get to customize the back page, they do the front 3 pages. Its a good compromise, and since they do so many, the printing costs are so inexpensive. I use stony brook publishing. Call and ask for Sheri (800) 736-3632 Ext. 217, and she can tell you what we do. There are other companies in other fields, stony brook does dentist and chiropractors, you cannot beat the price.

Who do you send them to?
Well, it depends on how big your mailing list is, and how long you have been in practice. If your smaller and want to keep the budget down, start with your most active patients, say patients that have been in for the past few months. However, i have found, the more patients you mail the better! WE send 3000 patient newsletters a month, basically our active database. But, start small and go up!

Good luck!!!

UPDATE!!!! 9/11/15
I have spoken to my contacts at Stony Brook Publishing and for my clients and readers of this blog, they will wave the usual setup fee!! Just mention Dr James Fedich sent you and contact Sheri at
Sheri Needham
16772 West Bernardo Drive
San Diego, CA 92127
Phone: (800) 736-3632 Ext. 217
Fax: (858) 673-8300

Mention My name and they will wave your setup fee!!!

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Office Hours

- Wednesday, July 01, 2015

What are you office Hours? Especially in chiropractic we tend to have very strange office hours. Closed on Thursday, 3 hour lunches, crazy stuff. Dentist tend to do some weird hours as well. Here are my thoughts on office hours.

  1. When you are open should be based on what your patients want, not you.
  2. In a new practice, solo doctor, be open less than you think you should be, so you can be out marketing and networking.
  3. IN a more mature practice, over half million, you should be open more and more hours. The more your open, the more convenient you are, the busier you will be.
  4. Be open when others are not. Every other dentist is closed Wednesday, so will i. That is backwards. They are all closed, you be open!!
  5. Once your busier, schedule your personal hours around your life and schedule, but not the clinic hours. For example. We are open for patients M-F 9-7. Perfect, Do i want to work like that? NO! I see patients, m, w, th 9-1, 3-6, t, f, 9-1, Not bad, but i put 11 years in! and have doctors and therapist making me money when i am not there.

Think again about your hours. The other big thing i would say, is don’t worry about changing hours. I remember worrying and stressing. DON'T! Just let the patients know, they will come in. Every time i adjusted clinic hours, we got busier and i got better hours! its a process. But it is kinda backwards of what you may think. IN the begging be open less, as your practice matures and you get help, open more! And think of the hours your patients want, not you or your staff. Don't be afraid to experiment. Many docs have had the same the hours for twenty years. Why? You haven't had the same car that long, or clothes? So, take a look at hours, i bet you can adjust them! Email me for help, drfedich@milliondollarclinic.com, NO charge!

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Every Door Direct Mail

- Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This is a great program by the USPS! Aren't you surprised i said that! I am not a fan of the postal service in general, but direct mail is still a way to go, and this is a great program for many doc. Its a great way to canvas your area. Here are the basics of the program.

  1. You select carrier routes. Your not mailing to individual address and names, your mailing a route. These are designated by USPS. There will be several to many routes within a zip code. This way you can select within a zip. This is helpful. Sometimes a zip is too large an area for you practice, or too many names. A zip code can have 30,000 names and you don’t want to spend that kind of money. Also, some areas have a wide zip map, or tall, thus only part of the zip comes near your office.
  2. You select the pre-approved sizes. They are mostly postcard sizes. I personally like the 6 by 9 size. It sticks out because it is bigger then a regular postcard. Some people have had luck getting even bigger sizes. I would start with a 6 by 9.
  3. Get your graphics and due up you postcard! I have had huge success with these, in fact, here is mine, the million dollar ad, i have run this as an EDDM a dozen times! http://www.milliondollarclinic.com/products/
  4. Get a good offer. I have done well with coupons on the bottom, see my example. A Free or low cost consult works well, and then selling another service you have as well. Massage has worked well for me, who doesn’t want a massage!!!
  5. Select routes. You will need to select routes. I would recommend working with a printing company. You will want to draw a radius around your office. Basically, know how many you want to send. I would start with 5000 and go to 10000. Then draw a radius around your office that hits that number. But play with the map, because you may want some areas over others. Any good printer will do this.
  6. Sort and mail. You can sort these into carrier routes if you want. I don’t recommend it. So, the reason its cheaper postage is you tell the office, these go to these 1221 houses, doesn't matter which ones to which house and here are the the 1221 for this route 3000 for this route etc. Your doing their job basically. Some people do this to save money. If your very slow, maybe go for it!
  7. Track your results! Better keep all the cards and track how it goes. I have done this every month and every quarter. People will come in when you first do it, and near the expiration date, better have one. But, some will come in months later! Its a good promotion!
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Facebook Advertising

- Monday, June 29, 2015

You Can advertise on Facebook TOO!!!

There is a lot of hype on social media marketing. Some of it is BS, well, a lot of it is BS, but there are some good avenues out there. Books have been written on this topic, so we cannot cover it all in a short post here. But i can give you some basics.

Facebook is the dominant social media player. IT is also the perfect fit for demographics of most doctors offices. yes, its not as hip as twitter or snapchat with 15 year old, but guess what, they don't have health problems, money or insurance. Plus the audience is smaller. For 90 percent of clinics, you only need facebook. If your in a big city, yes maybe twitter, etc. But you need a facebook page!


  1. 1. Get a page. Make a business FAN PAGE! its very easy to do, get one of your staff to do it. Put some nice pics up, your hours, some basic info, your good to go, takes ten minutes. Make sure your location marker is in the right place. People like to check in there on facebook. Meaning they tell their friends they are at your business.
  2. Get Fans. Let your patients know your on there. Most of you have email lists, or you better, email them the link. Always include the link on your emails. Get your friends invited, your staff to invite friends, put a sign up in the office. It will grow.
  3. You can pay for likes. It is called promoting your page. In the begging, it might be worth it, to get the fans up. See if someone is checking out your practice and they see only 10 people like your page, they might not come in. Continuing to pay for likes i don’t love, you will end up spending a buck a like, it can add up, and many will never come in.
  4. Promote posts. Here is the new trick with facebook, if you post something to say 1000 fans, maybe only 80 will see it, they don’t show to everyone, bummer! so once in a while, something important, you must pay to promote it, probably 5 or 10 bucks will get it to your followers. You must do this to keep fans engaged
  5. Promote your website. This is more complicated and i wont get into here. IT works like google adwords, where you can push traffic to your website.
  6. Promote videos. You can do videos like an ad. At this point, its insanely cheap. Like pennies to promote a video. As of July 2015, its a great strategy. You need to have a commercial, testimonial, etc to promote, but its very cheap right now.

Well, i could write a book on this, and by the time i am done it will be outdated! Here is how to get started! Email me and let me know how your doing with it! DrFedich@milliondollarclinic.com

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- Friday, June 26, 2015

You don’t get what you expect, you get what you inspect. I remember hearing that years ago, its been said by a million people, but its such a great line. Especially as you grow your practice. If you start small, one doctor, a few staff, its easy to an eye on everyone. However as you start growing larger, and hopefully getting some time off outside of the clinic, it becomes more difficult. As your clinic expands, and your hours get longer, you cant be there all the time its open. In fact, that is kinda the opposite point of growing it. As we got larger and added more hours, i had more free time to get out of the clinic.

If you don’t have the right team in place, this will be difficult. But, hopefully you get them, if not do it! Get the right people on the bus. But, even with the best people, they need accountability. Trust me, if they were capable of doing it all themselves with no supervision, they wouldn’t be working for you, they would be doing it on their own!

So, you need accountability systems. There are a lot of methods for this, and you can do a whole seminar on this alone. But one of the quickest easiest tools is to have staff checklists. Everyone on your team has a daily checklist, things that need to be done each day, each week, each month. Also, lines for anything that i need to know today, my win for the day and things like that. Other task should have checklists. IN our office every staff person has one and one or two others. They all need to be done and put in the bin outside my personal office at the end of the day. I don’t stay till closing, so the next morning i can review them.

You can help the staff with the checklist in the beginning, but ultimately, it is there responsibility to update their checklist for new duties and modify it over time. So, get it done! everyone needs a checklist, ASAP!

You don’t get what you expect, you get what you inspect!!

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Fourth of July

- Thursday, June 25, 2015

What do you do in your clinic for the fourth of July? Nothing?

You should be doing something! So, it depends on what day of the week the fourth is on. This year it is on a Saturday, which is pretty nice.

What are we doing?

We are normally open 9-7 on Fridays. However, since its the third. We will do a half day. We will be open 9-1. The stuff love being to get out a little early.

Then, on the third, we will do a BBQ for anyone coming in for a treatment that day! Since we are doing a morning shift, we will have bagels and breakfast 9-11, then BBQ 11-1. WE have done this several different ways. We have had it catered, we had the staff make the food, and bought pre-made food. Play around see whats fun! For the first time, get pizza! Its easy, fun, and inexpensive.

To promote it, we send a postcard to our active patient database. Usually about 1 year back. Include an offer or other announcement since your sending card anyway. It is always good to show up in your patients mail box. The more times the better. They should be hearing from you 14 times a year or more, but we will save that for another day!

I use vista print for an easy postcard like this, you upload the list, they have per-done designs you plug in and go from there. You cant beat the speed and price. Little tip, sign up for the pro advantage, its for graphics people etc who use it a lot. But if your doing things right, you will be too! We do our postcard mailings with them, as well as posters in office, etc. Its a good program, Vista print pro-advantage.

Anyways, so that is it! fun thing to do for the fourth of July in your clinic!

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Best Pizza in Town

- Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wanna do a fun simple promotion in any clinic? We are actually doing this one in our clinic right now!

Best Pizza in Town

What you need!

Signs in office

Award Plaque

Pick on day a week. We are doing weds afternoon. Its a medium shift, not super duper busy, not slower, right in the middle. During your weekly staff meeting. (You better be having one) pick your favorite 8 pizza places in town

Every Tuesday have a staff get a few pizzas from 2 plates, so just have pizza a go against pizza b, each week. Have plates and little coupon tokens, like the ones you get at deli counter. Make sure to get the pizza place to cut into 16 slices.

Have the patients try one slice of each, and put ticket to side they like.

At the end of 4 weeks, the one with the most tickets wins best pizza in town!!

Make them a nice plaque, saying they won best pizza in town from your office patients

They will hang it up by counter, trust me

Get a picture of them with the plaque, send to paper,


This will cost very little, prob a hundred bucks.

Yo get in the paper

You get your name near the counter at the best pizza place in town

Next year, they will be begging to give you free pizza for it!

Pretty good huh?

See when your practice gets bigger, spend money on patients and internal events, this promo will get people talking about you and prob get you referral.

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Successful Doctors

- Wednesday, June 24, 2015

There are two types of doctors who succeed in private practice. Only Two major types.

  1.  The Passionate Doctor. This is in every field, but you see it a lot in chiropractic. But it is the doctor who just absolutely loves what he or she is doing, and wants to save the world. You better like what your doing, if you don’t like it, get out. But many of us like what we are doing, but we aren’t ready to save the world. This group of docs is ready to jump in front of a speeding train for what they believe in. This cannot be taught in seminars, books, tapes CD's, you either have that passion or you don’t. Like i said, you better like the field, but the docs who are willing to die for it, go to jail, give it all up, are fewer. If you are, good for you! I really like what i do, but i never had quite the passion like that. I think many docs who don’t have that passion, think they wont be successful, that is not true.
  2. The doc who loves business. Now, doc 1, passionate about the field they are in, will usually not be passionate about the business end. Lots of docs and therapist, don’t like the business end, they end up failing, or working for someone who does. Now, the good news. YOU CAN LEARN TO LOVE THE BUSINESS END! You can read business books, study successful people, go to seminars, learn and grow, and love being in business. There are hundreds of great books, and great stories, and great seminar. Learn to love the business, the marketing, the finance, the management. All this can be learned. Some people really hate the business end. Most can learn to love it, but some will hate it no matter what. This isn’t going to be friendly, but if you don’t have the passion, and you don’t love the business, what are you doing in your field? Get out!!!

So, for most of you, you already know if your the passionate or not. If your not, good news, you can still be successful, learn to love the business end of practice! its fun and will help you more!!

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Patient Appreciation Day

- Tuesday, June 23, 2015

One of the best internal promotions you can do in your clinic is a patient appreciation day! These have been around forever, especially in a chiropractic office. Other specialist don’t do these as much and i would highly recommend they do! It would work great for physical therapist, acupuncturist, podiatrist and dentist. I do see dentist doing these, but every should!

Here is the run down. DO this twice a year. I have played with every month there is and we have settled on October and April. This can change by your location, demographic, etc. Summer, people are away, September is back to school, people are nuts, November, December, holidays, February march is bad weather north east area. I have tried every month just about, and those two are good in my area. Now in Arizona, you don't have to worry about bad weather in February, and you may kill it.

There are many variations of patient appreciation day. Two main methods are the one week, patient appreciation week, or one day patient appreciation day. I have done both, and i have variations of each. For this post, we will talk about the one day event

Pick a day, probably sat, when you aren't open. If you are normally open Saturday, that is fine, works well. Some people do a long day. I have found that the same number of patients come, so if you do 5 hours, or 2 you get about the same amount. I like lunch time. Playing around 10:30-1 seems to do well.

Prep about 1 month before. Send a postcard to your patient database telling them about event. Order a poster and banner from vista print announcing the event. Put the date on there, don’t be cheap and leave date off.

I also love doing a blast call for this. you upload your patient list, record a call, and call everyone at once. Its great. I use voiceshot, cheap, effective call the week of event

Have fliers you hand out for a month.

You will have free food, people love free food. I have found subs and pizza work best. one or the other or both

Get bottled water, maybe some soda

We offer free chiropractic care for existing patients, free exam for new ones. We don’t do PT, Acu, pain management, etc. Doesn’t work. Those specialties and podiatrist, etc, would do well to just offer free consultations

Get some entertainment. Bouncy houses work good, live music, just a guy playing guitar, magicians are good, beware of clowns, many people are weirdly scared of them!

Well, that is about it, day of get the whole team there. The details depend on your specialty, etc. Giveaways are also good, buy a cheap flat screen and give it away. Your existing patients will come fro free food and many will bring in the friend or family member they have been trying to get in for a while. We have had 30 NP at one of these events, Make sure to follow up with all them and collect the names!

email me for more information! drfedich@milliondollarclinic.com

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Direct Mail

- Thursday, May 14, 2015

Believe it or not, DIRECT MAIL IS NOT DEAD! I still recommend it as a Killer Strategy for Private Practice Owners. In fact, the less other people are mailing, the better your mailings will do. So, be happy other think direct mail is dead. It means less junk in the box and more for you!

Here is the best thing about direct mail, the contact needs to touch it. Yes, they may grab it and throw it out, but they will at least touch it and see it briefly. Half of all emails end up in the spam folder never to be seen by anyone! Plenty of people aren't even on facebook. They never see your message, but if your mailing, they will at least see it and touch it.

Here is what else, direct mail is pretty cheap. Really, you can run a tv ad for 100 bucks for 30 seconds, or get a postcard to sit on someone desk for months for 40 cents. Some new programs, especially EDDM, every door direct mail, make it more affordable than ever to get in front of patients cheaply. You must know what your doing of course, and have a good offer, but you can do very well with direct mail.

Another nice bonus to direct mail, is it has a cumulative affect. Many marketing campaigns are swing and miss, one shot. Direct mail, if one piece didn't work, they did handle it, maybe saw your name, next time they get something from you, maybe they remember and now they call. The more you mail, the better your results.

You should be mailing you existing clients. They should get at least 14 pieces of mail from you a year. I would recommend more.
  1. Monthly newsletter (12)
  2. Bday Card (1)
  3. Postcards for Events (4)
  4.  Holidays (2)
SO right there is 17 contacts, probably a good number for most offices.

Next, new clients

There are a million ways to go about this. You prob don't want to mail the same people monthly you will annoy them. Best is to pick a radius of say 15,000 around you, and hit each house 5000 a month, every three months. You can also do all homes at once, but what happens is you get an overload of patients one month, loose some, next month it is slow. better to have steady consistent flow. EDDM is a good program for this, regular postcard, even letters work. You must have a good offer, headline, testimonials, and more!

Good direct mail is a key to a successful practice

For help setting up a mailing campaign, email us! info@milliondollarclinic.com

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Staff Management

- Thursday, May 14, 2015

How to manage your office staff!

Well, that is not an easy question to answer and each situation is different. TO be honest, most docs need to be their own office manager. Many docs want to give up their staff management as soon as possible and hire an office manager. If you are doing less than 1 million a year gross, you are the office manger. Sorry to tell you, that is the way it goes, that is the deal. You cant afford a great manager and at that size you should be in charge of everything. only one boss. Office manager creates issues. Staff will argue, resent each other. ITs not easy, but guess what, your under a million your the office manager. Sorry!!

Some basic tips

  1. Checklist, checklists, checklists. Get a checklist for each position, they fill it out, and you check it every day, must be on your desk every night.
  2. Weekly staff Meetings. Yep, another thing you don't want to hear, too bad. you have to do them weekly, have a meeting agenda. I will email you a staff meeting agenda for free, email me info@milliondollarclinic.com. You have to do it, weekly.
  3. Bonus system. Your staff must be incentivized to do well, you must have a fun and exciting bonus system in play, yep, you gotta do it. Guess what, all the things with your staff you don't want to do, will make you successful for more tips and trick, follow our blog!
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Facebook Advertising

- Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hello there! Well, people often ask me about facebook advertising. Facebook is the shiny new object the last several years, and it definitely plays a role in marketing your million dollar practice. The true answer with facebook is somewhere in between the two extremes on this. No, Facebook alone will not build you a million dollar a year business, no way. You cant buy ads for .0001 cent each and get 10 patients per view and make millions. That is snake oil stuff. But, on the opposite side, is it totally useless, no way. SO, like life, the answer is in the middle.

  1. You must have a facebook fan page, a business, professional, nice looking page. Remember when people started getting websites and they told us, you must have one because someone will look you up after they are referred? Well, that is happening now with facebook. If a patient hears about your office, especially younger millennial types, you need to be there. They will look you up on there, to see how many likes you have, how many reviews, and make sure you are credible, So get a nice page. Companies will do it for you, you can also do it for yourself, and get a young hip staff member to do it.
  2.  Likes, check-in. You must get people to like your page and check in on it. Like is when you click the like button and people then follow your page. Many new users will want to see you have many likes to verify you are really there and good. Don't have 5 likes. Our practice is closing in on 2000 likes. How do you get likes? put a sign up in the office, like us on facebook, and send an email to your database with a link to your page. Also, make sure you location is correct on the fan page map, so they can check in and find you easier.
  3.  Advertising. Facebook advertising is very complicated and there are many methods.
  1. Getting likes, you can promote your page to get more likes, you will pay per like, you can choose your area, age, etc and get likes. It is a more lengthy discussion than i can do here.
  2. Website promotion. You can have ads on facebook that will send users to click to go to your website. These can be effective, they can also be expensive. This works much like google pay per click. Clicks can ad up, and industry experts state many users click on and off your site quickly, which is bad for SEO, and your wallet.
  3. Video Advertising. This is very new as of now. But you can pay to have a video show up in your newsfeed just like an ad, as of now May 2015, it is very inexpensive, i would imagine rates go up quickly.
  4. Promoted post. So, you need to be posting on your page regularly. A few times a week, Unfortunately, not everyone sees your posts anymore. If you have a 1000 fans, you might be lucky if 100 even see your post. Not far? NOPE! but neither is life, if you want all 1000 to see it, you gotta pay, usually 5-10 bucks can get you to reach everyone. I would recommend your important stuff get promoted to make it seen.

There are some basics of facebook advertising for doctors, chiropractors, physical therapist and generally small business. For more help, email me info@milliondollarclinic.com

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Practice Statistics

- Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It is amazing to me that doctors and therapist still don’t track and know their practice statistics. TO me, that is insane! Everything is known by knowing your stats. If you email me your stats, without giving me any information, i can guarantee i can tell you what is wrong with your practice. IN fact, go ahead and do it! Email me your practice stats and i will give you a free five minute analysis, email me info@milliondollarclinic.com and i will give you a free analysis.

You must record your stats daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. You must review them weekly at a staff meeting, set goals, measure your progress and keep up on them. Now, different specialties do have different statistics, so i can’t go into all of them, but i will go over some of the basics

New Patients: the lifeblood of all practices. you must have a good NP flow and keep the numbers up!

Patient visits: Pretty self explanatory, how many patients come into your clinic every day, week month

OVA: Office visit average. This one works for most office, the total dollar amount you collect per patient visits, total collections divided by total patient visits

CVA: case visit average. The amount a new patient is worth in your practice. ALso pretty universal, Total collections divided by new patients

PVA: Patient visit average, works in many settings, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, many other fields, the average number of times a patient comes into your clinic.

Total Production: The amount billed by your clinic, per day, week, month

Collection Percentage: The percentage of collectable billings you collect. So if you bil 100 bucks, and collect 90, your percentage is 90 percent And many many more!!

These ones are key stats for most clinics. Email me for a free stat review, info@milliondollarclinic.com

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Internet Marketing

- Monday, May 11, 2015

Believe it or not, the year is 2015! would you believe that chiropractors, physical therapist and medical doctors stll don’t have a good website! Its crAZY! The year is 2015, you must have a great website! Doctors tell me that patients are referred in, they don’t need one! Guess what is the first thing any referred patient does? they google you!. You must have a good website! I highly recommend a simply wordpress site for most doctors and therapist. They are simple, clean, affordable, and cheap to build out. You can get one done for a few hundred dollars! Key one, it must be adaptive. What does that mean? It must be mobile friendly, you must be able to see it on your iphone, ipad, and desktop. The same site that changes to fit screen size. More and more search is being done on mobile. you must be mobile friendly. In addition, a new update by google, will punish your site, meaning it wont rank as high, if it is not mobile friendly. You must have a mobile friendly website like 5 years ago! get it done!. If you need help, email me, drfedich@gmail.com

Next, you must promote your site. In this day and age, it has become very hard to promote your own site. A blog is a great thing to have on there, like you are seeing now. That is probably the only step you want to do on your own. SEO, search engine optimization, i.e. google actually finding your site, is a very complex and ever changing game. I cant recommend you spend the time and energy required to keep up. I would still recommend PPC, pay per click ads, to most offices. It is worth spending a buck or so per click to make sure when someone searches physical therapist, your town, state, that you are up near the top. It is a still very good medium, and if you want to dominate your market, i believe you should have a PPC expert working for you.

Other good methods to get web traffic are youtube videos. I have a simple program you can use to help get your staff to get youtube testimonials videos for your page. Easy, affordable.

More advanced methords include facebook advertising for therapist and chiropractors, twittter, backlinks, and more. Most doctors and therapist would do well with a mobile friendly website, a facebook page, some SEO work, and some pay per click work


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Patient Reactivation

- Thursday, April 23, 2015

Often times in private practice we are always concerned about New patients. New Patients, marketing, advertising, etc, always looking for new clients. While New Patients are the life blood to all practices, there is a hidden gold mine in your file cabinet. Well, hopefully in your EMR software, this is 2015 after all!

If you have been in practice even a few months, you likely have patients that haven’t been in for a while. Maybe you fixed them, maybe you forgot about them, they forgot about you. Maybe they have a new problem they don’t know you can help with. In our practice of chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, pain management, patients come in with a certain health problem. Lets say headaches. You cure the headache, they love you, life is good. However, six months later they have a back ache. Even though you treat backs all day long, they came in for a headache, and in their mind, it doesn’t even compute you can help them! I know, but that is how the brain works.

Long story short, you must keep in contact with your patients. Here are some steps.

  1. Physical Patient Newsletter. Yes, its expensive, but you need to do it. I can teach you more
  2. Email communication. Email is not dead, but it is getting hard to get through, this is why i don’t recommend only an email newsletter. These days if you get 10 percent of people to open an email that is good. So, you cant rely on that.
  3.  Phone Calls: A good old fashion phone recall program is important. You must have yourself or staff do phone calls. you don’t want to over do it, but keeping in contact is huge. I also recommend select use of blast calls. You can call a thousand people in two minutes for a few hundred dollars, or less
  4. Mailing! you must have a paper mail recall program. There are many ways and programs to do this. You can do a big recall mailing once or several times a year, this can work well, if you do i recommend a lumpy mailer. You can also do a regular mailing, we do a monthly mailer to patients who haven’t been in for a year or for 6 months, we make a special offer to get them in. Its not a home run, its a single, but you must add it in to your arsenal.

You must keep in touch with your patients on a regular basis! Its easier to keep in touch with your former patients and get them in, then it is to get new one! Good luck! To learn more about patient reactivation programs, email us at info@milliondollarclinic.com.

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How To get New Patients in 2015

- Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How To get New Patients in 2015Tired of being broke and frustrated? Wondering where your next new patient will come from? Well, the year is 2015 and things have changed in a big way. Physical therapy practices can no long count on the neighborhood primary doctors sending all their therapy cases. Hospitals are buying up medical office and demanding their clients go to their PT clinics.

Chiropractors used to do the spinal screenings. Those are terribly time consuming and frustrating. Also, most of the time they don't work! Plus who wants to be outside doing spinal screenings every weekend on the street corner like a beggar.

Podiatrist, and other professionals are facing the same challenges. Hospitals are taking all the referrals, and the methods that used to work, don't work any more.

Well, all the professionals have to learn, times are different. you must get with the times now, or loose out.

Some of the best new patient generators are

  1. Referrals. You must always be working on referrals. There are a million ways to get referrals. But, most of all you must impress the patient. Getting better does not cause someone to refer, being blown away by the service the facility, the staff, space, etc will. You must impress the patients, new patient welcome gifts, letters, impressive space, free beverages and more!
  2. Internet. Listen the internet is here to stay. If you don't have a good, mobile friendly website, your missing out big time. Its not an option, ok! GET IT DONE! You also must be doing regular legit SEO work, blogging, and doing pay per click. Social media is helpful but not as important.
  3. Reviews: You must get online reviews. There is no two ways about it. I can show you how
  4. Video: Must do it, get patient testimonial videos for youtube and your website. You must, no option, i can show you.
  5. Primary Care Referrals. Or Other doc referrals. This varies greatly by specialty. Some Specialties this is a waste of time, others its a must. But, with the age of hospitals buying up PCP offices, this is tough. There are strategies to do this, but i assure you, it takes some work!
  6. Internal Events. Once your practice is at a sustainable good level of production, many offices are better off spending their time and money on making their patients happy, pay, stay and refer. Don't spend all your time here in the beginning, but once your practice is sustainable, you need to fill your calendar with events to generate referrals.

I could write for days on this, and the ways to get NP are many. As someone once said, i dont know one way to get 100 patients, but i know 100 ways to get one. Maybe not only one per source, but there are many methods, these are the best ones working today! If you need help building your practice, email Dr James R Fedich for more information. Dr Fedich built his practice from scratch in a rural farm town in NJ into a million dollar clinic by the age of 35, learning every hard lesson along the way, for info about consultation, email, drfedich@drjamesfedich.com

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