Dr. James R. Fedich, DC Chiropractor, Coach, Speaker, & Podcast Host

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About Dr. James R. Fedich, DC, Chiropractor - Hackettstown, NJ About Dr. James Fedich

About Dr. James R. Fedich, DC

James R Fedich was born in Mount Olive NJ. He was a very athletic child and excelled at sports. One day the family was driving to upstate NY to attend a family wedding. A car ran a stop sign and smashed into Dr J and his mothers side of the car. The whole family ended up in the hospital with multple injuries including punctured lung for his mother. Dr J had a concussion and went home.

Well, several weeks later, he found himself laying on the floor with back spasms every day after school. He was unable to play sports, or really do much. His mother took him to the chiropractor that she had been too, and before he knew it, Dr. J was back to playing basketball. He even played overseas and against world famous Koby Bryant. At the age of 13, he decided he wanted to help others, the way he was helped. He told his parents he would be a chiropractor.

Dr. James R. Fedich, DC

Dr J went on to get his undergraduate degree from the University of Hartford, CT. He graduated cum laude and received his Bachelor of Science degree in only three years.

He then went on to attend the prestigious New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 2003. He graduated Phi Chi Omega, high honors, and delved right into private practice.

He started small with a 700 sq foot space and worked long and hard to grow the practice. Over 14 years he went from a one man show at 700 sq foot to now having 6000 sq foot facility. The office now has 3 chiropractors, 2 physical therapist,acupuncturist, nutritionist, and MD. The office has grown in collections in every single year since it opened.

Others took notice of Dr J's growth, especially in a tough marketplace in NJ. Doctors would come to the clinic to ask for help. Dr J had a family, and busy practice and couldnt help eveyrone. He decided to write a book. The book become popular and Dr J has freed up time to help a select number of clients. Dr J is also a featured writer for chiropractic economics and a frequent speaker. He has given chiropractic and business talks all over the country helping hundreds of other doctors.