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Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course By Dr J

Price: $397.00
Sale Price: $97.00

Now, for a limited time, Dr J's Groundbreaking 5-Part Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course is available to doctors everywhere.

  • Learn Key Business Success Insights from a Doctor Collecting $2 Million per Year
  • Learn How to Double Your Practice
  • Access Resource Page with All Products
  • Guided course is downloadable in MP3 Format or just listen online
  • Lots of other additional resources provided!

Module 1: Million Dollar Marketing Calendar

The most important part of any successful business and second most important asset is your marketing calendar. I had install a marketing calendar of successful promotions that have worked in my clinic and dozens and dozens of others. Not theory, this is what really works!

Module 2: Keep them coming

How to grow retention in your practice. If every patient stayed just a few more visits your numbers would improve dramatically. Let me show you how we have a high retention despite being an associate driven practice

Module 3: Swiss Watch

wanna know how my office runs like a swiss watch. Even being run by associates, how I have the freedom to come and go as I please? You must have office systems. If 16 year olds can run Mcdonalds, why cant your office run when you are away? SYSTEMS! T’


Many of your practice problems can be solved by getting more new patients. This is the marketing problem for most clinic owners! See how we generate 100 new patients per month. There isn’t one technique to get 100 new ones, but there are 100 techniques to get 100. Let me show you how

Modules 5: My Report:

Most owner doctors, including myself, eventually use charisma on day one and ay two. However if we follow a system you will do much better. In fact my associates often have higher retention, because they follow these day one and day two protocols every times!

YES! I'm ready to transform my business with this game-changing Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course!

This package is LOADED with value! You'll get a personalized report on key tactics, techniques, and materials that will make an immediate impact on your bottom line. Included is the 5-part audio course (that's over 4 hours of audio jam-packed with tips, tricks, and secrets), examples of the forms we use in our $2 million a year practice, staff checklists, marketing calendar, Day 1 and Day 2 scripting, and so much more! Order today before we put this back in the members vault!

Bonus 1: Dr j video training on how to run a ladies night out promo! in this amazing video training Dr J walks you step by step and shows you the facebook ad to bring ladies into your office (value $97)

Bonus 2: Patient Appreciation day training. In this video training Dr J once again walks you through one on one and shows you the actual pieces he uses to make pateint apprecatieno day fun, increase pateint visits and get 20 NP every time you run it! (value $97)

These two videos alone are worth the cost of the entire program! they are available for immediate viewing while the course will be shipped right out to you

All this value for just $397 $97

Chiropractic Practice Mastery Course By Dr J

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